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[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’


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[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’

CENTROPOLIS, February 11th, 2017, 4:46pm CST
The Human Inc. Building

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Rogue's Gallery

A battle hard won.

As the smoke and dusk settling the heroes stand bloody but triumphant over the fallen villains who call themselves the Destroyers. However, a pair did manage to escape and the heroes are now gathering the fallen to turn over to the police and then pursue the fleeing villains…

The Shadow had come up from the lower floors where his solitary battle with the one known as the Electrocutioner had ended in him knocking the villain out and now throwing his unconscious body onto the floor near where the huge Russian called the Mammoth lay. Nearby the last of the fallen, a woman whom called herself Esper lay. Where once there were two of her, when Kitsune knocked out one the other disappeared. In another room Silver Streak was quickly restraining the half-dozen insect man who had been half assembling some strange advance piece of technology in one of the interior office spaces. Lots of boxes of other unknowable devices remained half unpacked while others had been destroyed during the battle.

It is hard to believe that it was only yesterday when the mad villain whom called himself Doctor Apocalypse threatened the city and only a couple of hours after the heroes defeated the giant robot that he had sent to distracted them! And it wasn’t over yet. There was the pair that had escaped… the flying arrogant fellow in advanced power armor called Herculan and the ganger looking fellow who had been choking Silver Streak only moments before called Snakeroot.

In the distance the heroes can hear the distant sirens of police and emergency vehicles swarming the area when suddenly an A.R.I.E.S. VTOL lowers itself into view through the shattered glass and walls. When the vehicle hovers close enough a female in a blue jumpsuit style uniform lightly jumps over and calmly strides towards the heroes. She is followed by a dozen heavily armed security personal armed with state-of-arm military weapons and armor, but none of these weapons are point in even the general direction of the heroes (in fact it appears they are deliberately making an attempt to not do so even accidently).

“Ah the Centurions” the female agent says as the gets close enough to not have to shout over the downwash of the VTOL’s engines. “I see that you have not only dispatched the giant but also stopped the break-in here at Human Inc. I am told that congratulation are in order”

“I am Agent Blue. Agents Gold and Green are presently engaged with securing various debris of that exploding robot. Great job getting it away from the city I guess but there is still a lot of collateral damage. Well anyway, I have been temporarily assigned to assist you… and we will take these criminals into custody. Please step away from them…”

OOC: [sblock=Agent Blue and her AGIES Agents] AGIES.jpg
Anyone wanting to make an Insight check maybe if they want…
[sblock=Insight check 15+]You get the feeling this lady does not really like you or maybe just is just annoyed about something and she is taking her annoyance out on your team[/sblock]
[sblock=Insight check 20+]This lady is not a fan of you or superheroes in general. You get the feeling that she was forced to act as a liaison to your team and that is not happy about it. She is not one to volunteer information or aid but you are pretty sure she has been ordered to render both[/sblock]

As the other agents move up the remove the latest in MaxxArms Nullifier Power-Glove Restrains but they seem hesitant to attach them with the heroes nearby.

About then the Shadow gets a call on his comlink from Paladin. It seems he was helping out with the recuse efforts and meet up with another Metahuman by the name of Rumble. They also happened to have noticed a flying man carrying another fellow just now landing at a nearby building. The flying man met the description of Herculan’s suit…

“So” Agent Blue continues “You destroyed his robot toy and these looters. I suppose his treat to destroy a major U.S. city was all a bluff also and we have nothing to worry about…”

GM: OK, the battle just ended a bit ago after two villains fled the scene (before anyone could stop them or chase them either) and you had a few minutes to catch your breath (and heal any damage you had suffered in the battle). You Hero Points reset at default +1 (everyone).

To get Paladin and Rumble right in the game they are well down Centropolis Plaza aiding recusing various by standards who foolishly did not heed the city’s warning to evacuate the area due to the treat from Doctor Destroyer. They saw the building where Herculan and Snakeroot fled to, its’ about five blocks away! The Doctor did indeed he also threatened to destroy a major US city if the government did not deed to him the Centropolis and the area around it (including the all-important Unabtainium Mines!!!)

You can decide what to do next but want to get the team all together fairly quick. The Shadow, Silver Streak and Kitsune are at Human Inc. while Paladin and Rumble are near the building where the villains retreated (down at the street level, the building is a 15 story affair and the villains entered around the 7th or 8th floor off of a balcony there).

As an FYI and reminder, here is a rundown of has happened so far [sblock=Rundown]For the last four days the central part of the U.S. landmass had been under a huge and unnatural storm. The area was pounded by ran and at times gale force winds from Canada to Mexico. The heroes had been helping out with the various weather related emergencies where they could but they had all be experiencing strange visions in the storm! Princes Starlight had sensed an evil supernatural presence within the storms but could not pinpoint where it was originating from. It was simply to ‘large’ or overwhelming.

Then yesterday morning a view was posted to all major News Channels on the planet from some shadowy figure making come crazy demands

I am Doctor Apocalypse. I am the author of the tempest that grips the central United States in its terrible gauntlet. These are my demands. I suggest that you heed them:

‘In nine days, the Congress of the United States of America will pass a resolution declaring that the city of Centropolis and within a hundred mile radius around it is now a separate and sovereign state, independent from the United States and deeded wholly and completely over to myself.

‘No later than the following day, the President of the United States will sign that resolution into law. In addition, the President will have drafted by that time, and be prepared to sign, a treaty of non-interference with the new state, and with me as its absolute monarch.

‘Within three days following this, the governor of the State of Nebraska will ratify this law and will initiate procedures to evacuate of all US citizens from my new domain. No later than thirty days after the law is ratified by the Nebraska legislature, my new nation shall be completely evacuated of all of its current residents, along with state and US national assets. Anyone remaining will be executed.

‘If these demands are not met, in strict adherence to the schedule I have stated, I shall destroy a major city of the United States. I will continue to do this every day that you fail to comply with my demands.

‘Do not think for a moment that your military or your technology can protect you from me. I am your technological superior. I can defeat you strategically; I can crush you psychically; I can destroy you supernaturally!

‘If you are wise people, then you will let the evidence that I have already shown you be enough; you will let the disasters that have already occurred be the last. To underestimate me would be a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, I do not believe that you are a wise people. I believe that most of you will be foolishly skeptical of my powers. For you, I have arranged for there to be one additional demonstration of my abilities. You have tasted my supernatural power; tomorrow I will show you something of my technological might. This demonstration will take place at precisely noon tomorrow in Centralist Plaza in the city of Centropolis. You may respond to this situation as you see fit. As for the storm, I will end it now.

‘You will not hear from me again unless you disappoint me.

When the video had ended the storm abated and the heroes decided what to do. The hide about on various locations around the Plaza and awaited the ‘event’ to come. Which arrived the next day as scheduled… a giant red flying three-armed robot!!! It landed in the middle of Plaza and started blasting the nearby buildings!!! The heroes leapt into action but there was little they could do against such a massive machine of destruction. So instead they targeted the machines means of destructions… its massive cannons and missile launchers. However they also quickly realized the robot was hallow, and that there were people inside controlling it!!

After a short and bitter battle within the interior of the war machine they were able to seize control but then the robot had sealed itself off and was flying up high into the area with a self-destruct function to try and kill you all (per the evil voice recording you heard). The group was able to escape before the machine exploded and landed somewhat far out of the city proper

Agents Gold and Red had contacted you and sent a VTOL vehicle to pick you up and rush you back into MainTown here the Destroyers had been spotted attacking the empty Human Inc. building. You faugh a group of insect men who were assembling some strange looking piece of super tech and the five villains called the Destroyers – Electrocutioner (an electricity controller), Empathy (a psychic who could also create a duplicate of herself but the duplicate did not have her psychic powers), Herculan (flying power suit leader type), Mammoth (a big Russian brick) and Snakeroot (super strong grappler type).[/sblock]
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Rumble paced back and forth impatiently in front of the Plaza's fountain. He stopped and looked to Paladin. "How much longer we gonna wait World of Warcraft? There was two of em...two of us...let's get them before they get away!" He punctuated his statement by punching his open hand. "I'm itching for a good scrap!!"

Paladin said:
"They can fly - or one of them can - and we can't. I don't think we can run up 7 flights of stairs before they leave. On the other hand, there are Centurians who can fly, and they are on their way."[sblock=Condition]Hero Points: 1
Bruises: 0
Conditions: none[/sblock]
Silver Streak said:
Silver Streak runs to the building in question and spots Paladin and another man in a doorway across the street.
"What's the situation?"[sblock=Condition]Hero Points: 1
Bruises: 0
Conditions: none[/sblock]


First Post
To the heroes at Human Inc. the Shadow looks over and says "That was Paladin. He says he saw the two that escaped here just now on the west side of the Plaza. We need to get moving..."


First Post
Quickly gathering together and letting the AEGIS agents deal with the fallen villains the heroes make their way to where the Paladin and Rumble are waiting. Introductions are quickly made between the heroes as most had never meet Rumble before. The Shadow and he might have run into each other, both doing much of their 'hero-work' in the Red District.

The building where the pair had seen the villains fly was one of the many that was suppose to have been completely emptied and closed for safety reason after the mad Doctor's terrorist threat. As far as anyone could tell it was fairly dark and the lobby looked completely empty with only night-time lights on (even in the middle of the day).

GM: Sorry I don't want to wait for people and have the game drop off so moving everyone to here. Hope that is cool



The Shadow
Centropolis/Human, Inc
Saturday, February 11, 2017/4:46 PM
Round 0

Shadow looked over at the attractive AEGIS agent in the blue jumper as she approached them with a bunch of AEGIS soldiers to take the villains into custody.

Insight: 1D20+4 = [16]+4 = 20

Caleb could tell she didn’t want to be here, didn’t want to be working with powered individuals.

“Thank you for coming, Agent Blue,” Shadow said politely, extending his hand to her. “I am Shadow.”

His commlink buzzed, and Caleb held up a finger to forestall as he answered. Paladin had cornered two of the escaped villains in a nearby building.

“If you have this handled,” Shadow said, gesturing to the unconscious villains, “we will go handle this last bit of cleanup.”

They made their way to the building, and Paladin introduced them to another hero that had been helping out. Shadow vaguely recognized him, as Rumble ran in the Red District like himself, though they had never met.

“You said seventh or eighth floor?” Shadow confirmed. “Let’s do a similar containment approach then. Building should be empty, so we won’t need to worry about civilians. Anyone who can fly, go to the roof and work your way down. Everyone else, up the stairs. Keep alert. Call if you need backup.”

It was dark in the lobby. Caleb took a breath, letting that darkness enfuse his body as he slipped into shadowform and headed for the stairs.

Shadow tapped his comm. “Agent Blue, can you get some eyes on this building, let us know if they try and escape.”

[sblock=Rolls and Actions]
Action: Perception: 1D20+5 = [5]+5 = 10
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 1

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