[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’

The Princess utters "See No, Hear No, Speak No" as she closes her eyes and tries to see if there is trace of evil as well.

OOC: Perception I guess. [roll0]

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There is a slight lingering or taste of evil that the Princess can sense... especially on the large wretched device. Its almost as if the item had been "powered" by some evil energy source...

"There is an evil here. It had something to do with the device. I think the power source was mystic in nature. This would be consistent with the weird tempest energy we experience in the week before Apocalypse revealed himself," Princess Starlight says. "If we can't figure out where they went some other way, perhaps I can trace them mystically. It would require great concentration and effort to do this and I don't know if I can do it."

OOC: She could power stunt some kind of remote sensing/postcognition spell to try to trace where they disappeared to.


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GM: 100%... you can either just power stunt it and take a level of Fatigue or use a Hero Point. Then I would like a new either Perception or Expertise: Magic check

The room just seems to accept her idea so she walks over to where the machine was and walks its perimeter as she tries to get a feel for some remaining essence of the past and the present. Light builds around her and soon she stops walking. She floats slightly upwards and starts to spin in place. Round and round. Faster and faster. Brighter and brighter. She suddenly stops spinning and drops to the ground like a rag doll. The people in the room probably don't realize they are holding their breath as she lands and they exhale.

OOC: Expertise Magic [roll0]
Fatigue will pass in a minute so she does not spend the Hero Point.

She opens her eyes and sits up quickly as if suddenly waking from a dream....


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As her head finally stopped spinning the Princess slowly rose back to her feet on somewhat shaky legs. Look at the wrecked device she saw a slight swirl or bending in the air above it. Then she felt like she was standing somewhere else! She was in a huge room... no it was a cave, not a room. A huge domed cavern that had been cut back in some way, probably heavy industrial drilling equipment. She was standing on a large pad that had a somewhat similar appearance as the destroyed one back in Centropolis. But she was not in Centropolis, that much she was sure of. The cavern was light by huge industrial spotlights pointed up at the ceiling some 60 feet above. Scurrying about the cavern floor were at least a dozen of those insect men that she encountered in the Human Inc. building only a short time ago. They were working at and moving among a number of advanced and somewhat alien looking computer like workstations that surrounded the pad. They were all clicking loudly in some strange language. About 20 feet away stood the villains Herculan and Snakeroot along with two other figures... a shadowy figure who the Princess could not really make out. It was as if the shadows where moving to cloak him somehow. The only distinctive feature about the man was his glowing red eyes. Another male was standing next to him. He was dressed strangely, like he was from the 1930's or something with a monocle in one eye and carrying a weird looking cane with a red stones attached along the top.

As she was looking the four over, the shadow of a man turns his reddish eyes towards where the Princess was standing (metaphorically as she recognized that she was not really "there") and said in a haunting voice "It appears we have a spy among us..."

GM: [sblock=Image of last man] Havok.jpg[/sblock]
You can see pictures of the insect men, Herculan and Snakeroot in the Rogue's gallery. The other is hard to tell what he looks like except that he has red glowing eyes.

The Princess opens her eyes and sits up quickly as if suddenly waking from a dream (again)....

The lights fade. Looking around she sees the Centurions looking at her curiously. "I saw the machine, in a man-made cavern. Herculan, Snakeroot, a man in old style clothes and hat, and a bunch of the bug things were there. The bug guys were working on an alien computer thing. There was a fourth figure in the shadows with glowing red eyes and he could see me looking in on them," she says. "They are definitely not in Centropolis."


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Silver Streak was able to hacks the device due to his innate understanding of electronics. The information on the PDA appears to be written in Chinese or Japanese but it appears to show images of a satellite path over the Earth. If he had to guess it appears that the satellite is in orbit over the central part of the continental US.

The Princess got the felling that she was viewing somewhere in the East China Sea...

GM: Silver Streak can use Technology no need for a check, to unlock the device due to his Analytical and Penetrates aspect of his Electrical Device sensing power.
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"Is there any way you can take us there?"

"I don't know," The Princess says. "It was very far away. Like on an island near China. Maybe if we were in the area, I could locate it. But from here, I don't know if I could pinpoint it."

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