[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’

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First Post
Kitsune, after checking out the PDA to see if she can read it, glances at Princess speculatively.

"Hey. The guy with the old clothes and the hat...was he tall and skinny by any chance? Maybe had a stupid looking cane?"


First Post
As the heroes start to fade, Kitsune has a sinking feelings she knows who the "old man" was, when the heroes appear... somewhere else. The heroes find themselves standing on a platform much like the damaged one they were only moments ago. The wind and salt air hits them pretty hard then as the realize that they are standing outside on a beach in the middle of the night! Looking around they see some palm trees blowing in the strong breeze and looking up see more stars in the sky then the normally see in any modern city. For while it was dark out the sky and the moon provide more light then the heroes would have ever imagined.

Suddenly a huge translucent head of that madman Doctor Apocalypse appears floating in the air before them. Chuckling in a booming voice the villain says "Not so quickly you fools. You will need to prove yourselves worthy first. You are presently located on the western shores of my island. There is a volcano on the eastern side of the island where I am presently located. All you need do is make your way there to prove yourselves worthy of my presence. But to make this interesting... no flying higher then 30ft or teleporting more then 100ft at a time or tunneling underground or you will find yourselves back here, having to start all over. HAHAHA. Welcome to Apocalypse Island. I hope you enjoy the visit, for it will be your tomb!"


The Shadow
Centropolis/Human, Inc
Saturday, February 11, 2017/4:46 PM
Round 0

Shadow steadied himself against the wall when the building shook. He drew in the darkness around him as the crept forward, making his way toward where the villains had entered the building. On the tenth floor, he looked down to the ninth and eighth floors at two of those pods the insect aliens had been trying to put together in the Human, Inc building.

“What building is this again?” Shadow asked ove comms. “Why do they have more of these alien vessels?”

Technology: 1D20+3 = [19]+3 = 22

Investigation: 1D20+3 = [4]+3 = 7

Perception: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17

Shadow studied it further. He wasn’t a tech genius, but he had infiltrated his share of alien vessels in his time in the military during the war.

“This is advanced tech. It’s busted up, though. But it folds space/time to allow teleportation. We might be able to get find out the destination if we can tap the databanks. That would probably take time though.”

Caleb looked around. “There is something strange about these floors. The elevators don’t come here. There are a lot of high tech things. No stair access, either. This looks like a secret base of some kind. This teleporter may have been the only way in or out.”

That is, until Paladin and Rumble found a secret elevator from the roof dedicated to these floors.

Princess thought she could track the magical signature, so Shadow stood back as she did her thing. And in fact, that is what she did, and Shadow found himself on a beach somewhere. At least it was night. He pulled in the darkness, readying himself as Doctor Apocalypse “appeared”, taunting and challenging them.

Shadow looked to the east, spotting the rise of the mountain. At least it was a clear landmark. They shouldn’t get lost. But the island was probably trapped everywhere.

“Everyone be careful. Stick together,” Shadow said. “I’ll scout ahead while you follow.”

Shadow merged himself with the darkness, moving ahead to scout the path into the jungle.

Perception: 1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14

[sblock=Rolls and Actions]
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 1

Silver streak looks around. "Where's Paladin?"
[sblock=Condition]Hero Points: 1
Bruises: 0
Conditions: none[/sblock]

Back in the building, Paladin ceases his chanting as the others vanish. For a minute, he just stands there. Then, he slings his shield over his back and sticks his hammer in his belt.
He then begins the long, slow trek back to the ground and the waiting agents. They needed to examine this place, and he needed to rest.
[sblock=Condition]Hero Points: 1
Bruises: 0
Conditions: Exhausted (Hindered, Impaired)[/sblock]
OOC: Two characters at a time is too much for me


First Post
GM: That's cool [MENTION=6810779]jonathonhawke[/MENTION]... it was a bit off for me also :D

Also Secret roll: 1D20+16 = [19]+16 = 35

The Shadow disappeared into the shadows and found himself within the thick overgrown jungle of the island. Looking around the forest looks just like what he had seen on TV and online... a tropical rain forest jungle. The underbrush was not too bad though so he figured the group should be able to make good time.

The rest of the heroes head for the forest as just as they about to pass under the thick canopy, something fast and metal rushes past them in the darkness! With almost blinding speed a sleek robot looking machine races by the group and slashes Princess Starlight be surprise! It slides to a stop on the sandy beach 100 feet away. As it leaps back to face the heroes, a mechanical roar booms from it.

GM: The secret roll was the robot's stealth check. [sblock=rolls]It does a move by attack against one random character from party (1=Shadow, 2=Kitsune, 3=Princess Starlight, 4=Silver Streak, 5=Rumble Random check: 1D5 = [3] = 3, the Princess. You are Vulnerable when surprise so 1/2 (round up) Parry vs. this attack so it drops to 16. Robot Close attack, damage +9 if successful (Toughness save DC 24): 1D20+9 = [18]+9 = 27, oh almost a critical. Princess needs to make a Toughness save. Then everyone needs to roll initiative. Robot Initiative: 1D20+9 = [8]+9 = 17[/sblock]
[sblock=Killer Robot -feline form] KillerRobot.jpg

PL 9 (Power Points 104)
Powers: Armor Plating (Protecting 4); Claws & Teeth (Strength-based Damage 4); Jumping (Leaping 4 (120 feet)); Robot Senses (Sense 3 (Dark Vision, Direction Sense)); Running (Speed 3 [240ft])
Advantages: Evasion, Fearless, Improved Critical (melee 19-20) 1, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Move-by Attack
Skills: Athletics 7 (+12), Perception 10 (+12), Stealth 7 (+16)
Offense: Initiative +9, Claws & Teeth +9 (Close, Damage +9)
Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 5, Toughness 9, Will 2
Totals: Abilities 68 + Powers 18 + Advantages 6 + Skills 12 + Defenses 0 = 104[/sblock]
Note that only Rumble has Danger Sense. If you get a Perception check DC 20 you can act in the surprise round. Otherwise everyone needs to roll for Initiative to act on the next round. Without some kind of night vision you are at -2 to attack/perception checks (unless someone lights up the area or such)


First Post
OOC: Rumble's Danger Sense relies on Mental Sense Group, so he may not get a roll. Also this was what I meant by shooting myself in the foot with my build. Rumble is weak vs robots.
But just in case Danger sense: 1D20+5 = [18]+5 = 23

Initiative : 1D20+6 = [18]+6 = 24

GM: Ah now I understand both ;) Hmm re-reading Mental Sense and how that might affect your Danger Sense, I think so long as its verses something that would affect you in Close range you could use it. However the robot attack Princess and not Rumble so probably not going to get it here. But that is not written in stone for me. If you want to explain how it might work I could be open to it.

Also I do Group Initiatives so the heroes team will be going first next round. Others can still post their initiatives to see which order the heroes actions will take place in.

OOC: The Princess would have been flying. So the robot had to have leaped to hit her. (Not that this would be hard with its strength.) And if it were dark, the princess would be lit. Bright light 60' radius. I assume Kitsune and The Shadow would be outside that radius.

Init [roll0]
Toughness save [roll1]

The Princess
Round: 0; HP: 1
Condition: Dazed, 1 wound

Assuming the robot is isolated, The Princess attempts to blind the robot as she sings out "Sunny Rays of Chromatic Goodness" and unleashes a cone of bright light at it. DC 18 Fort save vs her affliction.

[sblock="Can I save this?"]The Princess is knocked back by the sudden strike of the robot. She follows the robot to the ground as she sings out, "Chiromantic Ultra Force" and strikes at the robot.

Close attack +5, damage 13, 12 penetrating DC 28: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24 (Speaking of almost a crit.)[/sblock]
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First Post
GM: Oh sorry. Yes the robot has the leap power also, so it would still have gotten her. With a 16, the Princess failed by 2 degrees so she is Dazed on her next round and has –1 circumstance penalty to further resistance checks against damage. While Dazed you can take either a Standard or Move action.

OOC: I hadn't intended to run him in this scenario, I was just updating him to match everyone else.


Silver Streak turns to follow the robot's movements, and lets loose with a Lightning Bolt when it pauses, fusing a patch of sand in front of it.

[sblock=Condition]Hero Points: 1
Bruises: 0
Conditions: none[/sblock]


First Post
Kitsune squeaks, "Kitty!" and as soon as she gets a chance, winks out of sight.

Not out of mind though, as a laser beam erupts from further away, off to one side, trying to distract that cat with the one thing they can't resist. LASER SPECKLE.

Or just kill it. Yeah, lets go with that.

Init: [roll0]
Layzer: [roll1] (DC 24 multiattack on hit)


First Post
Grunting slightly in pain the Princess Starlight tried to blind the machine but its mechanical eyes closed well before it suffered any ill effects. Rumble raced down the beach to land a solid blow against the metal hide of the construct but only reward he received was the hallow thud as it turned at the last second and absorbed the strike. But then, under the barrage of Kitsune’s laser bolts, the cat-thing staggered back a step or two as smoke and something like burning oil ran down its sides. It let out a metallic like howl as Silver Streak tried to follow up with a lightning bolt that barely missed it.

It turned its metallic eyes towards Rumble and slashed at the hero with its tail but the construct’s aim was off and it only managed to hit the sanding beach near the street fighter…

Still farther back in the jungle the Shadow heard his allies in combat but then saw some movement deeper in the forest before him. Something small and moving fast…

GM: Well I waiting a long time for the Shadow so moving forward.
Initiative - Round 1
Princess Starlight -26
Rumble -24
Kitsune -21
Silver Streak -13
Robot Cat -17

[sblock=Rolls & Results]Heroes go first. First Robot Cat Toughness save vs. DC 28: 1D20+9 = [20]+9 = 29, natural 20, it ignores that attack. Darn it, now I see this was a Fortitude save BUT the cat still rolled a Natural 20 so +5 that’s 25, easily making that save. Then Toughness save vs. DC 24: 1D20+9 = [19]+9 = 28, wow, second roll a 19 so it ignores Rumbles attack!!! Then Kitsune succeeded by 1 degree so +2 to her damage, Toughness save vs. DC 26: 1D20+9 = [6]+9 = 15, and NOW missed by 3 degrees. Target is Staggered and suffers -1 circumstance penalty to further checks against damage. Staggered includes - Dazed (move or standard action) and Hindered (-1 speed) conditions.

The Robot Cat takes a standard action to try and clash at Rumble, Close attack, damage +9 if successful (Toughness save DC 24): 1D20+9 = [4]+9 = 13, but it misses him!![/sblock]


The Princess
Round: 1; HP: 1
Condition: 1 wound

"Bad kitty," The Princess says. "Bad for attacking me. Bad for not being soft and fuzzy." She flies down to the cat robot and sings out, "Chiromantic Ultra Force," as she attempts to punch it and connects.

OOC: Attack [roll0] vs Parry, toughness DC 28, damage 13, penetrating 12.


First Post
Rumble dodged out of the way of the Robocat. Crap! Can't predict how this thing moves!
He thought as Princess attacked. "Hey Rainbow Brite! Ya shouldn't steal my oneliners! It will give me a complex..." he quipped to the young heroine. He made a running dropkick hoping to knock the things head off but completely missed. "See! Ya messed with my timing!"

Ooc: Power attack 5: 1D20+7 = [1]+7 = 8

Silver Streak uses his ElectroSense to see which way the robot is about to move, allowing him to lob his Lightning Bolt so that the kitty dodges right into it!
[roll0] vs. Dodge, toughness DC 24 electricity

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