M4: Under the Volcano [Nimisgod judging] -CONCLUDED


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During round 11, Rinaldo drank his potion of CMW.

ROund 12
Rinaldo sheaths his rapier, and moves back while pulling out his crossbow.
Tenebrynn pulls out his CLW potion and pours it down Eanos' throat as Razh drags his backwards. It still does not bring him to consciousness. (heals only 2 dmg)
Nurlan fires another arrow at the hobgoblin, missing again.

Kazikazi reloads his crossbow. He shouts again, though is words are difficult to understand somehow.
Listen check DC 10
[sblock] Invisibility will not help you. You will die in my traps.[/sblock]
His last two guards continue to advance very slowly. They don't look like zombies.

Ogrin, please put your future posts in sblocks, until you are visible again. I've added numbers and letters to allow you to post your location better. The light 'O' on the map was our intrepid halfling at the beginning of round 12. Go ahead & tell me where he moves in round 12 (80 feet total) & then post your round 13 action. Post his path taken, too, if not obvious.


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"Alright Razh, if you've got Eanos, I'll go take care of Mordik." Tenebrynn says as he chucks away the empty potion bottle. He'll then double time it over to Mordik and use another of his potions when he gets the chance.


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"If you shoot, do it all against the same one... Nurlan seems to like the hobgoblin, we won't question his taste." adds Rinaldo, trying to smile at his joke, but feeling the body of Ashnar behind him, it doesn't have the effect wanted. He moves in front of Mordik (D23) to have a better aim at the hobgoblin and shoot his crossbow. The bolt flies through the air straight to the hobgoblin.

[SBLOCK=OOC]A 18 to hit should be enough... I hope. That would do 3 of damage... oops, should be 19 and 4, I forgot Nurlan was singing again.[/SBLOCK]


As the other ones passes him, they hear a hushed voice nearby saying, "Clear the flanks with arrows; I'll deal with the wizard!", followed by some silent steps heading away to the north.

[SBLOCK=What Ogrin does]Ogrin has heard "Kazikazis" warning but assumes it's a bluff. He's not one to let mind-warping wizards get away anyhow...

Round 12: Not wanting to run through the firing zone, Ogrin instead runs towards the third pillar on the left side, then veers straight north. He'll keep an eye on the strangely slow hobgoblin as he passes it, but will make no move towards it.

Round 13: Ogrin sprints past the hobgoblin straight north until he he's near the last pillar on the left side. There he turns, heading towards the 'God' (or towards wherever he's heading, if he's moving) [/SBLOCK]
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Round 13
Rinaldo and Nurlan fire at the hobgoblin. Both arrows seem to strike glancing blows, causing the humanoid to flinch and bleed. The arrows fly on and clatter at the end of the room. The hobgoblin and gnoll both head for the nearest pillar and take shelter behind it. They do peer their heads out and shake their weapons. They have about 75% cover.

Tenebrynn reaches Mordik's prone form and retrieves his potion. Razh drags Eanos back to near the entrance.

Kazikazi stands by the throne, concentrating on the fight.

Ogrin [sblock] You are able to successfully maneuver behind Kazikazi. He is standing beside his throne, loaded crossbow in hand, and seems to be concentrating on the action in front. He doesn't seem to know you are there. I made a Move silently vs listen check.[/sblock]


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Rinaldo raise his hand to ask his friends to hold any hostile action. The merchant then shout "Ah! You're hiding! You have no more spells, you have no range weapon. You are outnumbered. Surrender, throw your weapon away, move away from the furniture and column and lay down on the ground, hand away from the body, and without a word. If you do that, your life will be spared. It might be your last chance if you want to live."

[SBLOCK=OOC]Rinaldo offer a chance to surrender. I am not sure what roll apply, but I thought a diplomacy roll, like influencing attitude, could apply, including the -10 for taking only a full round action instead of a minute to make my offer. My roll 18. To improve an hostile creature to unfriendly, it is a DC 20... a bit too short, but with a -10, it wasn't easy. Maybe there is a circumstance bonus of +2 I didn't saw ;) If you consider it should be another roll, well, just determine my bonus and my DC, and I rolled an 11.[/SBLOCK]


[SBLOCK=Muahahaa!!!]Ogrin sneaks up to Kazikazi and impales him on his longsword, yelling "Surrender, or the next stab is through your heart!"

Attack roll: 27
Crit Confirmation: 18 (I'm guessing a yes here; no dex applies)
Damage: 15 (14 if no crit)

OOC: A well-timed crit, if I may say so myself.[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Velmont]Just a minor nitpick: A round of combat is usually around 6 seconds... I think Rinaldo is a bit loquacious for that amount of time.[/SBLOCK]
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