M4: Under the Volcano [Nimisgod judging] -CONCLUDED


Razh, seeing his friends run head-first into an invisible wall, tries to move around it to the west to avoid it. Since Ogrin managed to get round, there must be a way round.

OOC: Double move: 5 nw, 2 e, axe outstretched to find the barrier and walking even further around it if needed. Rasereit has movement 30 due to being a Barbarian, making him as quick as most long-legs, except Eanos.
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Rinaldo seems to see through the trick of Kazikazi, and doesn't get scared by his spell. He decides to drink his last potion, before finding his way around the wall.

[SBLOCK=OOC]Heals only 9 points, I'm now at 28 hp[/SBLOCK]


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Eanos, human monk

Eanos, feeling slightly better, manages to stand while his companions struggle with the invisible wall. He moves off to the side, then, hoping that taking a path on the other side of the pillars might prove more effective. As he moves, the monk draws one of his sai.

[sblock=movement]Standing is a move-equivalent action, so no running this round. Instead, he'll take a second move to get to the leftmost wall (A26) to end this round, intending to move straight up that line in the following round[/sblock]


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Round 17
Sorry I missed Nurlan's scimitar draw. And what's the deal with you guys actually making some saves? :lol: I'd forgotten that Razh can move 30. I won't change it at this point. If he had taken those full moves, he'd have either hit the wall, got caught in the fear spell, or both!

Rinaldo retrieves his potion and drinks it.
Ogrin regains his sight but is still stunned. He can act normally next round.
Mordik fails his save and turns tail to flee like his life depended on it.
Eanos and Razh move up, and over.
Nurlan attacks, but his scimitar seems to go right through kazikazi without damage, as though he weren't quite where he appeared.
spellcraft DC 23 [sblock]Nurlan missed due to the displacement spell[/sblock]
Kazikazi steps back from his surging opposition, and, with an arcane flick of the wrist, disapears. spellcraft DC 17 [sblock]he cast invisibility[/sblock]

I'll leave the KK on the map in red, indicating the last postion the party saw him.

The gnoll and the hobgoblin continue hiding behind the pillars.


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Eanos, human monk

Frustrated by the disappearance of the foe, Eanos advances, though not nearly as quickly as he first intended. Instead, he focuses his senses on the room, trying to detect the footfalls of the invisible foe.

[sblock=OOC]Single move to A18, then try to Listen check +10 to try to tell which way KK's moving by ear.[/sblock]


LEW Judge
Nurlan's spellcraft checks: 17, 23. A shame they weren't in the other order...

Nurlan stands, uncertain what to do. His glances at the gnoll, then the hobgoblin, waiting to see if they make a move.

Ready action. If either of the visible enemies tries to flee, he'll run toward them. For the moment, he isn't interrupting his song.

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