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M4: Under the Volcano [Nimisgod judging] -CONCLUDED


First Post
Nurlan rushes back to the entrance to the room, which is the only visible way in or out. Mordik has now fled outside of the room, and down the hallway.

Ogrin takes a stance at the North wall. Eanos dashes to near the center of the room. Everyone stays alert to the presense of any invisible beings.

The spot and listen checks are based on PC postion. These are the DC for each for each person:
Rinaldo spot 28; listen 25
Rasereit spot 29; listen 26
Ogrin spot 26; listen 23
Eanos spot 27; listen 24
Tenebrynn: spot 23; listen 20

Successful spot or listen per above: [sblock] you hear, see, sense, movement in the NorthEast corner of the room[/sblock]

If you roll a 1 on either check: [sblock]You see/hear/sense motion in the central Western part of the room.[/sblock]

I realize you could triangulate this and figure out just where he is, but, hey, that's metagaming!

Nurlan doesn't get a roll this round. Everyone ignores the cowering hobgoblin.

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First Post
Rinaldo, unable to hear anything or spot anything, silently move behind the throne and watch for the magical wall, in case it would extend there. He will also draw his sap and sheat his rapier.

[SBLOCK=OOC]What a bad roll, at least, it was two 2 that have been rolled, not 1s. At least, he doesn't produce any sounds that would hinder his friends hearing.[/SBLOCK]
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First Post
Eanos, human monk

Now that he's closer, Eanos' keen senses serve him better. He sorts out the noise of his fellows and catches footfalls that seem to belong to no one he can see.

"There! The Northeast corner!" he calls out, and moves in to better try to pinpoint their quarry.

[sblock=OOC] Listen 27, Spot 22. Are we still in combat time? I'm not sure if the listen / spot checks took up Eanos' actions for the round or not. He'll use any moves he has left (or a double move next round) to try to close in on the NE corner of the room and re-sense for KK[/sblock]


Ogrin and Razh rushes to the northeastern corner at top speed after hearing Eanos' call, attempting to further pinpoint their enemy.


Tenebrynn is completely oblivious until Eanos shouts out directions. Being the closest one, Tenebrynn turns to alternate methods to detect Kazikazi. He casts detect thoughts aiming in the general direction that Eanos indicated.


First Post
Round 19 & 20:
After moving around, everyone is quiet, listening and actively seeking signs of movement.
In round 20 Eanos shouts that he hears movement in the NE corner of the room. This activate readied actions. Razh and Ogrin dash that way. Tenebrynn casts detect thoughts. In round 20, he does detect intelligent thought from the NE corner of the room

Round 21
Do people rush in swinging, or do they close in on that area & pause to listen/spot again? Please use the coordinates to place your PC.


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Tenebrynn continues concentrating. He'll switch his perception if he no longer detects intelligent thoughts in that area, moving his thoughts southwards along the east wall.


LEW Judge
On hearing Eanos call for the northeast corner, Nurlan isn't sure what to do, as his sense of direction is not keen enough to know what direction he is facing. But when he sees others rush in the same direction, he follows. Double move should take him to K17, scimitar in hand.


First Post
Eanos, human monk

Eanos speeds in to the Eastern wall, bracing himself against it. He steadies his breathing, and casts about with his senses again, trying to once again sense the wizard.

[sblock=OOC]Double move should get Eanos to T5 from his current position. Then in round 21 he'll try to sense the wizard again, though apparently the running didn't help his ears: Listen: 22, Spot: 13[/sblock]

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