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M4: Under the Volcano [Nimisgod judging] -CONCLUDED


Ogrin has his hammer out in two hands, by the way, and swings it back an forth between him while running. Razh spots him and does likewise.

They both move silently, spotting and listening but seeing nothing. They resign to waiting for someone to point out their target once more. When they do, they'll rush towards it again, keeping a space between them.

OOC: I will be out travelling most of friday and saturday... there's not much I or Razh can do to an invisible opponent, so assume we'll continue as above until we know which square he's in, at which point there'll be a grapple-fest.

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Sorry, Velmont. Rinaldo is in I3.
Round 21
Nurlan and Eanos close rapidly on the NE corner. Razh and Ogrin advance swinging their weapons in front of them, and stop 10 to 15 feet from the corner. Tenebrynn concentrates on his spell, noting that in addtion to the presense of Eanos, Razh and Ogrin, there is another intelligent being in the area of his cone, with an INT of 17.

At this point, everyone hears running footsteps going from the corner and heading right at Tenebrynn.

Since everyone's DC is different depending upon distance, I'll make the listen checks this round.
Ogrin, Razh and Rinaldo also hear the following: [sblock]someone is making a low chanting sound in the very NE corner of the room[/sblock]


First Post
Eanos, human monk

Eanos starts to look after the footsteps moving south, but at Rinaldo's call and movement, returns his attention north. He moves to try to block Kazikazi's escape, but--mindful of his own weakened state--chooses not to strike out, instead steeling himself against an attack from the group's invisible foe while hoping to prove a threat should the enemy try to push by him.

[sblock=OOC]Move to T2, then Fighting Defensively (I'd go Total Defense, but that eliminates AoO). Current HP=10, Current AC (with defensive fighting) = 18[/sblock]


Tenebrynn will continue concentrating. He'll adopt a defensive stance, knowing that if KaziKazi attacks him, his spell will dissipate and everyone can descend on the false god.


First Post
Round 22:
Rinaldo, Tenebrynn, Ogrin and Razh converge upon the NE corner of the room, trying to strike or grapple the spellcaster. Rinaldo finds some cloth in his grip and pulls. The others pile on.

"Aahh! I surrender!" shouts a gravelly voice. "Let go! I meant no harm!"

An old man appears in the party's grasp. He has a small pot belly, but a wizened face. His clothing was once fine, but is now old and tattered.

Rae ArdGaoth

Rasereit Vundinn, Dwarven Barbarian

Rasereit roars in his deep dwarven voice, fueled by the latent rage he always fights a constant battle to keep suppressed, "Ye meant no 'arm?! What d'ye mean, ye meant no 'arm?! Me mate's dead, an' me not even gettin' a chance t'toss back a few with 'im! Ye made me own axes bite me mates, yer l'il friends on the side there're fillin' us with arrows an' such, and ye say ye meant no 'arm?!" He looks ready to burst. "Ah've half a mind to cut ye t'bits righ' nah, ye bloody lyin' scumbag!" He breathes his hot breath in the skinny, shivering man's face. Razh's own face is inches from the pretender's. He whispers, "But Ah won't. Ah won't because Ah'm thinkin' ye've got some things we need to know. Nah! If ye don' tell us what's up, Ah migh' have tah... Well, Ah'll leave tha' part up to yer imagination. Ah'll let me friends do the talkin' nah, but Ah'll be waitin', right 'ere, watchin', waitin' me turn. Razh's voice has turned cold, as has his anger. His arms folded, his deadly axes hanging at his hips, he stands aside and lets the others "do the talkin'".

[sblock=OOC: ]I'm back from Asia. Sorry I was gone for so long, but it looks like things went well in my absence. Thanks to everybody who NPC'd me, especially rln. (I'll fix my char sheet right away.) Hopefully I'm not being too brash in my first few moments back.

Intimidate (1d20+4=9)

A nice welcome back from IC. Too bad I rolled after I wrote the angry speech. Oh well.[/sblock]
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With his spell already active, Tenebrynn will continue concentrating. It'd be a shame to waste his spell without getting any useful information from it.

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