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Level Up (A5E) Magic Item Price List


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Hey folks! We need your help! Our magic items chapter contains over 500 items, and each one of those items has a gold piece price.

We’d love some extra eyes on this list. Below you’ll see a table containing all the (non artifact) magic items, their types, their price, and any notes where they may differ from the items you are familiar with from original 5E (O5E).

If you spot anything out of whack, please do let us know. It’s a big list, and the more eyes-on the better! Of course, if you don’t see anything wrong, that’s great too!

Many of the items in the list below are new (we have added over 200 items to those in the O5E core rules), but you should be familiar with at least half of them.


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Quick look at all the armor showing odd formulas to get pricing from +1, +2, +3. Plate mail +1 is 6,000- +2 is 24,000- +3 is 96,000 (base x4,x4). Breastplate is the same basex4,x4. Scale is 250 as a base and follows base x8,x4 (250, 2000, 8,000). A few others but not sure if based on type of armor such as light, med, heavy or materials, or something else. Padded cloth starting at 65 gp for +1 armor. It might just be a mechanic at that point to get mages a bit of boost from 11Ac to 12.

Splint mail is listed as split.


Hmmm Weapon +3 is only 8000 GP. I mean it sounds pretty cheap, but without any ideas of… and yes I am saying it again: gold distribution table, its hard to see if this is low. Many of my gamers have around 8K at 9th lvl. Of course, you guys might have changed this table and the starting at higher levels table.


OK, costs:

The prices seem to be a bit all over the place. Common items range from 2gp to 150 gp (with a significant number of items being either 50 gp or 75 gp). Common potions range from 50 to 85 gp and it's hard to tell what causes that price range. It seems like potions of healing would be in higher demand than potions of climbing are, but climbing potions are a lot more expensive.

Why is glamoured padded leather 100 gp more expensive than padded leather +1. Does the glamoured stuff also give a bonus to AC? From an in-world perspective, someone might want to wear armor without looking (or feeling?) like they are, but from an in-game perspective, the one with the better AC is probably more in demand.

Since you didn't specify what the various feather tokens are, and they're all rare items, I can't tell if the prices are good or not. Additionally, without descriptions (and no, I'm not expecting you to post any), it's a bit hard to tell if an air charm is worth 500gp but amber wings are worth only 115gp.

If it were up to me, I'd first divide each rarity type into, I dunno, level 1, level 2, level 3, with the idea that a level 1 common item is far cheaper and more widely available than a level 3 common item, which in turn is still cheaper than even the cheapest uncommon item. Then I'd give a standardized price (or price range) for each level of rarity and each level within that rarity. A level 1 common item could be 1d4+1 gp. A level 2 common item might be 1d4x5 gp. A level 3 common item might be 1d4x10 gp. That would neatly align with what you have here. Uncommon items could have 2d6 (x5, x10, x20). Rare items could have 3d8. Very rare items could have 4d10. Legendary items could have 5d12. It's very swingy, yes, but the prices you currently have are already very swingy.

I don't think you need to have the decanter of endless water produce non-potable water. That's the decanter's entire purpose. Just make it rare or even very rare. As it is... does it even have a purpose for PCs? Besides maybe putting out fires? I know you want to make travel tougher and more memorable, but you need to make sure you're not going overboard the other way.

Bag of cheese. So in a game I was playing once, we... well, I can't remember if we actually got it or just talked about it, but there was a bag of walnuts. You opened it up, and there were 12 walnuts inside. If you emptied it out and waited a bit, there'd be 12 more walnuts. For some reason, the players loved it and the GM hated it. He was convinced we would somehow use those walnuts to bypass all manner of problems.

All these gremlins why did you not include an artificer class?! Please, someone who isn't me and is good at class-building make an LU-style artificer!

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I don't think they meant pricing that was off of a formula, but more does any magic item seem particularly expensive or cheap for what it does.


Yes! Glad to have this. I had made my own price lists ages ago, but something more standardized would be very helpful.
One area I'd consider reducing prices are the expensive potions (especially the ones in the 1000's of gold range).

I've found players either just tend to hoard the potions or choose to sell them off as valuable trade-goods rather than ever use them, rather than "waste" that 1-time use.


Yes! Glad to have this. I had made my own price lists ages ago, but something more standardized would be very helpful.
One area I'd consider reducing prices are the expensive potions (especially the ones in the 1000's of gold range).

I've found players either just tend to hoard the potions or choose to sell them off as valuable trade-goods rather than ever use them, rather than "waste" that 1-time use.
This tends to happen more for loot and random potions. When you can actually shop for them at reasonable prices potions are a lot more useful because you can grab a few as "Just in case" contingencies, and they feel less obsessively save worthy since you can just go buy more. 5e's potions design makes them simultaneously super rare and super useless and it always infuriated me. I do think the multi-thousand ones that are just a second or third level spell effect (Fly, Invisibility, Haste) are way overpriced though and feel like "Shoulda brought a Wizard lol".


Any chance you all could throw that into an excel file? Giving us the ability to sort and filter will greatly help look for irregularities and issues


I don't think any armor +1 should cost more than a Ring of Protection or a Cloak of Protection. One could just buy the ring or cloak and wear it with regular armor, and also get a +1 to all saves at the same time.

I would argue that the ring and cloak are significantly better than +1 armour. They give the AC benefit and more, and RP-wise are more comfortable.


The price of armor is totally out of proportion, especially for a plate.

If the aim of limiting +X to AC with price, why not just remove armors with +X AC altogether?

Have AC give extra HPs instead.
I.E. armor can give +1/+2/+3 or +2/+4+/6 current and max HP per HD of user. Or have a fixed amount of HP bonus regardless of the level of user. maybe +10/+20/+30/+40/+50


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A potion of cloud giant strength (27) is 5k and a potion of storm giant strength (29) is 50k. I can see the last +1 justifying the outrageous price, but then, I'd say that 45k for a belt of CGS (9 times the potion) isn't commensurate with the 100k for a belt of SGS. (twice the potion).


I also tend to combine items. A dancing sword (8,000) gets combined with a +1 (500) weapon or a +3 (8,000). I'm not sure if I would just add the numbers or scale things so that a +3 dancing sword costs 32,000 instead of just 16,000. The defender sword (60,000) is already a +3 so maybe the scale should be triple and the +3 dancing might be 48,000.

Same idea of going from +1 weapon/armor to +2. If I have a +1 sword (500) and had a chance to boost it to +2 (3,500). Would I just pay the 3,500 or take off the 500 already paid to make the base product? It makes sense to sell the +1 to offset the +2. Interested to see what they come up on this.

It would probably be helpful to know when adventurers are supposed to have 1,000 gp, 5,000 gp, 25,000 gp, etc.

Any chance you can regenerate this list with a column saying: "consumable, charges per day, or permanent"? (Unlikely, I know, but that would help with price evaluation and it would probably be useful in the book wherever the list of magic items is.)

Chain shirt +3 is 2,000. Elven Chain is 5,000. No idea what the difference would be but traditionally, Elven Chain is not +3 to AC. Is the 3,000 gp difference just because of rarity even though both items are listed as "rare"?

Same with the potions of Giant Strength. Is a potion of storm giant strength really 45,000 gp "better" than a potion of cloud giant strength?

Rarity should play some part in magic item pricing but actual utility should be the main driver of price. Who would pay 50,000 gp for a POTION?

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