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I have a "City of Alchemists" called Kimera in my homebrew campaign setting.

A potential future plotline is going to concern alchemical drugs that are being used and abused by thugs and thieves in the city.

Here's my first attempt at one:

Drug Name: Chrono

Description:Temporarily alters the users sense of time, at first making them move and think faster, and then sluggish and confused as they come down.

Appearance: A small translucent crystal that breaks into sharp shards and slivers.

Usage: Bonus action. Dissolve the crystal under your tongue or stab yourself with the crystal and let it dissolve into your blood.

Effect: Each dose gives you the effect of the Haste spell for 1d4+1 rounds and advantage on Intelligence checks during that time. Multiple doses increase the duration. After the effect wears off the user is under the effects of Slow for 1d4+1 minutes and has disadvantage on Intelligence checks during that time.

Addiction: DC 11 Wisdom save when the Haste wears off. +1 to DC for each additional dosage in a 24 hour period. While addicted must make a new Wisdom save after every short or long rest or feel compelled to take another dose, or seek out the drug if you don’t have any.

Addiction Effects: Lethargy - the Slow effect now lasts (1d4+1)x10 minutes. While under the effects of Slow the user feels dreamy and euphoric.

Fits and Starts - Out of combat you have a 25% chance of being under the effects of Haste instead of Slow every few seconds. Addicts move in a jerky, stop motion fashion as they alternately slow down and speed up.

Adrenaline Boost: Whenever you take damage, you are automatically under the effects of Haste until the end of your next turn.

Wasting Away - After the Slow effect ends, make a DC 11 Con save, +1 to the DC for every dose taken within the last 48 hours. On a failed save, take 1 point of Con damage. This damage is only healed with a Greater Restoration, or it heals 1 point for each week you abstain from the drug.

Dosage: Crystal: 10 doses at once (75 gp) ; Shard: 5 doses at once (40 gp); Sliver: 1 dose (10 gp)

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Nice job. It looks pretty good as is. I can see thugs abusing it for an edge and burning out as time goes on. The side effects are substantial enough to deter most logical people, but also appeal to the desperate or impulsive.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Three thoughts:

1. usage. Make it a full action, not a bonus action. It takes a turn to get the effects, but you can inject multiple doses at once.

2. saves. Is it a save per dose? per application? once per day? since there is some slippage this should be clarified.

3. cost. I am not sure bulk savings make sense -- arguably, getting multiple doses at once should cost a premium.

Hope this helps. It is a cool idea. Very Conan.

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