Makin' Magic Items or "The Bazaar Bizarre"


Steeliest of the dragons
How much/often do you generate your own magical treasures (vs. just using the known/published ones)?

What are some of your favorite homemade magic items? Might be the "coolest", most interesting or fun (for plot or players), most unusual...most evil (or good)...something you didn't think was any "big deal" that ended up becoming a PC's signature item...whatever.

Anything goes. Weapons, armor, clothing, "miscellanous" or "wondrous" items...silly trinkets, world-shattering relics, something practical, something useful (or nearly useless?) in battle, it's all good.

Stats are fine, description, interesting backstory, however much you'd care to share. If you do want to share in-game/usable stats, please specifiy your game/system/edition of play.

The only "rule" for the thread is that it is not something found in published material.

It (or "They") should be something you came up with all your own or, at least, adapted/stat'ed up on your own from some other source (literature, movies, comics, whatever). But not something you found in a DMG or other magic item table or index.

Dazzle me. I'm bored. :D
--Steel Dragons

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Always create tons of stuff for my campaigns.

One creation I am always fond of is the concept of the 'dragon mace'. The mace is shaped as if (generally) two or three bodies of dragons are intertwined. The wings are stretched outward and form the flanges of the mace (complete with hooks / serrated edges).

Depending upon the power of the item, they may have additional powers:
- the heads of the dragons can spew forth elemental matter / poisonous clouds corresponding to their colors (i.e. red/gold=fire etc.)
- the mace may provide protection against the corresponding elemental matter

The artifact level of this mace is the 'chromatic' mace, where five bodies intertwine, one from each color. With all powers, offensive and defensive present.

Another pet-project of mine had been to recreate the armors of the Knights of the Zodiaque (anime) with all manner of powers.

All this is for 1st/2nd edition games (I generally play a mix of these editions).

the Jester

I have approx. 25,000 words of custom magic items, including the random item charts I have. Here are three for you.

GLOVES OF THE SLUG --- Level 16 Rare
These bright yellow gloves glisten with a slimy coating.

Lvl 16 --- 45,000 gp

Item Slot: Hands
Property: Your melee attacks deal an extra 1d4 points of acid damage.
Power (Daily*Polymorph): Standard action; make the following melee attack against one creature within reach: Strength or Dexterity + 4 vs. Fortitude; Hit: The creature's skin turns to mucus (save ends); while its skin is mucus, the victim is dazed and slowed and takes ongoing 10 damage unless submerged in water.

BERSERKER ARMOR --- Level 3+ Uncommon
This armor is torn and shows the marks of many brutal combats.

Lvl 3 --- +1 --- 680 gp --- Lvl 18 --- +4 --- 85,000 gp
Lvl 8 --- +2 --- 3,400 gp --- Lvl 23 --- +5 --- 425,000 gp
Lvl 13 --- +3 --- 17,000 gp --- Lvl 28 --- +6 --- 2,125,000 gp

Armor: Leather, hide
Enhancement: AC
Property: Whenever you use the rage strike barbarian class feature, you deal an extra 1 [W] damage.

MERCHANT'S VEIL --- Level 12+ Uncommon
This fancy veil of scarlet silk has merchants' scales picked out in thread of gold upon it.

Lvl 11 --- 9,000 gp --- Lvl 21 --- 225,000 gp

Item Slot: Head
Property: When you purchase items, you receive a 10% discount.
Level 21: You receive a 15% discount.


Steeliest of the dragons
A few of mine own. :)

I've devised many items over the years, mostly in the "weapons" arena and several copying things from various cartoons.

Here's a sampling (all bonuses written up in 1-2e terms, since that's the game of choice):

(translated as "Spellslayer"). Alternately known in some legends as the "Sword of Nine Jewels." The blade was created by the Zealotry in the days of the Mage Wars for their most deadly "witch-hunter" champion.

This longsword has a hilt studded with 9 different colored and shaped gems. At the mental instruction of the wielder, the sword can "Detect Magic", various gems in the hilt glow in the presence of various kinds of magic. It is also capable of disrupting and/or dispeling enchantments (i.e. "Charm" spells or other magical mental intrusion) and piercing magical barriers (disenchanting "held" or "wizard locked" portals, parting magical "walls", etc.) and 1/week it can erect a 10' radius protective field (equivalent to a "Globe of Invulnerability" spell). It offers the wielder a constant +2 to all saves versus magical effects.

(translated from [Orean] elvin: "Two-Leaf Blade"): a two-handed sword that can be wiedled one-handed, fires energy blasts and can split into 2 separate swords, one the equivalent of a longsword one the equivalent of a short sword. As a single blade, it is +2 to hit and +2 damage. Separated, each blade is +1 to hit and damage.

One that I cannot take credit for (it was given to/found by one of my PCs by my old high school DM), but have never seen in a book, so I don't think this will break da thread rulez. Came to simply be known as the "Emerald Chip Earring". A silver hoop earring with a small shard of emerald dangling from it. It allows the wearer to comprehend any language he/she overheard (not counting spells, which I tried for but was denied by the DM. C'est la guerre.) Didn't allow speech, just understanding what was heard...and iirc, it gave some bonus (10% I think) to all Hear Noise rolls.

Still, for my 1e UA Acrobat, came in IMMENSELY useful for reconn/scouting/snooping purposes...especially when we went into the underdark and encountered races noone could communicate with (without more powerful magic).

Spellbeads: A favorite still used/available in my campaigns today. Essentially, just what they it sounds like. Inspired by the likes of Batman and Wiley Kit and Kat, they were marble-sized (maybe a little larger) spheres of crystal or glass that are thrown/broken to release the contained spell effect. Most commonly: flashes of light or darkness, smoke screens/walls of fog and the like. Good for dazing or distracting opponents or covering a quick getaway. But can also contain the likes of fireballs (or lightning or cold or force damage)...pretty much any spell could be implanted in a spellbead by a mage of appropriate level. Of course, the higher level/more powerful the spell, the more rare and/or expensive they are to make. (the aforementioned acrobat was always sure to have a pouch full of various effects. :)

Keep 'em coming. :)
--Steel Dragons


Two that are a mix of item and NPC:

1) A fist-sized smooth stone of some unknown material. When kept on a person (held, in backpack), it bestows the tongues ability. On occasion, the character with the item will hear the voice of a small child, lost and a bit scared.
Unknown to players: the stone is actually a dragon's egg. The dragon is slowly maturing and will hatch some time in the future. The tongues ability is a form of telepathy from the dragon to the character.

2) A magical floating lantern.

Spell-like abilities:
at will: Detect magic, Levitate, Light, Read Magic.
3/day: Mage armor, See Invisible
2/day: Invisibility, Daylight
1/day: Invisibility Purge

The lantern is intelligent, curious, and intensely loyal to those it considers friends. Those who mistreat the lantern or attempt to bully it will regret their actions.

the Jester

Here are three more of mine:

SERPENT AMULET --- Level 10+ Uncommon
This amulet is made of serpentine and is carved to resemble a twisting serpent.

Lvl 10 --- +2 --- 5,000 gp --- Lvl 25 --- +5 --- 625,000 gp
Lvl 15 --- +3 --- 25,000 gp --- Lvl 30 --- +6 --- 3,125,000 gp
Lvl 20 --- +4 --- 125,000 gp

Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
Property: When you attack with a power that inflicts ongoing poison damage, that poison damage increases by the amulet's enhancement bonus.
Power (Daily*Poison): Free action; Trigger: An enemy within 10 squares of you makes a saving throw against a poison effect. Effect: The enemy instead fails its saving throw against the triggering effect.

EMPIRICAL RING --- Level 12 Uncommon
This jade ring has a cross for a setting.

Lvl 12 --- 13,000 gp

Item Slot: Ring
Power (At Will): Minor action. You get an exact measure, count or mathematical calculation from this ring. This ring can measure or count things as far as 20 squares away.

NOTE FOR THE NEXT ONE: A kocho is a flightless bird, carnivorous, suitable for use as a mount in my campaign.

CLOCKWORK KOCHO --- Level 23 Rare
What a strange and splendid thing this is! It is a near-lifesized clockwork statue of a kocho, incredibly detailed and fully articulated, with feathers of bronze, copper and silver. Although it must have hundreds of gears within it, it looks surprisingly sturdy and has a saddle atop it that is big enough for a medium creature to sit in.

Lvl 23 --- 425,000 gp

Wondrous Item
Property: If you are medium or smaller you may ride the clockwork kocho like a mount. It shares your space. While you are mounted on it, you gain a speed of 8. All of its defenses are 37; if any attack hits it, you fall prone and it is disabled until you repair it (see below). If any attack hits it that deals at least 50 points of damage, the clockwork kocho must make a saving throw or be destroyed.
Power (At Will): Free action. Trigger: You charge and hit. Effect: The enemy grants combat advantage until the end of its next turn.
Power (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: An enemy gains combat advantage against you. Effect: You shift 2 squares.
Power (Encounter): Short rest. Requirement: The clockwork kocho must be disabled. You spend a healing surge during a short rest, but instead of regaining hit points, you repair the clockwork kocho.

Theo R Cwithin

I cast "Baconstorm!"
I make up magic items all the time, though I often "invent" something only to find later on that a similar item already exists among published works. My favorites tend to be trinkets of little power or use in adventuring; or else oddball items with peculiar drawbacks. A few silly ones off the top of my head (3.5e speak where applicable):

The genie box functions 3x/day, and simply mends (as the mending spell) a broken item placed in the box. Great for homes with small children.

The bee-stinger blade is a simple dagger that can (magically) inject giant bee venom on a hit. It's cheap, though, because of its drawback: it must be soaked in honey for several hours a day to maintain its poison. And so the fey who created them also created the honey scabbard, which slowly but constantly oozes honey.

Numerologists' cubes resemble a pair of dice. When asked a numerical question and rolled, the number they show is the answer-- provided the answer lies in the range of 2 to 12.

The paranoid's spoon, usable 3x/day, turns a greenish-black color when placed in poisoned or otherwise unhealthful food or drink. The color fades when rinsed off with clean water.

Cagn's Sandals are a gift from a god of trickery & shapeshifting (from an African myth). Effectively a type of figurine of wondrous power, they transform into a pair of guard dogs with tough leathery hide that will fight for or watch over the owner.

The everstylish cravat always matches a gentleman's outfit, and without fail "brings the ensemble together". Excellent gift for Father's Day!

A resonation shield is a light steel shield that can project a cone of ringing sound once a day to shatter fragile objects (as the spell shatter).


First Post
This was a bit of an ad-hoc so i couldn't say if it's super balanced. This was an item I gave to one of my PCs since he was a deva taking the deva paragon path. He completed a quest to honor deva elders, and they cast a ritual to let him go into a spirit journey. When he awoke, he had transcribed journal entries from 5 of his previous lifetimes.

"Journal of 5 Lifetimes" Level 12 rare
"this freshly inked tome contains insightful and thought provoking passages from 5 heroes of times long past"

wondrous item

Special: This journal has 5 charges.

Power (At-Will): Free action. you expend a charge. Choose one of the following benefits that lasts until you next take an extended rest. You may pick each benefit multiple times.

-Treat your memory of a thousand lifetimes die as though it had brutal 1, increase this to brutal 2 and so on for each charge you expend.
-Your memory of a thousand lifetime die is increased to d8. this has no effect if already a d8
-You may use your memory of a thousand lifetimes as an immediate reaction to being hit, and add the value to your AC.
-When you hit with an attack augmented by your memory of a thousand lifetimes, add the amount rolled to your damage roll.
-If you miss an attack or fail a skill check augmented by your memory of a thousand lifetimes, it is not expended.

I also concocted this item as part of an item set to replace the item set used in Revenge of the Giants:

Vangaurd's Cloak level 13+ Uncommon
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: +3 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: When you grant cover against ranged attacks to allies standing behind you, the penalty is equal to the number of unique items in use by your party (minimum -2)
Power (Daily): Minor Action. until the end of the encounter, spaces adjacent to you grant cover from ranged attacks as though you were standing in them.

the Jester

Three more of mine:

Wounds inflicted by this weapon are severe and not prone to quick healing.

Lvl 8 --- +2 --- 3,400 gp --- Lvl 23 --- +5 --- 425,000 gp
Lvl 13 --- +3 --- 17,000 gp --- Lvl 28 --- +6 --- 2,125,000 gp
Lvl 18 --- +4 --- 85,000 gp

Weapon: Any
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus, and +1d3 severity (Note: The reference to severity relates to my house rules for "colorful critical hits".)
Property: Any creature hit by this weapon loses regeneration until the end of its next turn.
Power (Daily): Free action. Trigger: You hit an enemy with this weapon. Effect: The enemy cannot regain hit points (save ends).

SYMBOL OF APATHY --- Level 2+ Uncommon
When you bear this holy symbol, you just don't care as much.

Lvl 2 --- +1 --- 520 gp --- Lvl 17 --- +4 --- 65,000 gp
Lvl 7 --- +2 --- 2,600 gp --- Lvl 22 --- +5 --- 325,000 gp
Lvl 12 --- +3 --- 13,000 gp --- Lvl 27 --- +6 --- 1,625,000 gp

Implement (Holy Symbol)
Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Property: When an effect forces you to shift, move or attack, you may make a saving throw. If you succeed, you do not shift, move or attack. (This effect does not apply against pushes, pulls or slides.)

ENGINEER'S TOME --- Level 4+ Rare
This tome includes a thorough study of engineering.

Lvl 4 --- +1 --- 840 gp --- Lvl 19 --- +4 --- 105,000 gp
Lvl 9 --- +2 --- 4,200 gp --- Lvl 24 --- +5 --- 525,000 gp
Lvl 14 --- +3 --- 21,000 gp --- Lvl 29 --- +6 --- 2,625,000 gp

Implement (Tome)
Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Property: When you cast a spell that creates a zone or a wall, you may designate a number of extra squares adjacent to the zone or wall equal to the tome's enhancement bonus as part of the wall or zone.

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