Level Up (A5E) Maneuver Cards Preorders Coming Soon


Well, that was fun
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Mockup image done by me, so please forgive the less than stellar image manipulation! These cards are being printed as we speak.
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They look really good. I think I'll grab a couple of sets - firstly because my players will use them, and secondly because what I really want is A5E spell cards, and I know they are conditional on this set doing well.


Well, that was fun
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These will go on preorder as soon as we get confirmation they are on a ship to our warehouse. We estimate that as being sometime next week, but we’ll wait to hear that they’re on their way. We would then expect about a month, taking into account shipping time, before they go out. But these are all estimates at this stage. Shipping is crazy!


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Now we need spell cards.

And possibly Origin Cards.

Then someone could do most of their character generation by selecting a set of cards to keep on hand when playing.

Or randomize character generation by shuffling and drawing!


Well, that was fun
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It's looking likely that pre-orders for these will go live tomorrow, with an ETA of end of August delivery.

We haven't produced a massive number of these; we're very much testing the waters, so it is while stocks last (we're out of stock of the Narrator's Screen in the UK/ROW already). We hope that they're popular enough that we'll make spell cards, and other cards.

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