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Level Up (A5E) Maneuver DC - basic question from newbie


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Hi !
I'm new to level up and thinking of introducing some concepts into my existing 5e game that I'm running.

After our last 5e fight when players were trying to do all sorts of maneuvers using 5e optional rules (run through space, climb on monster, disarm etc.) I was considering introducing A5e basic combat maneuvers. The question I have is on the use of Maneuver DC.

When I running the above both characters were rolling (NPC and PC). Does the use of the maneuver DC feel more limiting for PCs in play? Is it worth introducing it for just the basic maneuvers or is it more designed for the advanced ones? Feedback from more experienced GMs running these rules would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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Well, that was fun
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It is designed for both the basic maneuvers and the main combat maneuvers. It doesn’t feel limiting in play to me. My suggestion would be to just give it try and see if you like it!

something to keep in mind with saves is that a lot of higher level monsters (especially in o5e) are going to take player save DCs and drop kick them into the ground even without a roll, whereas players (again, especially in o5e) can be a lot more competitive with skill modifiers. if you don't like that, it might be a good idea to stick with contested athletics/acrobatics checks.

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