Masquerade Ball



Please join us for the long awated Masquerade Ball! The theme this year will be "Dress Your Opposite". I hope to see all manner of people as Silk and I host the dance. The dance will be in the Banquet Hall of the CrossRoads Tavern on Oearth. There will be music and refreshments of all manner.

((OOC Info: Please help us end this years UnCon with flair at this years in character masquerade ball! Yes, the theme is indeed "Dress Your Opposite" and you can take that however you wish, wether it be dressing your character opposite of their usual, dressing your character's love interest or dressing in clothing of the opposite sex! Masks should of course be a part of the attire. Please change your description for the event using the /describe edit command and remember to keep it within the COC. The dance will be held in the Banquet Hall on September 19th from 5-9 PM Pacific. Please feel free to email me with any questions at: ))

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