D&D 5E Material component ideas for making an Efficient Quiver...

Casimir Liber

So trying to think of a critter that expands or is a bit extradimensional (okay okay, yes I know about displacer beasts...just trying to muse on alternatives..) that might be good as a quest for a player who wants to make this magical item (should be CR 4 to 8 as it's an uncommon item). Anyone have any ideas?

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I see this is just a renamed quiver of Ehlonna, from earlier editions. Must be a trademarked thing.

I saw something from an earlier edition talking about using centaur hide and manticore tail. Sounds lacking, I may go with gryphon since it at least has feathers. I also saw a thread about it being an extra-dimensional space and you should not put it in a bag of holding.

Casimir Liber

Yeah I want something that says "dimensional"...which counts out centaurs and manticores. Phase spider is promising....githyanki is a bit too humanoid to be palatable...musing....


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
While the "dimensional" critters idea is very reasonable, I would go a different way. Create a recipe, that will require several steps and tasks to gather.

Find a type of tree with very deep roots. Something that sends it's roots primarily downward, with little branching outward. The tips of such a tree are required.

Then, decide how the quiver works in terms of how it makes an inter-dimensional quiver.

Is the opening a constantly functioning teleportation portal to several large quivers? Find an ingredient that speaks to interconnectedness, especially over surprising distance or at surprising scale. Fungi that helps trees communicate. Whale parts. Part of a telepathic creature.

Is it still a single object but magically enlarged on the interior (ie bigger on the inside)? There are many creatures with impossible dimensions in dnd, pick one. Or, pick something that starts extremely small and grows to incredible size, but you've already got tree roots in the mix.


Of course, this only really works if your players enjoy weird complexity.



Thinking a bit more "mundane"... how about "line the inside of the Quiver with the cloth from the coat of a Leprechaun". Not sure why, but that was the first thing that popped into my mind for some reason.

Extradimensional critters are so passé! ;)


Paul L. Ming

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