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Maybe It's Time for a Break?


Doors and Corners
I definitely get where you're coming from. Only this morning, I was eating breakfast at Jim's with my daughter, lamenting my lack of enthusiasm about an upcoming FG D&D5e game I have scheduled to run when she looked at me, frowned and said: "You really should just wrap that up and quit running the games. Find something other than D&D to do."
Just a quick followup on my end: My FG D&D 5e game has wrapped up way early as... well... turns out my players are brilliant and figured out the mystery. Which lead to them skipping over a bunch of stuff. And then the BBG when down under a well-prepared hail of attacks.

So my last two sessions don't have to happen anymore! Yippee! Now I'm taking a well deserved break from GM/DMing. Gonna read the new Eberron book and chill. I did promise to drop in and play in my friend's FG game, though. But that's waaaay less stress than running the game.

What's the update with you, @Retreater ?

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@Doc_Klueless, I have not GMed much lately. I have been working on making modular dungeon tiles (from Black Magic Craft), and painting some minis. I jumped in as a guest player in a one shot at my fiancee's D&D group at a Friendsgiving party.
I've also been lurking around on here, but otherwise not reading much about the hobby. I've been watching a lot of hockey, finishing up some video games, and loving on my dogs. I've been thinking about what to do next, gaming-wise, but nothing is jumping out yet; and more importantly, I still don't have a dedicated group.


Staff member
A few years ago, I realized I had run two of my worst ever campaigns and co-GMed a third that rapidly fizzled. Some hard introspection IDed the reasons why, and I realized I needed a break.

I haven’t run a game in 7 years or so.

Part of that is because I haven’t pushed the issue. Over these years, I have continued to have ideas for campaigns- some of which I have shared here- but what I’ve wanted to run hasn’t appealed to many of the guys in the group- a key facto in one of my failed campaigns.

So unless & until there’s a meeting of minds, I’m staying on the sidelines.

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