D&D 5E MCDM The Talent available now. Psionics class for 5th edition D&D.


There are between 100 and 120 powers.
They are presented in alphabetical order, sorted by Order(level) instead of as one big alphabetical mass like the PHB. That should make it a lot easier to select powers at levelup.

1st Order (cantrips)
The damage dice are generally a bit lower than regular 5e cantrips, which is fine. The highest damage is psychic stab, Int save or 1d10 damage.

The expected utility powers like Light and Mage Hand are present, but different. For example, the Light power emits a cone (possibly like My Light from 3.5).

A few standouts:
Time Thief, Con save, target takes 1d4 damage and you gain temp HP equal to the amount of damage.
Caress of Fire: Concentration, whenever a creature touches or hits the target for the first time on a turn, the attacker/toucher takes 1d4 fire damage.
There are several that involve movement boosts or minor forced movement. All the damage is fire, psychic, force, or necrotic. There is no "you have all the elements just like a wizard."
I like these. They all have good flavor, and, although they carry less damage, I think a lot of them will contribute to a more mobile battlefield.

2nd order
There are several reaction powers that let allies reroll a miss or a saving throw. There are some that cause false beliefs in the targets, forced movement, telekinetic choking, etc. There is no "X, Psionic" on the list.
These look fun. I didn't do a detailed look at all of them, but I'm sure you could build four or more viable characters with completely different powerset themes.

3rd order
There are some good party buffs in here. Concentration to give someone advantage on ability checks and attack rolls for a minute at 5th level is arguably better than Haste given the lack of negative side effects. Advantage on two attacks is better than straight rolls on 3 attacks, at least most of the time.

Forget: Wis save. On a failed save, for 1 minute, the target suffers one of the following: Cannot manifest psionic powers of 4th order or below; or Cannot cast spells of 3rd level or higher; or Loses all weapon proficiencies.
That's a fun debuff.

Iron: Concentration, gain +2 AC, 15 temp HP, can Attack twice instead of once, INT-based, dealing 1d10 base damage. There's a self-enhancing power like what I was looking for.

Telekinetic burst: It's fireball, but does only 5d6 force damage, and everyone who fails their save gets shoved 10' away from the center point. Cast this down into a room right before you enter it to clear the way for your party's stylish entrance.

4th Order (5th level spells)
These are mostly utility spells. There's a buff/debuff aura where you can pick a target and effect each turn, a stasis field that fixes objects in place and keeps others out, and several for modifying memory or puppeting others, as well as a telekinesis one that lets you restrain creatures, or slam objects into others repeatedly.

Melt is Heat Metal on steroids, in that it deals damage and causes non-magic items to flat-out melt into slag; you can destroy plate armor this way.

5th order (7th level spells)
Would you like to place a weaker Delayed Blast Fireball inside an enemy?
Telepathically message everyone in an entire city? Give an enemy vulnerability to B/P/S by turning its bones to glass? Change a Large castle gate from sturdy iron into glass? Turn your enemies against each other by making them all think they hate their boss, so that they move to and attack the BBEG? These are for you.

This level has what are basically Find the Path and True Sight, the first "looks like cleric/wizard spells" I've noticed.

6th order (9th level equivalent)
Haste / slow (wis save) every creature that starts their turn in a 40' cube.
Make a Gate (only it doesn't work like Gate, but it's close) to any known place.
Suck the heat out of something, healing another creature for half the damage dealt. Low damage, but it lasts for Concentration up to a minute.
Force choke everyone within 30'.
Set someone's ability scores to 20 for 8 hours.
Create a 1 minute duration copy of a CR 10 creature within range, loyal to you, for up to a minute.
Mind Swap.
Steel: Upgraded version of the Iron power, more damage, regeneration, immune to crits. It's Concentration, but you are 17th level and have proficiency with Con saves, so punch away at +11 for 2d10+5 3 times per round.

Nothing as big as Wish, but that's fine. Pretty good stuff, with enough options for whatever thematic you're going after.

I didn't see any obvious "trap" options or things that flat don't work, unlike the PHB.

The subclass powers are a bit weaker than wizard schools, but the Talent has enough juice in the tank to not need powerful subclasses.

In summary: I want to play this. It looks fun.

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I'm only passingly familiar with Dark Sun. The thematics on this are based partly on superheroes, as MCDM mentions. A power available at 1st level does let up to 4 creatures go without food or water, and become immune to exhaustion caused by mundane environmental effects. You might want to ban that for DS to be properly "on the edge of dying."

A cloaked and hooded figure moves through the slums of a town, near the edge of a barren wasteland. Two thugs step out of an alley and attempt to rob him. One is lifted into the air by his neck, choking; the other tries to club the hooded figure, but misses, and then is flung onto a nearby rooftop by an unseen force. The hooded person walks away. As he turns a corner, the choking one collapses to the ground, gasping for air as the force holding his neck lets go.
That was Choke and Repel, a pair of 2nd order (1st level) powers, and two failed saves.

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