D&D 5E Meet Fenrir: The Wolf Who Ate Odin!

It's time to take a quick peek at one of Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monster's CR30+ entries! We have a handful of them (looking at you, Cthulhu and Lucifer!) -- this one is Fenrir, that mighty gargantuan wolf who even the gods of Asgard fear!

The book is pretty much done now. We're doing the last proofing passes, and the Kickstarter will be coming soon. We've got 914 people waiting for the launch now -- it's great that so many folks are looking forward to this book! If you haven't yet, please do register your interest on Kickstarter there!

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Ah poor Fenrir. I always wondered if he had not been so mistreated by the gods might he not have become a most loyal servant to the one who trained, trusted and loved him? The gods of old were often so brutal, selfish and short sighted were they not?


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Maimed gods are actually pretty badass usually the act empowers. Odins eye is sacrificed and he gains visions. Nuada becomes the first cyborg.
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Well, that was fun
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We're cautiously hoping to launch the Kickstarter at the end of this month. I say cautiously -- it depends on a whole lot of things, only one of which is my getting a physical proof copy of the hardcover in my hands by then, which with the current pandemic might be tight.

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