My brief review
Laughably bad
I think they went out to make a serious movie at 1 point but then the director/writer just left . Statham truly tries but that’s it

Im not sure if I was supposed to put in subtitles or if this was planned for a different audience

But the director clearly has something in common with me. In my rpg campaigns I always want to include monster xy and z and wouldn’t it be cool if they could be in the same dungeon. Well this director did just that

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I haven't seen the movies, but the books in the series were all pretty enjoyable, for what they were. I think there are six so far.



No, they were pretty serious. But they're not trying to be great masterworks of fiction, merely "action movie/giant monster" storylines in book form. Again, not having seen the movies, I'm not sure just how campy they were - apparently pretty campy, I take it.



The first was basically pointless but had a few fun scenes. Not something that left me craving a sequel, but if there were a few more cool giant shark scenes, that’s fun.

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