D&D 5E Melee sorcerer

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Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
What can you do in 5e to get close to that style?

I was thinking blade cantrips, misty step and false life?
In Tasha's UA, they playtested more use for the sorcerer's SP, including a feature to gain THP and one to enchant a weapon with magic. A stone sorcerer or giant sorcerer + those features could be a legit gish.

Sadly, they were cut and they only kept the ''spend SP to boost a check''.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
I have never looked at bladesinger but my group uses whatever we want from the books so long as it’s fun for all
Well, in this case, a Bladesinger tacked on a sorcerer could do the trick. Could even go as far as to ask the DM to add a few spell to the (pathetic) spell list of the sorcerer, things like: ensnaring strike, steel wind strike, branding smite, thundering smite etc.

Then use blade spells and new things like Ashardalon's Stride, Fizban Platinium shield, Rime's Binding Ice, or even ''gravity/time'' spells from Wildemount, or Kinetic Jaunt and Vortex Warp from Strixhaven. All of those are spot on to recreate the 4e swordmage.


So apparently we are playing a second character in current campaign.

It’s not quite west marches but we will have a couple characters to use from time to time. I am pretty happy with my melee oriented death clericTh but thought about a melee sorcerer focused to some extent on blade cantrips.

How far has anyone taken this with sorcerer?

I will find a way to use weapons—-weapon master, dip into hexblade or just warlock and go with mace and spear….have not decided that yet.

I am thinking about something other than fighter or Paladin and their ilk for one level.

I was thinking about quickens blade cantrips, haste etc.

Open to other fun ideas about spell selection, feats etc.
If you want to single class, the best way to do this is with a race that gives weapon proficiencies.

I would go mountain Dwarf. On point buy Start with 17Str, 14 Dex, 14 Con, 14 char. Trade one of your Dwarf weapon proficiency for Maul.

I would go shadow sorcerer for strength of the grave. Clockwork for armor of agathys is an option too, but I think that is less attractive.

Get crusher at level 4 (capitalizing on BB movement damage)

Quicken spell is obviously your go-to metamagic and you can BB and if you miss then quicken BB for a second attack. If you hit quicken a different ranged cantrip as a follow up or use a different bonus action (hound of ill omen). If you have multiple enemies next to each other you can GFB to damage them both and then BB one of them. Sapping Sting is a nice cantrip to get to and combine with your hound.

As far as spells - shield, absorb elements, blur, mirror image, haste, ashardalon's stride, blink, fire shield ....
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