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Do you have a source for that? I ask because that was the one price I couldn't get a definitive answer on - I can find the $12 price for a couple of years later, but nothing from 1978 itself. (The adverts in The Dragon didn't give a price.) So, being able to put an actual source to that number would be great.

Unfortunately I don't have a definitive source either, just hearsay and talk, but that $12 number seems pretty consistent across the board where I've looked, and I've yet to see any different number.

I've read $9 for the Monster Manual, $12 for the PHB, and $18 for the DMG during first print runs. Even if we want to play it safe and assume $9 for the PHB, that's still about $33 today, for a 128pp book, which I'd call "high" on the price spectrum throughout D&D history for that amount of content, so I think the general point of my post is still accurate.

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Just for the sake of clarity, because I think there are at least two discussions going on around this topic:

I don't think $50 is a lot of money for a high-quality 320-page hardback, therefore I can't balk at a $150 price tag for 960 pages of game content. That's just math.

The real question for me is whether a roleplaying game needs 960 pages of support before you're even out of the starting blocks. For my part, the DMG is going to have to be far more crunchy than I foresee it being to be worth a whole 320 pages.

But worth $50? If it's 320 pages long, it's worth $50. That's just economics.


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I believe that you will be able to make (low-level) characters from the starter set; at least based on the scuttlebutt I've heard at the LGS.

Excited for the adventures; people will be very pleasantly surprised at the quality, IMO.

I think the price for the PH will drop to 40 on Amazon once the books are actually done; Amazon usually does that w/ books.

I think MM & DMG will be $50; though when you guys see it you will understand why. :D


Didn't see this mentioned from Twiter

[MENTION=6693259]monstermanual[/MENTION]: [MENTION=32417]MikeM[/MENTION]earls What do we do if we're running a game without the Monster Manual or DMG? Rely on the Starter Set and/or final playtest?

[MENTION=32417]MikeM[/MENTION]earls: [MENTION=6693259]monstermanual[/MENTION] we have a plan for that


Anyone else having problems with the layout of the covers?

The base images are good, and the logo by itself is OK.

But, the images seem badly centered, and the bright red of the logos is really, really, jarring. I would have adjusted the red color to match the images, and would have moved the bottom banner down an inch or so.

And, I think the new logo is fine, but only am OK with the "&" being a simple character. Changing that to the rendered silver reflective image is way too busy. The rendered image deserves to be by itself (you could use it as an entire cover by itself).




a) The product page for the boxed set does mention prefab characters but doesn't mention chargen rules.
b) The boxed set is $20, which means they must have been counting every penny and begrudging every inch of space.
c) They only have 32 pages for the "how to play" booklet, which is barely more than the size of the playtest "How to Play" PDF (29 pages).
d) A box which includes prefab characters does not actually need chargen rules to be playable.

Therefore, while it is possible the box will include chargen rules, it seems much more likely that all such non-essential things would be provided in an online supplement instead. I bet they'll have other goodies too, like a low-level bestiary. It's the perfect way to offer a fully functional starter set while keeping the price down.

And so the day came when character generation for an rpg was labeled non-essential and the universe wept.


Everything is this May price me right out of the market of d&d
Wait till they hit the secondary market, then buy the ones you want online. The whole point of randomized packaging is that the chase rares subsidize the commons; so if you can live without the rares, you can get the commons much cheaper, buying a la carte. And if the new minis don't cover everything you need, there is a whole ocean of 3E-era DDM figs still floating around on places like Troll and Toad, though prices have gone up since the glory days.

I never understood why people felt it was important to get their minis fresh out of the booster pack.

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