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5E Monk - Way of Alteration


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Created a subclass a few months back, and the feedback I've gotten has says the subclass is weak. At least the first 11 lvls, which is the entirety of most games played.

I'm gonna change the altered state to 1/3 for a cost of 2+1ki per CR beyond 1st.

Remove improved alter state and replace with the 6th lvl class feature.

The new 6th lvl class feature would be improved ki-empowered strikes. Natural weapons are considered magical for purposes...blah blah.
In addition, I'd like another effect here to aid in offense while altered.

This is were the power curve can change a little or a lot.
My thoughts:
- Natural weapons count as unarmed strikes? But then martial arts/ stunning fist/flurry of blows...
-Extra Attack adds an additional attack if the altered form only has a singular attack.
-Allow Flurry of blows, but only for 1 bonus action attack.

Any other thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

Also lvl 17 ability, restrict CR and/or creature type?

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I don't think the current version posted 3rd level ability is that weak. It opens up a lot flexibility, swim speeds, climb speeds, blindsight....this gives you an increadibly amount of flexibility.

Also, in combat your monk unarmored defense helps shore up one of the weaknesses of polymorph...low AC. So you get layers of extra hitpoints but with a solid AC. And you retain all your mental capacities (which tend to be the weak spot), so its even better. What about it is weak?

Now the 6th level ability you can toss, its just generally weaker than the 3rd level ability.


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The biggest complaint was the lack of progress with the original version, didn't see any new forms/higher cr until 11.

You are correct, this subclass was made exactly for that: defensive combat/utility, I'm glad that idea is clear. An option for a monk tank. Kind of what an EK is to a wizard.

About 6th: aside from the shape shifting to different races, yeah its redundant. And only a few creatures have resistance vs nonmagical attacks. Just fits the theme.
It could be switched with 11, but that's only a 3 lvl difference from the 3rd to the improved 6th version. If removed completely, what do I replace it with while trying to maintain a balance?

Maybe start over with wildshape, instead of polymorph. Variant Moon druid w/o spells?
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If your Group wanted more forms, that seems the easiest 6th level ability. Just add more forms at 6th.

or you could add a bonus to concentration at 6th while in the altered form


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I'd like to remove the improved altered state completely and just have the 3rd feature calculate the CR, idk what a balanced ratio is while maintaining interest and effectiveness in the subclass: 1/6, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3.

Are you suggesting 'more forms' as in a higher CR, create a list of hand chosen forms, or additional creature types?

I think I need to clean up the language in the homebrew, make it easier to read.

@Fenrir-77 Just think of it as Wildshape. Essentially a spell-less druid with monk baseline abilities.


@Fenrir-77 Just think of it as Wildshape.

So wildshape and polymorph have key difference, concentration checks. This is no small thing, as concentration is often the main weakness of a caster turning themself into a dinosaur, as they have to make a check with every hit they take, and will often drop the form before its HP runs out. Wildshape doesn't have that weakness.

So is it polymorph or wildshape....it makes a difference.

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