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For your downloading pleasure:

I put together a pdf containing all that monster stat blocks I could find from the DDXP and those found soon after floating about on the Internet as well as many of the rules we've been privy to in the days since. It was made possible by the great people of ENWorld who gathered up all this information into bite size chunks and especially those that scanned all that material at the DDXP! Also I got some great art from Julie Dillon, who has done some fabulous Paizo work. Thanks everybody!


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Sweet, thanks for doing this.

EDIT: I just ran quickly through it, looks awesome, but does the Kobold Wyrmpriest really have a +16 vs reflex on his orb attack?
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That is how it has been on everything version I've seen of it. I just made it a +6 which is what I think it is meant to be. The other option, which I doubt it is, would be that is a straight 16 vs reflex you don't roll it, but if that's the case then the priest would auto hit everyone in the pregen party and that is too over powering considering it does 1d10+3.

Thanks Wizard for putting it together, nice touch with the title page.


The document is very nice, but could you please provide a version with a plain white background for better readability and to lower the cost of printing?


Wonderful. Did you make the cover yourself?

Somewhere there were scans of Grells and the Grick, too. You missed those. Can't find them at the moment.

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