D&D 5E Monstrous Compendium Volume Four: Eldraine Creatures

WOTC has just released Monstrous Compendium Volume 4: Eldraine Creatures with 25 new monsters.

From the introduction:

Eldraine is a storybook world of quests and castles, knights and wizards, wicked warlocks and fantastical creatures. Once, valiant knights would venture from five royal courts to fulfill noble quests—but the invasion of the horrific Phyrexians from another world changed all that and left the kingdom in ruins.

The realm and the wilds of Eldraine were introduced to players of Magic: The Gathering with 2019’s Throne of Eldraine set. The new Wilds of Eldraine set presents the world in the wake of the Phyrexian invasion, leaving behind the knights and castles and delving deep into the strange and mysterious wilds. Here, giants lumber through the clouds, faeries make mischief, and witches cackle over bubbling cauldrons.

The new supplement is available on D&D Beyond for $5.09, and features creatures such as the Beanstalk Wurm, the Gingerbrute, and the Snapping Hydra.

The Snapping Hydra
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