Most Anticipated RPG of 2017: The Official Poll!

47 nominees have been nominated, the list has been compiled, and now it's time to commence the voting! This poll will run for one week (until Thursday 12th January). Which of the listed products is your most anticipated game of 2017? You may vote for multiple products if you are anticipating more than one.

Check out last year's winning 10 most anticipated games here. This is the 4th annual poll measuring the most anticipated full standalone tabletop roleplaying games of the year (not supplemental items like adventures, accessories, settings, and sourcebooks).

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I'm most anticipating Frontier Space from DwD Studios (so "Other").

Nothing else coming this year has really excited me, although I will be checking out Star Trek Adventures and DCC Lankmar.

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I started posting here AFTER the poll was closed, but for the record my choices would have been (both show as italics on the list):

Alternity (Babylon 5 Setting)
Starfinder (Dragonstar Setting)

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