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jdrakeh said:
Yep. It was a joke. Comments from play testers and the creator here reveal that the Mouse Guard system will be a Burning Wheel variant and that people 'hostile to Burning Wheel's core tenets' will not like it.

Actually, i merely said that any system i design will adhere to certain core tenets. I made no comment about a Mouse Guard RPG. The only official Mouse Guard RPG is the one whose rules have been reposted in this thread. (Who did that?) Don't believe the playtesters. They are unreliable. Does anyone think I'd be so crass as to design something involving Mouse Burning as a gateway RPG for gamer parents and their kids?

Not even I would do such a thing.

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jdrakeh said:
(in a nutshell, though, BW has three different task resolution systems and six resource accounting systems, all built on similar maths or dice methods but each unique and subject to very specific exceptions)
Then D&D/d20 lacks unified mechanics, too.

There's one resolution system in BW. You roll a pool of d6s to generate a number of successes which are then compared to an obstacle. While the scope of the roll may vary (resolving an overland journey vs. resolving a single sword blow), you are always using the same process. There is no point in the game where you are resolving an intent/task using any other mechanic.

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