D&D General MtG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Spoiler Thread


We have the Eye and Hand of Vecna! (Also throwing in the Book of Vile Darkness, previously spoiled, so everyone can see how they fit together.)

I love that the Hand of Vecna enables you to use your hand as a weapon... and to equip it, you suffer injury equal to the value of your hand.




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Not a fan, but I play U in every deck and I probably have unrealistic expectations/desires. Teferi and Jace will remain my Walkers.
On the other hand, he might be a reason to play U. (I don't normally play U)
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Oh its more then interesting, Drizzt's Kung Fu mentor is Kane, Grandmaster of Flowers for the Monastry of the Yellow Rose in Damara, and while Kane is likely not the only Grandmaster of Flowers, given Bahumut has no history of possessing this title that I could fine, it feels like its not an accident. Could Bahumut be Drizzt new monk mentor all along? What an unexpected twist.
I mean, the creative director for this Magic Set is...James Wyatt. Then he moved on to the D&D team, and the October book.
And there is the UA draconic monk subclass, Way of the Ascendant Dragon.
What if the October book is both the book with the draconic UA material and the speculated upcoming drow book?

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
What if the October book is both the book with the draconic UA material and the speculated upcoming drow book?

Drizzt's mentor was Bahamut all along, and he gave the lone wanderer the task to find the enclaves of not-that-evil Drows! And Gwen is now a panther with the half-dragon template!

Fan service galore!!


The dog illusion that gets super-powered when you activate the emblem?
Bounced or killed. Evaluating a PW on the basis of 2 of its abilities, 1 of which being it's major pay off, at the cost of this card?

It's a 'winmore' type card to me.

Admittedly, maybe it's in a friendly Standard with low removal where people have a large hand all the time, I don't know.

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