My adventures in West Virginia (fallout 76)

(This is going to be done in character as a Vault dweller< Wendy> going out and all that, I haven't fully hashed out her back ground or anything like that yet but I do welcome suggestions tyhis started on the 24th)
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Day one

Well...I woke up late..and by late I mean by the time I got out it was almost night time. Man, I must have had a good time last night..because I felt like I had been smacked around by a Mr. Handy..and someone had shaved my head leaving just the top and my ponytail and dyed it PURPLE! WTH?!? Who did this? Was it one of the guys or girls I was playing beating at Beer Pong? whatever..So anyway, I get out of the vault after realizing everyone else was gone including that jerk Kevin who owes me for that thing I did for him.(will have to hunt him down) I look around and realize there's no one, but there's a dead body so I check it out and find some orders from a person named Maria Chavez and something about watching the Vault. I also find some other junk including a Machete (wa-hoo) and then head down the hill towards Flatwood like the Overseer said.

The first place I come upon is a ruined lumber yard and I'm immediately attacked by a tick the size of a dog! Holy hell!!! Luckily I killed before it could do anything to me. This is not what we were trained to do in the vault, I mean we were told about the possibility of mutations but ticks the size of dogs?!? After not finding any I leave the lumber yard and encounter some people(?) who looked like they infected with something or been mutated by the bombs, I attempted to say hi but they just upped and attacked me! (how rude). I got shot..luckily it was a simple glaze, so I attacked and killed them. After looting their bodies and finding a gun of some sort (why we weren't given guns for ourselves, I have no clue) I realized I had no idea how to use it,so I put it away for now. I made my way to the overseer's camp and decided that I would sleep here for the night and go forth in the light.
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I've read and watched enough reviews to know that I don't want to spend one second of my time or one cent of my money on it. Also, the only Fallout game I've really liked since the series has gone to first person is New Vegas. I didn't care for 3 and I really didn't like 4 at all.

But like I said, you do you. Proceed as scheduled.
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Day 2: Learning how to boil water and cook meat

So, I wake up at the overseer's camp and head over to flatwoods. Along the way I stopped at the Green Country Lodge and picked up a holotape that turned out to be some moron's work out plans. I'm still not seeing anyone alive, but at least I'm not being attacked. I get to the church and find more dead bodies and the overseer's tape, which I listen to and find out that the people that I got attacked by the other day are sick with some sort of disease. The overseer is right, we weren't trained for this! If I find anyone who works for Vault-Tec, I;'m going to file a compliant. After listening to her, the guys who set up a hospital in the church are called "The Responders". Nifty, so they offer automated training which the overseer advised me to do. Again, this will be put into my compliant of stuff we weren't trained to do. I learned how to boil water before drinking it,along with making sure to cook anything I want to eat. I also encountered some more people, who were different from the ones that shot at me. Theses ones were all like an orange color and zombie like,so after a quick fight I chopped them up with my machete ( I think I will call it Mr. Slasher). As the sun was going down, I decided to set up camp by the vault tec agricultural research center. I'll go inside tomorrow and see what I can find. Oh, before I forget I also washed the dye out of my hair.


Day 3: Helping out on the farm

I wake up to hearing a radio broadcast,something about needing help dealing with out of control farm hands. So, instead of heading directly over to research center, I head back into Flatwoods to deal with the two super visors there. Then I make my way back over to where the last super visor is, chopping my way with Mr. Slasher. I finally dispatched him and then get told that I need to go into the research center and reset the programming. I head inside via the main doors and find a holotape left by Susie ( The overseer). I listen to her prattle on about her visiting the place as a kid and then working for Vault-tec. I look around for a complaint box but don't find one. It looks like Susie is going to take a trip down memory line,since she plans to visit her home to see if it's still there. After slashing and chopping my way to the basement I find the terminal and reset the targeting programming, apparently this has happened before. I then hear that all responders need to get to Morgan town airport, look like I'm heading to the airport since I'm a responder. Along the way I ran into this big guy.


He didn't attack just wanted to trade, I decided to be polite and not ask why he's green and way taller than me. After dealing with him, I found both those zombie things and the sickos fighting each other, I sat back and watched and then took out the remaining two sickos and decided to huddle in the ruins of a Slocum's Joe for the night. Still no sigh of that bastard Kevin, but I did find my favorite drink a Nuka-Cola Quantum along with plans for something called a Nuka grenade that sounds like all kinds of fun.


Day 4: To catch a plane

After waking up at the Slocum's Joe , I head to the airport at Morgan town. I set up my own little camp outside of the fence line so I can have somewhere to fall back before going inside the airport itself. I start to explore the run way area, and it looks like the Responders have a nice set. Different hangers have been put aside for different things. A lab,a workshop for robots and a quarantine hanger. However, there's still no sign of anyone alive including Kevin (dammit). I do however get instructed to help keep the Scorched ( the names of the sickos) at bay before a cargobot can drop some supplies. It takes about five or ten minutes for the bot to arrive and during this time wave after wave of Scorched attack giving me a chance to get in some practice with a .44 that I found, but I ended up dealing with most of them using Mr. Slasher. I think I'll go back to camp and practice with bottles or something. So the bot drops off some stimpacks and other health stuff. I go back to looking around the encampment. They even have a stage set up and I can't resist so I went up and played the banjo.


I even found a responder jumpsuit which fit me,so I put it since I'm one of them now or for now (?).

I climbed up into the tower to get a better view and found a functioning terminal,which I read. It seems that the Responders had dealings with a group called The Brotherhood of Steel, if that's not a good name for a band I'm not sure what is. Well,it's getting dark so I'm going to make my way back to my camp and then hit the airport itself in the morning.

I wake up and eat something (after cooking it long enough) and I do some target practice as well. As I'm walking down the hill into the airport a giant bat like creature fly over and I hear it's wings so I naturally hauled ass inside deciding that I don't need to see it right now. Once inside, I find the command room, I guess is what you would call it. I also come across Maria Chavez. So, that's who issued the order about watching the vault. I listen to her holotape, which gave me info about the background of "The Responders" along with some info about the Scorched, it seems that the responders who were firefights, paramedics and cops before the bombs fell; were working on an inoculation of some sort to protect against the scorched. I'll have to hunt it down, but for now I'm going to do the advance training. Afterwards, I may head over to Vault-Tec university and see if anyone is there or if there's a complaint box of some sort. I still haven't found a sign of Kevin, but I did get a spiffy new outfit.


Day 6: Back to school and then some

so, I decided to check out Morgantown before going to find that medical center. I head over to the high school and see that there's some scorched that I take care of with ease and I headed inside. I found a holotape from Suzie (the overseer) and she talks about her family and high school love (Evan) how sweet. I then head over to Vault-Tec University (VTU).


I walk in and omg, it's like brain washing or something.


I start to look around to see if I can find someone alive or Kevin or hell even a box to drop off my list of complaints. But all I find are ruined class rooms and offices. Each class room has a reproduction of a section of the vault, I guess so they could learn what it was (is?) like? I found some student's computers and checked them out. Liam Hornwright wanted to experiment with training dogs to train other dogs, was this guy on drugs or something? Another student Drew Collingsworth decided to do something with food that I don't fully understand.

As I went from classroom to classroom I learned way more than I wanted to know about Vault-Tec, I mean we were told that the Vaults were meant to save people so that we could rebuild after the war. But from what I'm finding it seems like SOME if not all of them were some deranged experiment. I mean some of the courses they offered including tidbits like " substituting arms in place of legs " and " Survival Through Cannibalism " What the hell was Vault-tec up to? I found the dean's office and reading his terminal, it looks like that Liam was on drugs and came from money. I was shocked to see what Dean Harland Elliot did to Drew's experiment. I found a vault simulator that they used to run the experiments as a way to test the student's thesis, it seems that the last simulation was Drew's and it doesn look like it ended very well. I made my way to the overseer's office and found a pile of skeletons in front of a door, but before checking out the door I looked at the terminal and it looks like the dean didn't tell Drew what he did, and it also looks like theses poor people were trapped down once the bombs fell.

At this point, I ran out of the building, I need to catch my breath and clear my head. We had been told that Vault tec had our best interest in mind and all that, but this...I mean did Suzie (my overseer) know what they were up to? Was she part of it? Was Vault 76 REALLY an experiment of some sort? I thought about just stopping here and striking out on my own, but I thought back to listening to Maria Chavez's holotape and decided to keep on the responder's path for now.

I made my way to AVR Medical Center. I went inside and dealt with some more scorched before finding the terminal, that had some notes about research for a vaccine for the the Scorched Plague. It looks like I'll need to hunt down a ghoul, a wolf and a mole rat. I'll do that after I take some more time to think about the discoveries I made about Vault-tec and it's implications.


The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

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