Level Up (A5E) My first Level Up game


Last night I DM'd my first level up game. All I can say was fantastic! My group and I have been gaming since 1980. We have played it all from AD&D to Star Wars. I can say with confidence that this was one of our most fun games. It was just the three of us, a loose understanding of the rules, but boy did we have fun. Simple setup, settlement in the mountains, varied races and the players were a woodland fighter and a ranger. They journeyed to protect a herd of goats, helped deliver some wolf cubs (thanks to the wood elf trait Nature's Ally).

Then they journeyed again back to the settlement and investigated a haze (journey challenge). The next journey took them upon a track to find some children who were captured by some hillmen. The Ranger followed them for seven days straight and they fought through a harpy and the weather. Saving the children they returned and half way back found a ship in the trees, but there is no body of water within five hundred miles (journey travel scenery).

After the session my friends just smiled and said, wow. It was fun using specialties and journeying; things we didn't do in the past or spend time paying attention to.

Thank you Morrus for bringing us the next chapter in our adventuring life.

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