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Limit Break Dancing
A DM in one of the games I am playing allows us to drink a potion of healing as a bonus action and you roll the 2d4+2 as normal. But if you take a full action to drink it (or drink it out of combat), you get the full 10 hit points back. His explanation being that quickly drinking a potion is going to be tricky and you may spill/dribble and not get the full benefit. I think he took this (in whole or in part) from Critical Role.
Oh wow. I love this house rule. Consider this stolen!

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Limit Break Dancing
Do you allow masterwork weapons and armour?
A weapon only gives a +1 to either attack or damage not both, whilst armour merely removes the disadvantage effect as if it was mithral or titanite as long as its medium or heavy type armour?

How are you going to handle the heirloom part?

For example say one character has a moonblade that when sheathed has the form and size of a dagger, but when drawn extends to either size of a shot sword or long sword its easier to carry.

Would that count as a suitable heirloom magical item despite not being on that Table B?

Knowing your players will they come up with their own ideas for a heirloom item?
I hadn't planned on allowing masterwork items. I think the "mythic materials" part serves that purpose already.

The heirloom part is pretty straightforward: the player picks a magic item from Table B, and then invents a reason for why it's so important to their character. It might be a family heirloom, but it might also be the last gift from a departed loved one, a keepsake from a terrible foe you slew, an item that was dropped by the man who murdered your mother, etc. As long as it is important to your character in some way.

I don't mind if the players customize them somewhat, too, as long as the changes are minor and the base item is from Table B of the DMG (only). Like, back in the day, I played an Illusionist with the Entertainer background. His Table B magic item was a bag of holding, but it was reskinned to look like a top hat. Whenever he needed something, he would "pull it out of his hat."


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
No, it doesn't bypass magical resistance (since they aren't magical, they are just really high-quality.) Powerful/mythical creatures would require more than just something you can buy in a shop.

I should add that those monsters will still be just as fearsome as always, no more and no less. The rules for purchasing magic items is optional in the DMG, and I opt not to use them. So i's not that magical weapons don't exist at all...just that the party can't purchase them.
I really fail to see how "no more, no less" is true when characters who would normally do full damage (a weapon wielder with a +1 to +2 item) now will do half against creatures with immunity to B/P/S from non-magical weapons. That's simply not true.

I'm not sure about the magic shop comment - I didn't mention magic shops, nor do I run them in 5e. In one game I'm running they have a total of a single magic weapon they just got at level 7, and 8 magic arrows. This is not about proliferation of magic items, it's about how casters can do full damage against those creatures from level 1, while between the whole party you'd get some weapon wielders the ability to do things to them. But now, weapon wielders need to wait until +3 to not get a damage penalty. I can tell you that with all off the 5e campaigns I've run, I've never given out a +3 weapon.

Yeah, that's the intent of the "Dice Etiquette" section. Call the complete action, then roll. Certain specific game mechanics will let you add to the dice roll after it's rolled, and that's fine (and I forgot that Bardic Inspiration is one of them...we don't have a bard, so I tend to forget about them).

But really the point here is to keep the game moving forward. I don't want the players trying to figure out what number they need to meet and then spending 5-10 minutes trying to find ways to add dice to every roll that doesn't meet it. I would rather keep everyone's minds in the story and away from the numbers.
Excellent. I will likely adopt this.

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