My latest game is FINALLY out, and I'm so stupidly pleased


Back in the early 2000s when I was writing my storyhour here at EN World, one of the locations was the city of Eversink: a highly political swamp city that was oozing with adventure. Well, maybe not "oozing." Because that's gross. But the city was always sinking into the swamp, slowly, meaning it was an iceberg of underground dungeons and lost buildings. That has since become the setting for Swords of the Serpentine, Emily Dresner's and my new GUMSHOE sword & sorcery game from Pelgrane Press. I got to toss in all the sort of stuff I love (social combat, cinematic warfare, freeform sorcery, and political manipulation). After a very long pandemic delay it is hitting peoples' doorsteps this week, and it hugely fun to see what they think.

Plus, it's pretty and built like a brick. :D

Ask me questions - Setting, rules, game design, swords & sorcery, the huge paper shortage right now, barbecue, anything!

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That's awesome Piratecat! Sounds like a really neat setting, it kind of reminds me of Seattle (in that it has underground ruins that used to be surface-level buildings).

Do you have any links to where it is being sold?


Oh, sure! Hardcover available now, PDF available September 1.

And here's a nifty and comprehensive review.



I've been looking forward to this getting released. Can't wait for the chance to look it over. From what I've heard it seems like you found some nifty ways to push the Gumshoe system in new directions


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I'm super happy for you Kevin. I'm also super happy to be even somewhat close to holding the dead tree copy in my hands. For everyone else. this game is super cool and evocative and you should own a copy.


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From what I've heard it seems like you found some nifty ways to push the Gumshoe system in new directions

Having run and played the game a couple times during the process, I can say that yes, there's some new territory here for Gumshoe. But it is fun territory. Sometimes when you push a system somewhere new, it comes out awkward - I don't find that to be the case with SotS.

And yes, the book is a friggin' brick. Don't drop it on your foot.


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I super want to get this but can't justify spending more money on games I'll never be able to convince my friends to play. As it is, I'm currently blowing out all of my physical RPG books except for my pile of Basic Fantasy RPG (because it basically has no resale value) and B/X D&D (because it's beat to hell). However, I also want to congratulate you on this! It looks super rad!


Congratulations! It looks awesome and I do love me some swords and sorcery. But I may have to wait for the pdf. I assume the hard copy doesn't ship to Australia.


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Congrats for your game! Is this your first experience or did you publish other works before this one? As i am currently doing the same, i'd be really interested to hear your story!


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Congrats! I can't wait to see it! I bet it's quite the moment for you, too -- there's nothing quite like holding your own new book in your hands!


From what I've heard it seems like you found some nifty ways to push the Gumshoe system in new directions
Given the opportunity to write a game, I selfishly wrote one that matched how I love my fantasy games to feel. I'm particularly chuffed that we were able to give characters tools to manipulate the politics around them. I wanted something that would capture the feel of Discworld's Ankh-Morpork politics (groups within the city straining against one another as characters use this to their advantage). and it's a fun addition to GUMSHOE.

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