My latest game is FINALLY out, and I'm so stupidly pleased


Golden Procrastinator
Are there any plans to allow people to buy the PDF without the hardcopy? Living in London, I don't have space for hardcopy RPGs anymore, much as I wish I did, so I buy PDF (and similar) exclusively. It seems like this is currently hardcopy only (with free PDF for buying that), is that right?
With Pelgrane there is always a period of some months in which PDFs aren't sold separately, but at some point they do became available. I assume the same will happen with SotS.

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Picked this up at Gen Con! The book is beautiful ( and large). As someone who eagerly read Story Hours all those years ago I was eager to get my hands on this!

And I was able to be play this with Kevin as GM. Amazing Experience. Loved it!

Looking forward to running this for some friends. Soon.

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