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WOIN My Miscellaneous Homebrew Work (now with TMNT)



And the Skateboarder career I threw together for Michelangelo:

Skateboarder [1d6 years]
: AGI 4+
Skill choices: reactions, perception, skating, concentration, [physical]

Grabbing Air. With at least a 10' start, you can use your skateboard to jump up to 30' up or across.

Speed Dodge. While on your skateboard, you gain +4 to both MELEE and RANGED DEFENSE.

Superb Stability. Skateboarding has granted you exceptional balance. Any attempts to unbalance, knockdown, or trip you take a -2d6 penalty.

Tic-Tac. Using small kickturns back and forth to gain momentum, you move up to you SPEED in a straight line and then make a melee attack at the end. You must move at least 10' but you gain +1d6 damage to your attack.