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Many people here have some pretty snazzy Zeitgeist campaign posts detailing what's happened in their game. I'd love to do the same, but I'm already mid-way through the campaign, and my own attempt at running has had it's fair share of hiccups. It started nearly 4 or 5 years ago, and had a 2 year hiatus; it has had a total of twelve (yes! Twelve!) PCs, who have played 10 characters. Some people moved, some people dropped out, some people came in and took over other characters - and then dropped out. It's been a wild ride, but finally a 'core' and solid group has been collectively chugging away at it, and I'd love to introduce my party to you guys:

The newest member, Tyrus Finn - Human Spirit Medium/Urban Empath Barbarian.

Tyrus Finn grew up in the Nettles; of poor birth, and in the poorest part of Flint, Tyrus was fairly unassuming. A typical 'everyday guy' living in poor conditions, Tyrus sought to try to raise up from his place and joined the local police force. However, he had a problem: Tyrus saw ghosts, and heard ghosts. As it turns out when you live in an area of heavy and violent crimes and are haunted by the dead - especially after a flood of witchoil floods your home district - you turn to other Spirits to cope. Tyrus quickly became an alcoholic (Yes; Raging Alcoholic, that really needs to be a barbarian subclass.) The city was on high-alert as peace talks between Risur and Danor were about to begin; terrorist bombings had shaken the public confidence, and a massive taskforce had been assembled to hunt down the city's crime lord, Lorcan Kell. One fateful night, Tyrus received an APB - Lorcan kell had been spotted in Parity Lake. His unit was amongst the others to respond, along side Battalion soldier Glenda (NPC with no last name) and RHC Constable Krzhizanovsky "Dima" Dimanovorkovich. Kell had set an ambush: Dima was taken; Glenda's head had been cleaved in two, a grenade blew a chunk of the bridge out causing Tyrus and his unit to fall into the canal.

Waking hours later, Tyrus and his unit rushed to the warehouse Kell had fled to. Kell was handcuffed, all signs seemed to indicate he'd been executed at point blank range. The warehouse was quickly under attack by Obscurati agents seeking to claim Kell's body. When the RHC got wind of this, the RHC agents returned to the warehouse just in time to save Tyrus' life. The RHC agents needed help in these depserate times - they were nearly on 48 hours with no sleep, and now Roland Stanfield had been abducted. Tyrus was promoted to RHC agent that night.

Tyrus often feels in over his head, his world greatly expanded in one night. The stress caused him to drink for a while, now fully an addiction - which, he would eventually overcome during a long trip to a frost giant city in northern Drakr. By now (the player says his naming choice was not important) Tyrus has learned of his bloodline: descendant or King Lorcan Finn. Lorcan Finn, at the end of his reign having defeated the Red Contessa, retired to Flint amongst the people he had saved, renounced his wealth and riches. Tyrus inherited his love for the people and the city. In Knuptaara, Tryus' power was fully shown when the frost-giant Lich was looking for freedom in exchange for the information the party sought. Tyrus wouldn't bargain - channeling his powers, the Spirit Medium dominated the Lich and forced it to give up the information with no hope of release.

Jack Benchel - Human Gun Wizard/ Technologist/Arcanoscientist.

Originally from Slate RHC, Jack Benchel was transferred to Flint due to his knack for technology, which is far more prominent in Flint. Jack is quite under spoken, preffering his gadgets and tinkering to social interaction. He is often the most underestimated, but essential. Jack joined the adventure in adventure 2. After falling into a trap by Lorcan Kell and heavily taunted, Jack developed quite a vendetta against Kell. When Obscurati agents - including Cillian Creed - assaulted the RHC Headquaters in adventure 3, it was Jack who made hilarious work of them with a single fireball causing a chain reaction of explosions. Jack also learned the language of the ancients and allowed Xambria into his mind. He's been a bit off since then, though certainly effective. He developed an arcane matrix for the technology fair which could enhance spells, which got the recognition of prominent technologist Benedict Pemberton. When tasked with aiding the reconstruction of Alexander Grappa's golem, he looked to Pemberton for aid. Pemberton installed a scrying crystal, and got quite a bit of spying done because of that.

Jack and RHC agent Serena had a thing; they often worked on small projects together. However, Jack "broke" on the night of Lorcan Kell's demise. A box had arrived at RHC headqauters - Delt and the Captain Aesirian deemed in not wise to share the contents of the box: Serena's head, courtesy the Duke of Slaughter. After apprehending the crime lord, even handcuffed, Kell boasted of his kills and it was revealed to Jack in that moment of Serena's fate. Jack put a bullet in his head.

It's been a bit downhill for Jack. Pemberton's reveal in Ber - a special thanks to Jack with the scrying crystal, and him now possessing the Godmind Orb has the other agents questioning Jack. However, his mastery over technology has grown, as he has built Xambria 3 different arcanoscientific constructs to function as her own body and aid her vendetta against the Ob.

Other noteworthy moments include him one-shotting the insane godhand, Gene, building a mechanical arm for a PC who has dropped out, and eating dirt because he's insane.

Ferrin Valanaar
- Eladrin Gunslinger.

Originally played by a different player, Ferrin dropped out of the campaign in the middle of adventure 2, and was picked up by a new player in adventure 4.

Ferrin is an Eladrin. And, unfortunately for him, he is an Eladrin. He grew up in a world where his people were defeated. He hated the clergy. He hated just about anyone and everything. One of the many sons of Athrylla Valanaar, he had ideological differences with his mother and fled Sentosa with Githany (Eladrin female PC who dropped out twice). Seeking to separate himself from the customs of his people, Ferrin adopted the gun. He crafted two revolvers which he named Abide and Endure but it was more out of irony than custom. In adventure one, Ferrin had no qualms putting a bullet in the head of Ethelyns assistant. Truthfully, he seldom has qualms about putting a bullet into anyone. When Arsebay Varal held Ethelyn Hostage, Ferrin didn't hesitate to put a bullet in him, forever cementing Ferrin as a terror.

His excessively violent nature got him removed from the RHC and sent on ... other business in Drakr and Danor. He worked directly under Lauren Cyneburg in covert assassinations; eventually found himself working beside Kaja Stewart in similar situations. Eventually, Ferrin was sent to assassinate Risuri traitor Cardiffe Hengehill. It was on this mission that Ferrin saw his old RHC aquaintences also under cover. Ferrin succeeded his mission - drawing a Lich from a Deck of Illusions in Drakr tends to cause quite a commotion which gave Ferrin ample opportunity to get a clean kill.

After delivering, via sending, that his mission was complete he was instructed to aid the RHC agents mission. The captain of the team he was going back to was Aesirian of the Clergy, which instantly put Ferrin at some ideological differences. Those differences were quick to be difused when he watched Aesirian break down in the Vault of Heresies at the imprisonment of an angel. Ferrin put his trust in Aesirian, and the two became exceptionally close, relying on each other. Where Aesirian couldn't talk, Ferrin would shoot. However, even this strong bond didn't give Ferrin any hope. The Obscurati were bastards, yes, and that was plenty justification to shoot. Yes, he wanted to stop them for the greater good, to keep people from experiencing what his people had experienced; but, his finger was always close to the trigger.

In Drakr, Aesirian left the party to engage in some personal matters back in Crysillir. The timing couldn't have been worse; they were about to take on the Steelshaper. The obscurati golems were making things very difficult for Ferrin - they weren't nice fleshy targets that a bullet would tear through. When the Steelshaper surged and levitated a tons of train carts, Jack Benchel was just as panicked, and after a brilliant move by Zale Zanders (dropped player) Jack delivered the knockout blow to the Steelshaper. A train car fell on Ferrin. He didn't survive.

With no hope, the now-dead Ferrin had no reason to hang around. He would not let himself be reached by Tyrus. His body was intact, barely. But Ferrin was on his way to Nem, and beyond.

He doesn't remember the details, but in the afterlife, Ferrin found himself on an island with a lighthouse, talking to a man named William who lead him to the grave of Srassama. There, Ferrin found hope. He deeply felt that this wasn't the end - that Srassama could return. A door opened behind him, and Aesirian beckoned him to return; Ferrin did as Aesirian cast Raise Dead.

Hope has changed Ferrin. He's returned to Elfaivar, still disagreeing with his people, still angry with the Clergy. But, he feels a deep connection to Kasavarina - whom he saved from "The fat bitch" from adventure 4 (I did the Isobel is Kasavarina thing, as suggested on this forum), and is willing to put up with his mother, Athrylla, to aid Kasavarina to stop the Obscurati. Put in charge of their mission to Elfaivar, Ferrin chose to ally with the Clergy of Vigil Longis over the Children of Hewenhemirau. Now that the lost arc of Reida has been found, Ferrin is in for world-shattering heartbreak.

Levon O'hare- Human Fighter/Yerasol Veteran/Monument of War.

Levon was introduced to the game in Adventure 3.

Levon is the epitome of duty, honor and loyalty. He is the Captain America of Risur. He fought in the last war, and continued his service afterward by joining the RHC in Flint. His loyalty earned him much praise from Cheif Inspector Nigel-Price Hill, who brought him on as a member of Internal Affairs, tasked with investigating the Flint Constabulary. Levon certainly was not prepared for what he walked into - "flying things" assaulting the city, a trek into the high bayou, an encounter with the Voice of Rot. Through it all, however, Levon remained loyal to the core. And when it came time for the audit... Levon's loyalty was proven, much to the disdain of Aesirian,who saw it almost as a betrayal at first. This strained their trust going forward, however, it was short lived. Levon was following orders, after all. As it was, the party - in spite of everything - had behaved above reproach, according to Levon. They had behaved with honor befitting of their office. Levon is one of the most respected members in the Constabulary. When Jack put a bullet to Kell's head, Levon had no qualms putting the blatant act in his report.

Levon, unlike his companion Tyrus, abstains from alcohol entirely. The horrors of war are always in his mind, he uses them to remind him of what's at stake; that he must always be at his peak, always be ready, always be prepared because you don't know when you'll find yourself in the middle of enemy artillery.

Levon earned the name 'Cleavon' for his ability to cut through people with his greatsword when the time calls for it. Often lacking tact, Levon prefers simple answers and following orders, but with the stakes becoming more clear Levon has begun to grow far more nuanced. After Aesiriant went AWOL, Levon was promoted to Captain. His first assignment as Captain? Infiltrate the Obscurati Convocation, of course. In the head of Xavier, Levon shined - using humor to conceal instructions to the rest of the party. He would pass out notes to the party members and NPC which just had jokes written on them. Only a couple to the party had actual instructions.

Levon was quite nervous in his first leadership role, but overall it was a success.

Levon's future shows a lot of promise.
During the Gidim's assault on the RHC, Levon failed a madness save. In the basement of the constabulary, Levon looked up as things were fading in and out, and roleplayed his madness, "I want to fly up through the floor." Tensions were high and the other players laughed at him and shook their head. When I said that he began raising off the floor and flew up through the ceiling the table lost it and we still joke about Levon "Jesusing through the floor."

Aesirian - Aasimar Oracle/Paladin/Eschatologist/Logos.

Aesirian is what happens when a player is highly involved and gives me a lot to work with as a DM. Aesirian also has quite the unique picks for things, which almost makes him seem like the "main" character. He is the only original Player/Combination from when I first began running the game.

A note, here, is that Aesirian picked the Aasimar race before I knew a lot about the world. I think the earlier drafts of Zeitgeist had Deva as Aasimar, then switched the Aasimar out. I didn't.

Aesirian grew up in an orphanage in Alais Primos, never knowing who his parents were. He had a mentor by the name of Tomas Masaryk, who passed when he Aesirian was in his 20's (Aesirian is 76 years old in the campaign). Tomas schooled Aesirian on many things, and encouraged him to venture out of Crysillir; despite being blind since birth, Aesirian made his way to Drakr where he studied a lot of philosophy, and to Flint to spread the faith of the Clergy. Aesirian had a strong connection to the divine, which often put him at odds with those who had been officially ordained. Aesirian joined the constabulary with the hope to simply make a difference; his way with words and preternatural insights were highly valuable in many investigations.

Aesirian adopted the Heid Eschatol philosophy while holding faith in the Clergy.

Without Aesirian, the investigation into the Obscurati would never had made it this far, as he has served as the party's 'face' and diffused many violent situations with words. He was promoted to Captain. He had met the love of his life, Glenda, a soldier in the Batallion. For the most part, Aesirian had always been right, and on the right path. Things were looking good for Aesirian, until ...

The vault of Heresies.

The first chamber changed Aesirian's life. He'd heard of the angel Linia, who history said was assassinated by the Eladrin, which finally sent the Clergy to war with Elfaivar. When the angel was prominently displayed in the vault, he was shaken, wondering what this angel had done; surely she had aided the demonocracy long ago he reckoned. Until he cast Blood Biography and he learned who the angel was; there in the vault he stood before one of histories biggest lies. When he told Ferrin he was furious, and Aesirian's faith in the Clergy was forever shaken.

Aesirian kept his heritage as an Aasimar under wraps, never letting his true nature be revealed, even to the rest of the constables. His facade was ripped away when he stood before Ashima-Shimtu, who knew exactly what he was; who he was. The Lady of the Forked Tongue offered him a boon should he drink from the well under her. He was hesitant, but now with an arch-demon in the same prison as an angel, Aesirian drank and the curse of his blindness was removed. "Now the Aasimar sees clearly the deception of the vile Clergy" she had said.

Coming off that revelation, the events of adventure 5 were stressful for Aesirian, especially since it started off with the radical Eschatologists blowing things up. While Aesirian never held such radical views, he did look to Heid Eschatol for guidance after his revelation in the vault. But, now that too was tainted. And when the manhunt for Kell was underway, Glenda was butchered by Lorcan Kell.

Aesirian was on the verge of breaking. As they went into the bleak gate, however, Aesirian found small comfort: the spirit of Tomas. Tomas said it had taken him a while, but he knew he'd find him again, and would continue to guide him - Tomas had been a big part of Aesirian's preternatural knowledge, it turns out.

By the time of adventure 6, Aesirian was becoming darker, more strained and stretched but had also become a Logos after finding a book by a certain dwarven philosopher, which was based on the writings of William Miller. This is when they first really chatted with Nicodemus, as Shordy (dropped player) had managed to snag Lya Jierre's needlewire. Nicodemus' arguments were strong, but they managed to get under Aesirian's skin. Their talk, however, scared Aesirian who pieced a lot together. As I said, Aesirian was very often right. He realized Nicodemus was, somehow, William Miller; and the writings in the book he found were heavily based on Miller and were the source of the Logos powers; therefore, Nicodemus must also be a logos, or the logos.

Even so, Aesirian had hoped to reason with Lya Jierre, but his inherent distrust of Tieflings was proven right once more when she tried to kill the constables in the volcano lair. It was Aesirian's use of the Command spell which caused Terakalir to fly into melee range of the party, which turned to a fatal move for the young red dragon.

In adventure 7, now worn and weary from ambush after ambush from the Ob, Aesirian was far more tense, growing short with the other constables. When Stanfield mentioned problems with the Cauldren Hill facility in the bleak gate, Aesirian made it a priority to address. Ever since adventure two, Cauldron Hill was a concern to him - in a way, it scared him. Their trek into the bleak gate brought with them many spirits, wisps and ghosts and long-dead hags and old magic. At one point they were trapped in illusions preying off their deepest insecurities, fears, and memories of their past, somehow twisted and perverted. Glenda was there - she blamed him for failing.

Linia was there. She called him "son." Aesirian didn't believe it, but it shook him to the core.

And, one night Nicodemus came in the form of a service staff while they were on the Avery Coast railway. Aesirian was on the verge of falling entirely and losing himself; had Nicodemus not shown up he very well would have. Their debate strengthed Aesirian's resolve, who eventually challenged Nicodemus to turn himself in. Nicodemus laughed, and replied: "Only if you do the same."

Aesirian had done no crimes, but Nicodemus - thanks to the Humble Hook - knew quite a bit about Aesirian, and that one of the reasons he kept his identity as an Aasimar hidden was because he didn't know how The Clergy would respond. That night, Aesirian went AWOL. He wrote letters to his comrades and friends, and left in the night to Crysillir, to meet Nicodemus before the Heirarchs.

With so many high ranking members of Clergy in the Obscurati, Nicodemus would be completely safe, and put on enough of a show to have a quick leave. Ken Don, Ottavia Sacradote, Vitus Sigismund, The Prime Cardinal and Vice Cardinal were all in attendance, among a few inquisitors and a Vessel. Nicodemus was sentanced to annihilation: a ritual pulled from the Grand Librarium which would destroy a soul. With Ken Don in charge, of the ritual, Nicodemus was in no real danger; one more body destroyed.

Aesirian had prepared for this. In front of the heirarchs, he was ready to call out the treason of the Clergy - to call out their iniquity for locking Linia up. Aesirian had prepared by casting Legend Lore, and learned more about the imprisoned angel, and of Triegenes; most notably, that Triegenes was good, and the Clergy had strayed from that goodness. Aesirian fully expected to die, to be executed, but he was ready to bring as much wrath as he possibly could and to purge the clergy.

When his inquisition came, the Prime Cardinal started off, "My child, you've finally come home; I have waited so long for this moment after you were stolen from me, but I always knew you'd return home to your father."
"What?" Was the only words the player could say.

Aesirians fury was immediately supplanted, his indictments against the clergy placed on the backburner as he processed it: The Prime Cardinal, who through faith and power had lived well over a hundred, had raped Linia and he was their offspring: the only Aasimar in the world, the beginning of a new Divine Dynasty within the Clergy. When Aesirian refused - he called the Prime Cardinal out, The Prime Cardinal ordered judgement on the kidnapper: Tomas was summoned into the Vessel and became victim of the annihilation ritual. At this point, using some comical Logos shenanigans involving a trap door and a spike pit and his spectral wings, Aesirian was able to make an escape while causing the Prime Cardinal to fall to his death (Or so Aesirian thinks).

Aesirian returned to Drakr to meet up with the constables, only to discover Ferrin had been killed by the Steelshaper. Aesirian was able to bring him back, and it was his friend's need of him that made him stay - he is now driven by fury, taking on paladin class levels - and is driven to free his imprisoned mother. In Knuptaara, Aesirian showed little mercy and with a combination divine smiting and booming blade brought an avalanche down onto the city of frost giants.

During the convocation, he and Nicodemus had a rather pleasant talk resulting in Aesirian now being the owner of the Humble Hook.

My party has now retrieved the Lost Arc of Reida. And the getting is about to be good!

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I also started almost 5 years ago, had 1.5 years hiatus and we're in the middle of adventure 8. You're kinda inspiring me to finally start my own regular journal!

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