ZEITGEIST Cultsbane's bizarre D&D adventure: Zeitgeist - 5Eish


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 3 hours, 4 mins, and 31 seconds

Two doors are now open, one in the south and one at the North platform

Freya says we'll go north. Isabelle does eneni meeny miny moe, Anael flips a coin. All say north

The room has a large stone map, a brass thing above, a weird contraption like a tripod. Anael makes history check. Nat 1. She can't tell what anything is as she 's overwhelmed by a sense that she needs to break it now, as Anael hears the voice of rot whispering to her that The map on the floor is wrong and Anael begins tipping over the brass tripod

Moments later the professor chimes in on that, "oh what are you doing don't damage a precious artifact. Huh surprise to see one of them still in piece.

Kelik asks what it is

This is what the continent looked eons ago during the time of the ancients And she deduces that The next ziggeraut is to appear at Crisillyir

Kelik after Scouting out again. Gets 30 with stealth bonuses. He see a red carpet saying you're invited. As well as a secret door. Bodies everywhere

Anael reveals her vision about seeing the artifact and the orcs. That she now knows ancient

Ziggurat have to do with elemental planes. This ziggurat is connected to the plane of space. Which is why we lose track of distance

Kelik will scout ahead for traps. Inside is an area is a golden plate of minotaurs and orcs fighting over the Stars

Freya history roll is 23. Nothing is of her expertise. She does noticed something isn't right about these snake statues though

Hops is wondering if it looks like the end of the world, eschatology, and it seems that it is. Hops wants to touch the plate.
They lift the plate and it falls. They stare in the hole and they see nothing by the abyss. A black empty void

Kelik and Freya hear a faint trickle sound. From a crack in the ceiling a dark fluid is coming down. It's spreading across the room

Corpses on ground start to wake up. 5 of them. They put the plate back and nothing stops

The black liquid begins burn us all. The professor suggests leaving

Hops looks at the snake statues. He touches them and with a religion check of 19. Suddenly sees a vision of glowing circles and a exploding skull

Anael goes to smash it and something wakes up. Hops cracks open the skull with another blow

Those in the hallway see the cracks seal back up and bodies fall to floor. The liquid remains

A voice to Anael says climb. Anael shouts we need to go up

We see a massive hundreds of feet giant snake with a human like skull with rotten undead covering all over it. Out comes another word saying climb. More of the floor starts climbing

Hops calls out what do you want? The voice calls out to a task. The voice is female, which we recognize as the evil portion of the fallen Goddess Malenia. Hops is super excited saying they're back

The snake's eyes glow. Isabelle seems to be almost deliberately targeted. She stops in her tracks. She can't feel her feet anymore. Turning her slowly into stone

At the top are dead bodies of the swamp. All saying find the intruder and make it rot. The bodies fall limp again. All the dead are Tiefling

We all gain knowledge of the planar energy of apet. Anael prayers to Malenia. Who does not answer her call, but the voice of rot begins to laugh

The ziggurat goes up and down. Isabelle can walk again

Xandria doesn't want to enter back

Investigation check by Anael and Kelik. Notice cult worship and we Follow a trail. Find a train car. Look through the train car we spot signs of energy all throughout the train car

But it's empty of any cargo

Someone sees us and tells us they dropped the shipment. Hops asked for the records and they cooperate

Anael checks the symbols referencing to Referencing some sort of power who overcame these ancients

Kelik is like we need more information just get a proper report to Delft before we rest at a hotel for the night

The professor can deliver a report and we go do more investigating

Go back to the ziggurat. See if amulet, or sword will do anything

Freya reads the amulet, has elements on it, has another writing of the tentacles techniques. Whoever made this is the most academic person Freya seen by the description

Bodies start waking up staring with lifeless eyes. Asking if we found the intruders and why we returned. We just straight leave

We get back on train. Tipping the train conductor for a better room.

The professor is writing pages upon pages of notes. I's midnight again in Flint when we arrive.

Someone's waiting for us. Leader of investigation Margaret, she waves, smiles and turn around. Looks like Someone was expecting our arrival

Anael and the professor Xambria checks a warehouse where students are doing work so she can make translations. Police officers are all around it, bodies getting dragged out. One face was completely torn off. Professor breaks down and heads home. Is the benefactor Caius dead?

Apet energy is all over and bleak gate energy all on the ground.

His brain was stolen. The staff is there. Lots of other items remains so this was a calculated professional assassination

Anael sees if can follow the footsteps of the bleak gate. Which leads back to Caldron Hill and that shadow man saying for her to leave.

Anael sees a lady staring up at her, who says I hope you had a nice journey, I hope to see your friends in my office tomorrow

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Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 2 hours, 56 mins, 07 seconds (a bit of a shorter session)

We're heading in for questioning. Kelik is now aware that the old king is the one who established a new Risur order by crushing the fey titans, even the voice of rot and Ash wolf was nothing compared to him

The benefactor Caius is confirmed killed, his face ripped off, like all the Tiefling bodies in the void

We have all the known ancients artifacts (with our powers combined!)

Anael still wants to go up Caldron as she informs us about what she discovered about the warehouse and that she found two trails leading from the warehouse. One trail had bleak gate energy that went to Caldron hill, the other had apet energy

However it's Time for our interview and interrogation with Lady Songbird, she sees us and tells Kelik to come in as Tabaxi form. So to not create mistrust

Asking why we went to Caldron hill. Anael admits that she found something sus and acted on her own

The place you were at before Caldron hill being the warehouse you burnt down? Anael explains herself

Lady Songbird replies with "I would love to throw you into prison for insubordination, but we're very limited on staff. Besides The people have noticed the party is near all these incidents so really RHC is protecting you from them"

Now for the performance review let's start listing your failures - such as blowing up Coaltongue, starting revolution, creating division and distrust among people, fraternizing with anarchist

Kelik interrupts her saying "are you going to fire us?"

She then starts listing accomplishments such as protection of the weapons convention and arresting the mayor, but even finds way to insult us about the mayor as it was unconfirmed if he was guilty or not

We start countering with the good things we actually done like capture Axis islands, capture Ber's famed arsonists, stopping wand smuggling, & finding the king's sister. You might not like us but we get results, sometimes bad and sometimes good but we get results

"And now for the next thing is the reacquisition of items. You can report them first as to avoid smuggling to criminals that you know well" - Lady Songbird

Kelik puts forward his carbine, and is told that he may keep them. Anael admits to having the staff to prevent it from going to bad hands

Lady songbirds say the proper procedure is to register every item you find. You can keep it for this investigation, it might serve useful

My final assessment is that many of you double allegiance. Especially Kelik, Anael, and Hops

Kelik "it's no secret my husband works for Ber and I'm from Ber"

Anael "I have no allegiance unless I'm paid and Risur pays the best"

Hops "you know my travels and tales"

Both Freya and Isabelle aren't asked this question (interesting)

"You have been getting results, but you create chaos, look I'll give you another chance to get results without causing incidents and I'll make the report passable. Speaking of, we got an issue today and if you wish you have permission to go up to Caldron hill today. Also if I catch any of you doing any improper dealing with the underworld be it mafia, anarchist, or others we will be tried and executed for treason. We can not have any corruption here"

"Maybe you're not acting out of anti Risur malice, but you are choosing reckless chaos and because of that you'll still be followed until you're shown to be better RHC officers"

Kelik asks for a short leash, one that allow us the latitude in an emergency making some unsavory decisions needing approval with bureaucrats.

Songbirds says just report to the people following you and if we fail this we will not get paid and if we show corruption we get executed

Lady Songbird says a lot of group are following us. Apparently some visited our houses, like a certain shadow man, the one from Caldron Hill but that we don't have the manpower and priority to arrest him

Kelik asks what is your top priority?

Our top priority is that the Mayor Reed case isn't over yet, we got our better teams investigating that. But I'll ask what is your priority?

We say Everything is connected so it should be equal - Kelik

So you're saying you should investigate that murder and make your way up Caldron hill trip today? - Lady Songbird

She mentions other priorities like the dockers under Rock Rackus who actually used to work for the benefactor who was murdered today, but is also rapping about starting revolution and calling himself a college dropout

(We all start making Kanye reference)

We leave. Kelik says I apologize but I hate authority. Hops apologies for meeting Gale and The anarchist so much

Freya is just like "isn't bureaucracy fun"

Hops asks our RHC followers if fey pepper is legal or not. The officer Sarah starts smoking saying it's officially illegal but we don't really enforce it unless we want to

Kelik warns Sebastian (his husband) that shadow man been going to our houses and it isn't safe here

At the docks a big crowd is centered around a man on a soap box crying for better pay and revolution, with another man hyping them up by saying the government hates them and they need a hero. The hero is Rock Rackus, the one who went through the 17 seas, and went to the moon to get gold and has cuckold every king in the world. The true hero is Rock Rackus, as he throws gold into the crowd.

Someone throws a flaming bottle of liquor and parts of the docks and alleyways begin to burn. But no one cares

Rock Rackus calls out Anael for causing a Ruckus. We ask to talk to him alone. He says we all share information publicly around here.

We mention his old employer Caius has died.

He starts listing things they did for gim. Including stealing a golden plate in Crisillyir and that his was really real. So real he got 2 million gold for him. Now I'm spreading the wealth around, as he throws more gold

Freya grabs some of the gold "I'm a college student I need to pay rent"

Anael is invited to a rap battle. Hops offers Rock Rackus fey pepper. Rock Rackus says he can't smoke fey pepper or it'll impact his teleportation going once to the moon because of it

Ever been up to Cauldron hill? - Kelik

Sorry sorry people I got something to do gotta take care of number uno so stay back. He begins heading to Cauldron Hill, rapping the entire way there

Hops asks if he ever ran into any ash wolf creatures at his ziggurat

Yeah the ash wolf wasn't a big fan of my rapping and I said well don't have such big ears. You need to leave he said to me and I did

Hops "I know our next fey titan to deal with"

At the mid point of the hill the Shadow man makes his appearance and hands Rock Rackas a map. Which is a star map, Freya notices it and recognizes the star that is labeled and she knows it's a blue star, reflects light from an endless ocean and it's part of her phd

Hops buys the map for Freya so she can continue reading it more

Shadow man starts walking away. We're like we should follow him

Kelik and Rock Rackus rush up the hill. Rock treating it like a race celebrating when winning through teleporting lol (showing he can do it And isn't always just lying)

Shadow man is like why do you decide to follow me continuously despite all these warnings? His shadow mask drops off revealing his regular face of his old butler form Cillian Creed, saying I hope you enjoy that map

Cillian specifically warns Anael to never visit the bleak gate again or he will kill her this time. I didn't kill you because of a policy of not killing law enforcement if we can avoid it

Kelik asks why he was outside my house. Cillian says gotta keep y'all protected

We ask why he killed Caius If he's supposedly protecting us. Cillian reveals it isn't him, but it'll be so funny when he find out. He disappears melting into a tree's shadow

We feel a giant planar energy come from the top of the hill. As a light engulfs Rock Rackus and he disappears. We know it's him using teleport

Hops goes "chicken naughty word" and we're like guess we're going to see the Cauldron at the top

Wisdom saves. Freya gets a natural 1, Freya looks into the sky, a small red curtain appears, out comes the face of Mayor Reed, very red eyed and aged. Staring at Freya, he says "so you have sent me to my grave, I will send you to yours, to hell and to the end of time. Freya eyes begin bleeding, Freya takes 18 psychic damage as she begins trying to remove her eyes. Fire shooting off her eyes in a frenzy flamed

Freya gets another natural 1. Freya just suddenly collapses, her eyes lifeless. She feels her soul being detached from her body. Her soul floating off in the sky. Hops uses the eschatology feature to revive her but Freya hears in her unconscious state Mayor Reed say

"You will soon see a new world, in our image, where nothing confines us. A new world is coming and I want you to be our first witnesses. This will be delicious"

Freya again blacks out this time very unconscious, getting dragged down the hill

Hops is like yeah we should head back down the hill. Anael and Kelik are very curious to go up the hill. Wisdom save number 3. They all pass

Roll number 4, 5, 6, - 6 Kelik and Anael start getting bad visions. Both taking 25 psychic damage. Kelik stops entirely in his tracks. Having second thoughts?

They all keep heading up the hill And actually managed to make it without any other issue.

Cauldron leaking witch oil. Hops uses identity, seeing it dated back to the time of the witches. That the Caldron itself isn't magic but inside it is every trace of magic you can imagine. This could've been used for experiments. Arcane check of 18, getting a wift of the same magic of the same old magic the skyseers use

Another arcane check, Hops learns the contents and how to make them which is that one person takes damage and other doesn't. It tells you a ritual written on a scroll of human flesh, made by the blood of a sacrificed pregnant mother, the gap of dismemberment corpse. This is how to make this. He us horrified because the skyseers used it on us. Bound of force faith used by the ancient witches to become nearly unkillable in battle until the old king killed them as well

Hops says let's jump off the edge using feather fall. Everyone wisdom saves, hops gets 8, taking twenty psychic damage. Hops is just barren white as a sheep, silent, staring off into space realizing what the skyseer

Freya wakes back up, hearing an RHC agent Sarah asking her questions, says that she saw Mayor Reed and not much else. Freya gives the full details to the party, which Kelik is very disturbed by this

We follow the Apet energy to a weird room at The benefactor's place and locked chest. Kelik pulls out a crowbar, Freya adjusts it to be more fragile and he smashed it open

A giant gust of fire comes out, Kelik gets a 21 sex rolling out of the way, taking only 6 fire damage. He sees inside papers inside that get burned up, as the fire begins spreading around the area

Kelik tries to put it out but isn't able to. Anael notices on the wall a giant gold coin plate in ancient. Anael reads it "seal of the plane of fire" lol

We steal it lol. We find out on the back a bit of information about a group called the Obscurati. We go off and find professor Xambria about this group, but she doesn't know much only that they launched another expedition to the ziggurat with the ash wolf

We tell her we ended up accidentally setting her journals on fire and everything she ever researched is gone. She just collapses on the ground sobbing, saying I'm glad the star chart got stolen it's the most important thing, But I'll never get it back. Everything was pointless

Freya reveals The star chart to her, Xambria is beyond relieved, And the two of them start studying it together before concluding that they must go to the ziggurat with this new found information

DM says we're going to have fun next week, wants us all here, called this is when naughty word gets real section of the module

(We're also apparently skipping over a naval section entirely in module 3 and possibly the Voice of Rot find The intruder quest. Which basically means we're cutting down the module by a few weeks)

And yes I already got module four for the DM, so get hyped for that. Baccano intensified


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: roughly 3 hours

We need a voyage to another island ziggurat and we let Stover know of the update. Kelik offers to take him to his favourite restaurant in town in exchange for getting authorization to leave on investigation early

The chief inspector Margaret Thatcher is there behind us "trying to bribe your boss" and Kelik explains the situation. Next to Margaret is Lady Songbird and she start belittling us for again setting the warehouse on fire, that we're going to be out in administrative leave without pay

Are we going to be put on administrative leave!? We explain everything, but we have to make wisdom saves as the office shakes and the area becomes translucent. It happens again multiple times. All of our minds are getting strained to the point of exhaustion, Freya gets a mind scar and suddenly makes the profound realization that the entire RHC headquarters is made out of dark chocolate. Her favourite!

Freya begins eating at the mahogany table, panicking as she thinks everything is turning into dark chocolate.

Anael grabs the staff and stables her own mind. From the hallway she can see several medium sized crab creatures with a garden of eyes crawling from the walls and she can hear screaming.

Hops manages to focus his mind. The shimmering starts fading. What he sees is an RHC member with his head bashed in and the brain missing as the crab is devouring it

Kelik knocks Freya who is screaming at him "chocolate kitty" but she rolls a natural 1. In her mind she must let everyone know of the chocolate crab gods coming and runs down the hallway seeing more dead RHC members with missing brains.

Only Anael can see these shimmering crabs eating away at the RHC members. Every pincer has a garden of eyes. Hops finally sees one and it instantly explodes

We continue following Margaret Thatcher down the hallway. Kelik rolls for wisdom to see what Hops attacks with his spear, but can't see anything. Kelik goes to grab Freya and gets her back into senses, her teeth are messed up from trying to eat tables and her tongue full of splinters

Isabelle sees the crabs crawling upon the ground. Another one hops onto the head of an RHC member, Isabelle reacts by chopping it in half with her Scimitar. She uses the momentum to slice through another one effortlessly

Hops starts seeing giant mosquitoes with elephant trunks. He also sees professor Xambria chanting something, Lady Margaret Thatcher asks what is she doing? Hops notices that Xambria is a bit odd, having a third eye and each one looks like an alien. A voice screams out "remember our deal, remember Obsecurti our deal"

Xambria is like "hand me what I want, or I burn the entire place to the ground" hops goes to grapple her, he thinks he did, but she disappears to his right as though through a different plane. Her coin on her neck glowing

Anael arrives seconds later. Strength check to grab her. Xambria however gets a natural 20 and gets out of the way. Kelik stabs into her third eye, who screams as the gold in her eyes disappears, and she drops her map. She removes her sleeve to reveal three eyes on her shoulders looking every direction and says she's fighting it

Kelik locks the door as we attempt to restrain her. At this point a giant worm comes pouring out from Xambria s head with the plane of apet mark on its. Freya uses a pulse wave on it, it disappears into the floor taking 25 damage, and it tries going from the floor to attack her. She dodges out of its bite, but its tail swings around and grabs her into the air

Isabelle swings at the tail and hits it, but it's still holding onto Freya. Freya tries wiggling out through the tentacles but isn't able to break out.

Hops is now questioning Xambria with the Obsecurti and Lady Margaret Thatcher wants us to leave after she mentions them.

Meanwhile back at the hallway. Kelik shoots at the worm with his special carbine, doing 27 damage, it screams and drops Freya. Freya uses mirror image and three more clones of her appears Naruto style

Isabelle casts an ice knife at the giant worm. It misses and it hits the wall. The ice shards go flying hitting the worm and Freya for 3 damage. Isabelle slices into it with her Scimitar of speed as her necrotic spores infect into it, rotting it from the inside, and it falls to the ground dead.

Things are starting to return to normal, but what's that? We get the Smell of burnt engine grease and see our dear friend the shadow man Mr. Creed laughing hysterically

We cut back to Hops. Who is now belittling Margaret for doing deals with extraterrestrial beings. Xambria whispers in Margaret's ear, Hops hears "the Obsecurti sends their regards" and her face shifts and begins to absorb Margaret Thatcher. Spitting her out and leaving a small hole in the skull, the possessed Xambria kicks open the wall, saying that's where it is. Behind the wall is one giant golden disc

Kelik is to go check up on Hops as Anael is now facing down the Shadow Man alone in pure badass fashion, who is making fun of her for trusting him that he wasn't involved. That he saved her in the same way a cat saves a lizard to play with it. Saying that the person who killed Benefactor Caius was none other than Professor Xambria . Now come at me, as his hand turns into two giant shadow claw once again

Anael swings two handed with her longsword. Casting divine smite as it burns through him with radiant damage. He screams in pain. He goes to scratch at her twice, but Anael dodges out of both attacks and ignites her cap ablaze as Creed disappears back into the wall

Kelik sees that the door is locked and is unable to break it down. Freya adjusts its density to be lighter, making it easier for the next person to get in. Isabelle turns onto a grizzly bear to smash through it. A giant crack goes down it, it's still standing, but significantly damaged. Another attack and it busts down

The professor's hands turn translucent and the handcuffs fall to the ground as she picks back up the map, putting her finger on the golden seal, and three circles appear in the middle of it. Hops pulls out the ancient sword that he has been holding, swinging at Xambria with it. Landing a 21 to hit. Does 12 slashing damage and a tear appears on her arm, light expanding from it, and burning her.

Xambria says "let me go back home, I've been trapped here for eons in the Ziggurat, and I've just wanted to leave. After I took the brain of Caius, I learned that the Obsecurti is mad that the good lady Margaret Thatcher didn't remove a bunch of pesky investigators"

Why didn't you leave? - Hops

Because I wanted this and he points at the seal.

Anael makes a dex save as a shadow claw comes up from the floor, but fails. Anael takes 24 damage and must make a wisdom save, she saves, but she takes another shadow claw blow doing 9 damage. He is back above ground staring her down

Anael reacts with her sword, using her last second level spell to do 18 radiant damage. She drops to her knees to use her bloodied action, praying to the heavens, and the power of radiant comes through her and she gains a second level spell back. She uses Searing smite at second level and hits the shadow man doing another 16 radiant damage. Flames come from his chest

Turns out the alien told the Obsecurti was about to be betrayed by Margaret Thatcher, get rid of the greatest threat and anyone else

Kelik goes to shoot at the golden seal. It begins to crack and a red light comes pouring out, from behind the light comes this tentacle. Hops casts stone wall to block it up

Shadow man goes to slice at Anael, but Freya silvery Barbs it into a natural 1. You hear the sound of a shotgun blasts and Creed gets shot. Down the hallway is Stover saying let's get him.

Anael must go all in with her hail Mary. She transforms into her true angelic being. Radiating from her body is a radiant energy that does damage to Creed as she swings her longsword down. The shadow disappears and he goes limp falling to the ground dead, decapitated. The rest of his body is significantly messed up, with the stitch of burnt engine grease fumigating the air

Now begins negotiating. Although I have to leave momentarily, the rest of the session has the Alien known Sijhen end its possession of Professor Xambria as well as left back for Gidhim, "til we invade again :)"

Also Sijhen told the party about some fun obscurati things: A target on their backs, a wide conspiracy, and a certain important train ride with some of the leadership

Freya and Isabelle left with the RHC crew to take care of a wounded Margaret Thatcher and Stover Delft, as well as avoid any potential assassinations.

And thus we end the session as the rest of the party is discussing what to do about the Seal of Apet.

We end module 3 and level up to level 6. Apparently we avoided fighting a very powerful encounter thanks to the DM mercy, called "Thing from beyond" and I don't know how we would've done


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
I hope y'all are enjoying reading our adventures and I hope we're being completely unexpected and against any intentions

Some of our DM thoughts

I completely forgot to mention Cillian Creed visiting the ziggurat to retrieve the seal (instead of the other team) Making him the target of the Voice of Rot’s wrath, Ill need to clean up some details next session, but train ride here we go.

Storywise, i wish we couldve had time to do the original buildup to Xambria’s reveal. But looking through it, the only thing it wouldve added, doing the ocean quest, was time and more suspense about Xambria And with the module taking much longer than anticipated in the previous sessions already, I decided it was for the best we just end it here.

I'd want to rerun module 2: Ive written a version thats much more focused, cuts much more fat, no more red herrings cuz those are fun in principle, but not as fun in practice if it consumes too much time

But yea, Module 1 was my favorite, Module 2 would be great if I had cut the fat (i.e. all those sessions just spent investigating leads without much new info)

Module 3 in the middle. Tho the way we did Module 3 is SO different from how its written. Cuz y'all just kept investigating stuff that's, like, not in module 3 lol

The warehouse, Cauldron hill, etc. Didnt bother completing the Kaja Stewart timeline after y'all refused to engage her

Took forever for me to direct y'all to Caius Bergeron, so much time that Cillian Creed became a bigger looming threat than anyone else. Hence why i decided to put him in the finale, despite the fact he's supposed to have died in Module 2

That said, the encounter with Willem Dafoe, while 100% improvised and made up on the spot, was definitely my favorite part of Module 3. I skipped the original encounter with him in Module 2, so when y'all decided to go to the old warehouse for no apparent reason, Im like "sure, lets just put him here"

Anything I'd change about Module 3 as written? A LOT! How the module is written, you're supposed to go to the swamp ziggurat to find out someone's been there already, then find the people who've been there in the ocean ziggurat.

And that reveals Caius Bergeron is doing fishy stuff, before Xambria kills a bunch of people and yeets out via teleportation back to Flint to do some minor terrorism.


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Module three took us 21 hours, 25 minutes, and 56 seconds across 7 campaign episodes (which I think is actually surprisingly way head of schedule for the average I've seen on EN World)


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 2 hours, 58 mins, 14 seconds

We're beginning module 4!

The DM by mistake paid us 2000 GP too little in the last module, so it was nice finding out we had a bit of extra gold to spend on a shopping episode. One day we're going to get a beach episode! (I've been promoting this for literally 3 years of D&D campaigning)

Kelik buys a cape that allows him to cast dimension door and a good luck stone. Isabelle buys slippers of spider climbing, as well she buys a speciality magical wooden shield made specifically for druids (she can become spiderpig or piss on them). Anael gets a dancing sword and a bunch of prayer beads to enhance her paladin abilities

Meanwhile Freya is still saving up for her +3 "gravity magic grimoire" for the low price of 14,000GP (though I've got plans for a shield after multiclassing into fighter, so it'll definitely be a slight delay)

Stover Delft is now the temporary head of the RHC division of Flint after Margaret Thatcher's arrest, and has decided to rehire us all. Stover is very busy, from planning funerals to finding out more about this secret organization Obsecurti but wants a meeting with us soon

Xambria is still very traumatized and tells us everything we need to know. We also discuss returning the golden seal to the ziggurat. Anael is really pushing returning it, Kelik wants to go directly towards going to the other ziggurat, but eventually they settle on going to the original Apet Ziggurat. They buy train tickets to the group

Kelik is far more trusting of the party, as is Anael, but neither are fans of working in groups yet. Kelik wants to stop by the embassy of Ber on the way to update them

Kelik recommends to Ber in secret that now is the time for Ber to start influencing Risur before Danor's influence is unstoppable. The arrival of Ber immigrants into Risur represents that opportunity to truly culturally influence and take over Risur. Risur is a paper tiger

Isabelle is apparently now addicted to methadone. Now that is character development. So she wasn't able to answer Lady Songbird questions about the Obsecurti (perhaps a good thing!)

Hops notices that a lot of eschatologists are appearing on the streets of Flint, which is disturbing considering the apocalyptic nihilistic nature of them, But he is still thankful to them for teaching the ability to revive the immediate deceased and the mastery over ice magic.

Kelik has a wonderful new ability to cast pass without a trace to escape people trailing us. Hops is curious about trains having not much experience with them, looking into the maintaining of each

After a few hours we arrived near the ziggurat of Apet, Freya spends the train ride studying her notes on gravity magic. Kelik realizes as we arrive that we have to get another cow to sacrifice to The voice of Rot

The ziggurat is significantly different from before, it doesn't have corpses littered across, and has a red carpet waiting for us. Two stone heads turn to us, but say nothing

We see inside the void that all the bodies have been placed within this area. It's basically like a giant floating trash bin

Isabelle wants to meet with the Voice of Rot, believing that being temporarily turned to stone was a blessing and trial of her faith in the divinity of Malenia. She prays

The Voice of Rot calls out "the mission is complete, the intruder is dead, you've done well my child Isabelle and the plane of Ruin expands. If anyone comes over from that side to here he will cause a 10 mile explosion"

We realize that we came really close to basically nuking Flint.

Voice of Rot begins shifting to speaking in ancient to Anael mentions the great disturbance of planes. Now only kept at bay by the magic of a certain organization, the eyes glow as he says the Obsecurti.

Kelik "so the Obsecurti is keeping the planes closed?", Hops mentions that Xambria said they opened the seal. Voice of Rot said they replaced the ancient seal

The snake's eyes fade and the statues return to normal. We now have to go to another Zigurat. Both Anael and Freya are trusting of Stover Delft, Hops and Kelik are still a little bit suspicious of him, and Isabelle is indifferent

Hops & Kelik aren't thrilled to rejoin the RHC. Freya has to stay with the RHC out of the necessity of paying Rent, Kelik says that she can live with her husband and him if needed, though it's up on a hill and he knows Freya hates that.

We go to meet with Stover for updates and maybe see if Xambria wants to go to another Ziggurat.

Kelik's reputation of causing fires has spread across Flint and some are suspecting him of actually being the true criminal arsonist of Ber not the brothers of Ber. As such less and less Flint citizens are willing to help

Kelik suggests to Delft that we basically become an unofficial strike force of the RHC. Allow us to work outside the official guidelines, Freya can keep watch on us to avoid anything too illegal and she'll get paid better. Delft agrees to this, saying they need more flexibility in the RHC anyways

Stover starts chewing on some tobacco, saying that it's better than smoking. Less annoying smell. Anael is absolutely disgusted at this

Stover's discussion with professor Xambria revealed that the train ride of the Obsecurti leaves in a week from Danor, it'll last a month, that it is a party train. He suspects that it's a place for Obsecurti meetings in secret. Our next mission is to infiltrate this train, we come up with the idea to enter the train later to not be too suspicious

Stover is supportive of us having some discussions with the anarchist temporarily, but we are strictly forbidden from having connections to the fedora mafia. Which basically means we won't have access to our insider bartender in the Applecore

Stover just isn't ready to actually go in arresting the fedora mafia, or better yet he doesn't want unnecessary casualties for the RHC who is already short staffed

Hops communicates with Gale about this update. We go over to dinner with Kelik, Sebastian actually wants to come with us on at least the boat ride, Kelik reluctantly agrees to this. So now we've got a minotaur who can cook really well with us!

We're now to talk to Professor Xambria to see if they wanna join us and talk about other zigurat. Like one that is protected by the Fey in a water temple (Legend of Zelda moment). We find out on the train that Margaret Thatcher was going to meet with someone named Fiona, a young Tiefling lady

Professor Xambria isn't interested in going with us. She is just overwhelmed with PTSD, but we eventually pressured her into joining for at least the boat ride

We get a bunch of alcohol and smoke for the boat ride. We head to the Talking Head bar (We forgot the actual name, so it's not this) to have a few relaxing drinks and smokes before our next adventure. We overhear that a lot of the mafia members have lost a significant amount of manpower and are now becoming more "official guards" of establishments to recuperate loses

Anael and Freya getting drunk start making fun of the fedora mafia for dressing like total losers. They also talk about how no one could handle us dressing feminine with Isabelle. Anael orders a bunch of cooked duck soup for the party

Freya is just chucking down run shot after rum shot

The next day we took off to the eastern coast of Ber. We stop by an island a few miles outside of Flint and we hide the golden seal at the same place we hid the wands from module 2. Kelik decides to give the wand of Ray of Enfeeblement to Freya as well

We leave and later we get surrounded by two ships. One is a Crisillyir ship with 34 crew, the other ship is from Ber and has a much smaller crew. The Crisillyir ship is called the inspiration in Italian and an Orc is the captain of the ship

The Orc is delighted that we're not from Risur but confused that we fly the Risur flag, that the Ber ship is to be taken over by Crisillyir. At this point a goblin from the Ber ship comes out well dressed complaining about being an underpaid archeologist under Crisillyir harassment, saying that they're the greatest archeologist ever. Our professor isn't really that familiar with them, besides being a weird Ber archeologist

We are thinking about going to the mainland of Ber to discuss this. Crisillyir and Ber have an extremely strained relationship to say the least

The Crisillyir ship fires warning shots at about 200ft. Now it's time we take them over. Freya would be able to use her gravity magic on the ship, but they decide against it because of limited range, so it's up to Kelik to dimension door and plans on taking Anael with him

Kelik borrows Freya's amulet. Isabelle can fly over as a seagull. Kelik gives Sabastian a kiss goodbye. Who stays behind with Freya and Hops

Kelik manages to successfully dimension door with Anael and takes him down instantly with a nat 20. Anael places her blade to his neck and says for everyone to stand down, immediately they drop their weapons and begin pissing themselves (lots of bodily fluids today)

Isabelle the seagull takes a poop on the captain! As Kelik says that they need to leave the sovereign territory of Ber

Anael lowers the Crisillyir flag and throws all the weapons overboard. At this point Crisillyir is threatening that the church will hear about this indecency by Ber and Kelik is pissed that again the church has no respect for Ber but let's him up to begin the discussion of good will. Prefer to avoid war and not endanger Sabastian more than he already has

Hops and Freya start approaching in their boat. The Goblin storms onto the Crisillyir ship bragging about how great he is at his researcher, Kelik says that Crisillyir thinks otherwise and the Goblin starts yelling that he is the greatest researcher since the guy who invented sliced bread. The Orc captain of Crisillyir says "this is why I fired him"

Another ship arrives preparing to explore the semi submerged water temple ruins. We signal to them. We get capsules of water breathing as now they're interested in using us to explore the ruins, But at this moment

We see a golden glowing from the ruins that transforms into blue and gold. Water starts forming a whirlpool and a wave of pain comes crashing through us. A giant waterspout appears in the middle of The Whirlpool

Fishman come swimming up from the whirlpool showing Sharp teeths and spears.

And we end the session


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 3 hours, 4 mins, 0 seconds

It's really nice to be back. Hopefully y'all have been doing well!

Isabelle's player couldn't make it due to weather issues. We're saying that she is a bit seasick and hanging back with the ship with Sabastian & The professor far away

DM realized we've been mispronouncing several names and locations lol. Especially Risur, which now we think the national food is Reese's pieces candy.

Currently we're floating above the water temple ruins, a giant storm is transforming into a whirlpool taking in every ship, and the water starts to turn red as sailors sank into the waves getting torn apart by sharks.

Anael puts on one of the underwater diving helmets. She sees under the water not just the fish people, described as weird fish monkey things, and she also sees water elementals as well

A golden glow comes from the temple

Hops suggests that we make a slight tactical retreat. Though both Anael and Freya want to explore the ruins

As we start turning away, from the center whirlpool we can see a single giant octopus tentacles sprout up. The storm is getting larger and larger, the whirlpool slowly expanding.

We're able to stir the ship out so not immediately at risk. Kelik is like let's wait to see what happens before we intervene. Hops pulls out a smoke, Freya does as well.

The middle of the whirlpool is now a very dark red. We see various torn up pieces of sharks. Kelik makes a perception check, 11, he can notice a few bodies as well. He pulls out his binoculars and gets a 15, he thinks one of them is a Tiefling. The fishmen begin eating at the corpse

The whirlpool is getting larger and larger, now at 1,000ft. Heading to the direction of Ber, we estimate that this whirlpool will hit Ber sending massive tsunamis across the region. Potentially killing thousands

The captain sighs, "Fionna is dead, looks like we're not getting paid"

Anael is getting on her dive suit. As Freya follows suit, she is slightly more interested in exploring the temple than the whirlpool itself

Kelik & Hops sigh, upset that they're about to get wet fur

Hops offers the captain a thousand GP if he manages to keep the ship as close as possible for 10 mins.

Anael dives right in, followed by Kelik, Freya, and Hops. Though Freya and Hops put smoke inside the breathing mask because hotboxing

Freya rolls a 1 on acrobatics, getting pulled away, looks as though some sort of watery arm has grabbed her and a face. Hops attempts to grab the rope, but gets a 5, Anael gets a natural 20.

Freya can feel her back start to freeze over, as a sharp tug from Anael sends her back to the group. Though a bit dazed her initiative roll is very low

Aquatic combat times and rules!

The fish people begin to take notice and start heading over as well

Kelik fires his carbine at the water elemental, getting a natural 1, thankfully his gun doesn't break but it misfires completely and is now out of commission for this fight. Kelik pulls out his shotgun, 14, hitting the water elemental

Hops begins preparing his proper ending spell. Swims in the opposite direction of the group

The elemental zooms across the water towards Kelik. Kelik can feel himself freeze over and uses the amulet to absorb the effect.

Hops casts zone of cold. It fails!

Anael uses compel duel on the elemental. The water elemental isn't compelled though, meets it beats it. Anael attacks with her longsword, managing to get a 19 even with disadvantage but it doesn't seem to do much

6 fish people are approaching. They're getting closer and closer. Freya swims forward into range to use magnify gravity, squeezing the life out of them as their bones snap and they sink into the ocean.

The water elemental begins to absorb the fish people corpses. Getting stronger and stronger

Kelik uses his rapier underwear, getting a 18 even with disadvantage. He deals 14 damage. Kelik uses his extra attack dealing 6 more extra damage. He gets an opportunity to use his dagger from the shadows, scoring a natural 20 he does 14 extra damage with 5 extra cold damage. Though a lot of it's resistance abilities grinds that damage down

Hops casts firebolt at the water elemental. The water elemental is naturally resistant

The water elemental forms a giant frozen fish and punches at Kelik twice, dealing 34 bludgeoning damage. Kelik is significantly injured but still up

Anael decides to use her ancient sword instead of the longsword. Anael manages to land another hit despite disadvantage, engulfing her sword with a smite. It does massive damage to the water elemental, Freya might be able to finish it off but

Freya completely misses with her gravity whip.

Kelik activates his adrenaline rush bonus ability (finally someone uses it, 4E vindicated) healing up to 9 damage. He attacks again with his rapier, actually landing 9 piercing damage and 3 from colossal slayer. He switches into his dagger and hits doing 13 more damage. That begins really hurting the water elemental

Hops is definitely out of his element underwater. Sending a chaos bolt his way he misses completely

The water elemental switches targets from Kelik into Anael, trying to freeze her and soak her into it. Anael is unable to resist. She takes 13 damage, freezing over and choking as she is restrained with another 13 damage dealt.

Anael makes another strength save to see if she can escape, she manages to just barely get herself free. She swings her ancient sword in retaliation and cracks the water elemental, though it's still around

As her bonus action she summons her dancing sword. The giant greatsword swings at the water elemental doing massive damage

Freya gains control over its movement with her gravity and restrains it. Kelik & Anael now don't have disadvantage (which hasn't been a problem yet) of course the first Rapier attack misses, but the second one hits. Dealing 17 damage and his dagger does 5 damage

The water elemental remains. Hops goes for an attack with his spear. He gets a natural 20 (perhaps he is a spearfisher) dealing 13 damage. The whole thing pops, bursting into a bunch of bubbles.

The whirlpool is still expanding though. Hop puts up his finger up or down as a question, Freya points down and heads underwater

Anael and Kelik heal themselves and follow.

We still have a lot of wear and tear on the water temple. As well as bodies everywhere. We approached a central room. We find a giant octopus covering up a hole and a giant golden seal nearby

The giant octopus looks up. We notice that it looks like the giant octopus is also holding on in fear.

Anael makes her way to put the golden seal back. She swims through it effortlessly

Meanwhile Kelik, Hops, and Freya all get blasted right out of the temple by the water's intensity.

The octopus extends a tentacle to grab the golden seal. Anael makes a history check with advantage, a 24, she remembers of the golden seal of Apet. Anael is able to maneuver it over the hole, remembering the last time she locks it into place.

The octopus is collared. Anael cuts off the collar. The octopus swims off. On the collar are written a few words that don't make sense, they also look like the same one from the jaguars. Same golden design. One segment says property of Fionna

At this point we see Fionna's body floating by. Freya grabs her corpse to take with them

We head back onto the ship. We check Fionna's pocket and we find a letter and a large sack of gold coins. She carries 15,000GP. We toss him a gold purse worth 1,000GP and hide the rest lol (coming out to about 3,500 GP a piece, Anael is like Isabelle doesn't get naughty word)

We read the partially destroyed letter, barely finding out that Rock Rackus was connected to this from his old dig. We now know that several pocket dimensions exist, as well as we're mentioned and the unseen court as well.

We signed an agreement with the captain to remain silent or be in direct violation of Risur law. An agreement sealed in another 1,000GP, thank you for your cooperation

Anael compliments Kelik for finally not setting anything on fire.

We make our way to our friends who've docked back at Ber. Hops warn the Goblin Professor to declare the area a protected zone, he cannot

"How much pull do you have Kelik?" - Hops

"I don't have as much as my father, but I still have some" - Kelik

We all agree to give the goblin professor complete credit for everything, becoming very respected. We bribe a newspaper to make him a national hero as Kelik writes up a report to the capital

Kelik mentions that his father was an advisor to the previous king before they both died.

Poco is now a star……for the next couple months when everyone eventually forgets, though he will never let anyone forget it

Anael explains the situation perfectly to Xambria. We have another day in Flint. We gotta get fake identities, as well as Get a few supplies

Kelik is disappointed that they're unable to go to the Ber capital. Though he suggests that Sabastian take some time there since it's been so long

Kelik suggests to Professors Xambria that we dress her up as Fionna. Though she politely declines, she is willing to inform us everything she knows about Fionna.

Hops and Freya realize that they need rings of disguised self, but the RHC get hats of disguise self. Hops says that he'll be a server on the train

(We laugh now the suggested identities are all male and 3 of us are playing females)

Freya will be a foreign princess with Isabelle as her servant. Freya will be known as Ennis Baccano, princess of the Border state of The Holy Britannian Empire and 17th in line of the throne. Which borders Crisillyir and explains "Ennis" unique social and cultural behaviours, as well as accent. It also Especially explains her love of pizza (this is a massive Code Geass reference)

We find that Danor is an anti-magical zone. That we have to get special equipment that'll give us a week to use any magic there, any longer and it'll break. Ritual spells don't work there completely

Freya can use her amulet as a spell casting focus there. Kelik hands back the amulet to Freya as well.

The nearby malice lands however magic isn't destroyed but damaged, distorted, twisted, and wrong that can cause magic to go wild. Though thankfully we'll only be going through for a day.

The RHC can send an agent to one of the cities as a cover and potential trump card. We agree the agent should be the second to last stop at Sid Minos

Freya buys a royal crown as her hat of disguise.

And we leave for the train ride. Will arrive at Beaumont, a western shipyard on Danor coast. All the magical users feel zapped and tired. The area is completely frozen over though.

We boarded the train. The train conductor explains that technology, science, and facts leads Danor and not reliance on unreliable Gods that should be discarded. The age of man is here

Hops gets tapped by a fellow train worker. She narrows her eyes and smiles "I know you don't work here, but you know I like you enough I'll let it slide" she introduces herself as Malia

She asks why Hops is there. Which he explains it's entirely because he needs the payment and always wanted the view of the coastal railroad. She says it'll cost him 50GP, Hops say he only has 10. Deception check of 18. Malia agrees to it and says you should work on a better cover story

Most passengers look very well off. Freya is looking for pizza but instead
Freya is given a plate of snails and liver instead of pizza, because danor has no sense of cuisine compared to Crisillyir.

We make a perception check as we pass through common class to first class. Malia isn't able to recognize the new disguise of Hops. We noticed that one lady sitting down looks like her arms got stitched in, the upper class people mutter about her

A wealthy family of 4 baron half orcs also enter. They're very new money. They're not refined, in fact they're a bit shaken by this type of massive social economic change. The husband begins striking up conversations about engineering. The rest of the family enter the cabins directly next to ours.

"Ennis Baccano" of the Holy Britannian empire is complaining that she is forced to actually stay with a bunch of commoners instead of a place dignified of royalty such as herself

The train takes off hitting unmatched speeds of over 100mph. We end the session

Have a great week everyone


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 2 hours, 54 mins, and 31 seconds

We're going on a train

Everyone is being welcomed aboard to the Avery Coast Train line. A giant marble clock face looks over us, a perfect piece of engineering from Danor, as everyone begins boarding

List our alter egos: Bergeron, the former collector who died (Kelik), Joe, a train worker (Hops), Celeste Dejour, a daughter of a wealthy coal baron (Isabelle), Ennis Lelouch Baccano, 17th in line to the throne of The Holy Britannian Empire (Freya), & Victoria Rose, a bodyguard for Bergeron (Anael)

We head to the first class train car. Already in the first class sitting down is a peculiar woman with tattoos and stitches throughout her body, her name is Bre and she has a conversation with "Bergeron". Boarding also is a 4 person family of half -Orcs, they have no grace or etiquette, representing the new money faction.

Cars 17-20 are the first class passenger trains, 16 to 9 is second class, and 3 to 8 is lower class. We're giving freedom to go throughout the train besides car number 2

They do a headcount of everyone on board the train. Molly (I think that is her name) also announces the great malice lands hunting game

They have a tradition here at the Avery Coast of the passengers buying a golden rifle for 100GP and shooting at creatures in the malice lands for a grand prize. Freya acts disinterested because she is of royalty, but she is definitely interested and nods to molly to indicate it

Joe follows Bre to car 16, the second class car, as she sits down and looks out the window contemplating things. He heads back to the first class dining hall to have some food

The train schedule: Leaving on the 11th of Winter at Beaumont, Cherage the Danoran Capital, Orithea the only stable city in the Malice Lands, Trekhom the capital of Drakr, Nalaam a casino town ruled by mages, & Sid Minos a haunted island off the coast of Crisillyir

The train makes frequent stops at small towns. Only staying 10 mins Total. After multiple stops on boards the first two first upper class passengers, with a look of disdain. We're unable to figure out the sex throughout all the makeup and heavy exquisite attire. They scowl at everyone

Bergeron sneaks into the luggage area to see anything identifiable. He reads one of the names is Eleanor Dewitt, even her luggage case is encrusted in diamonds and rubies.

Food is served. Ennis is super excited about all the prospects of food. Eleanor starts talking to Ennis spotting her royalty but noticed she doesn't have a man and wants to setup Ennis with a man to improve relations

Eleanor hands over erotic poetry and her card to Ennis who blushes, Celeste begins reading the erotic poetry encouraging Ennis to go find herself a man. Ennis hasn't had a boyfriend since being in university and mostly ignored him to do studies. Joe is watching this all unfold as he eats rabbit stew (OH MY GOD NOOOOO!) And chuckles to himself. Eleanor is known as the matchmaker

Victoria, who was under the weather and took a nap, arrives in the first class cart. Victoria while going through the second class car, someone bumps into her, a tall refined Tiefling with his hands around the waist of two lovely ladies. He apologies to Victoria and introduces himself as Olivert Boone.

When Olivert goes to the common area he announces that everyone will get a drink on him. The cars erupted into cheers and happiness

A minute later Olivert begins choking, Victoria saves him, as he was choking on a nut. Thus we spend a solid minute making lewd jokes. He mentions as thanks that he knows a great place in town

They announce that we're approaching the Danor capital of Cherage, giving us the details that Cherage is a fun cultured and most importantly strict city. Ennis purchases one of the rifles for the expedition tomorrow at 100GP.

Bergeron wants to make contact with Bre. Joe mentions that we need a meetup spot, which is agreed to be the very fancy bar, before he goes off following the wealthy to the hotels. Everyone checks in

After an hour coming down the hallway is Elanor. Ennis stops her to ask about matchmaking, who gets invited to an important social event for the ultra rich full of single bachelors. Celeste is also invited

Bergeron and Victoria try finding out what room that Bre is staying at. The staff go to contact her, asking if Bre would like to meet with the two of them. After a couple mins coming down the stairs is Bre

Bre asks if he was followed, Bergeron says that he wasn't able to detect that. He apologies for not being able to contact her for several weeks. Can you tell me what your recent letters entailed, Bre says that she was forced to rewrite plans and would like to discuss them somewhere a bit more private

Bre only knows a compartmentalized version of the plan and that she is meeting a mysterious figure at a Mansion party tonight to find out more information. Bre invites Bergeron and asks about Victoria, who is Bergeron's guard saying she looks like a veteran, Bre and Victoria discuss the Ye Wars for some time

Bergeron makes an insight check about her honesty. To get a read on her demeanor. He noticed some fidgeting and ticks that might be suspicious, not so much Lyin', an uncomfortableness

Ennis and Celeste start discussing the possible available bachelors. Joking perhaps they'll attract a rich old man who will have an "accident" right after being married and they'll become wealthy af

The place they go to is full of wonderful technology. It has the best lighting and clockworks, they're both are stunned that it is completely non magical.

Ennis grabs some wine and starts mingling with the guests. The host spots Ennis and introduces himself to her. Celeste goes gambling, actually winning a few rounds.

They both don't really spot anyone particularly attractive, since everyone is over 65+. They mingle around a bit to hear what they're saying and free food, but are already planning on getting going

Everyone hates Risur here. They're absolutely disgusted that Danor is actually looking at an alliance with Risur. Ennis talks about the destruction of the coaltongue, the weakness of the Risur king, Flint's weak ties to Risur, and that we should strike before Risur becomes a threat. They cheer on the destruction of Risur.

Celeste is a pro at gambling, making over 150GP, thus starting her gambling addiction on top of her methadone addiction. It isn't an addiction if tires winning. Ennis manages to break even but doesn't have the same gambling skills as Celeste. After a few drinks and shrimp, they both leave.

Joe is looking for Molly. A man rushes right past him with only an overcoat and smelling like bath oils, running at a blistering fast 120ft per turn. 4 guards are running after him yelling "you can't get away from us" and they ask Joe where they went. Joe points in the direction that the man left

Victoria and Bergeron find out that the party is in honor of the king of Danor, the party of the sovereign. They are worried though that the place is highly anti-magic and would ruin Kelik's disguise as Bergeron. Which of course brings up some problems. They start devising a plan to deactivate the anti magic field, saying the Stover would be mad if they knew they were about to start an international incident with Danor. They agree that they're going to go disguised as themselves, as Kelik and Anael

They actually start looking for the half orcs. Bergeron (still disguised) spots them looking throughout the area, gawking at the history, and basking in the feeling of newly acquired wealth. Bergeron introduces himself to the family. They say that they're responsible for the expansion of trade in the region, especially between Ber and its neighbors. Making him one of the first of the recent breakout of new wealth in Ber

Celeste and Ennis go towards the wealthy bar, spotting Olivert, they go to approach. Olivert says isn't available today as he already has two ladies with him that he'll be taking care of tonight but he will get back to us later to satisfy

Some gambler is saying that he cannot be beat, so a drunk Ennis encourages Celeste to gamble against him saying how good she is. Celeste loses. Ennis drunk double down. The gambler also beats Ennis, before insulting her intelligence and handing specifically Celeste money back

Later on the gambler uses Ennis money to buy everyone drinks saying that he is using his money to help people unlike the royalty that don't have the intelligence or the foresight to help people but instead buys weapons and gambles, looking directly at Ennis. Ennis narrows her eyes, as she quickly drinks another thing of wine

She looks at Celeste, "this is why I stick with studying alone in my room" and after a couple mins leaves the party to go read in her room. Celeste follows her

Kelik and Anael try getting to the sovereigns party without an invitation. They absolutely refuse to budge. After about half an hour the DM says make a perception check, 8 police officers are spotted approaching.

They decide to stay to conversate with the police. The police say that "you're under arrest Kelik of the RHC for spying against the nation of Danor and potential assassination of the king knowing your background" Kelik grabs Anael immediately and dimensions doors them both out.

So we basically started another international incident. At this moment Stover wakes up in a cold sweat saying "I've had a nightmare that I'm going to have so much paperwork tomorrow"

Joe finds out that the homeless man who had run through was wanted for taking a bath in the rich area despite being the lowest of commoners.

The party start teasing Ennis for striking out on the one day she isn't spending her entire night studying.

The next morning they're all up at 6:30AM to start boarding around 7:30AM. Molly also arrives with a few more train passengers and the guns for the expectation

Also boarding are two extremely high class personnel. One is an extremely bored Tiefling man and the other is an elfish woman adorned in jewelry that makes Elanora look poor. Joe notices that they have the mark of the clergy of Crisillyir

Speaking of Elanora she is absolutely gawking at the Tiefling, mentioning that the Tiefling hasn't been spotted in public for several years. He is one of the richest men in the world

Bergeron tries finding out more information from Bre, who says that she cannot reveal anything as her new orders from higher up say so and they're very upset that Bergeron again being absent from the meeting and will face repercussions. That Said, he should enjoy the train ride and hope that it isn't too severe

We cross into the malice lands. Everyone wearing disguises manages to pass the wild magic check, Kelik barely avoiding this by rolling a 2

We end the session there. Looking forward to the malice lands and wild magic

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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