My Top 10 Classic D&D Movies


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What's a D&D movie? Well, there's the actual D&D movies. Or there's Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. This list, though, by trancejeremy, is all about classic movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Stewart, and John Cleese await in this list of 10 Classic D&D Movies!

[h=4]#10 The Barbarians[/h]
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What do you get when you take two body builder twins and one of the most beautiful women in the world? The Barbarians, a really goofy fantasy movie that might not actually have a plot, but it easy to watch because of Eva LaRue as Kara the Thief.

[h=4]#9 Krull[/h]
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Something of a blockbuster, complete with dozens of merchandising tie-ins, Krull was a glorious mess of a movie, combining Sci-Fi with fantasy. It didn't make a lot of sense, but it had a lot of cool scenes and bits, none more than the "glaive", a really big throwing star.

[h=4]#8 Dragonslayer[/h]
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A surprisingly dark movie about a village who sacrifices maidens to their local dragon, until finally a magician's apprentice decides to slay it. Although parts are light in tone, it's surprisingly gritty, featuring an extremely realistic dragon, perhaps the most to ever appear on screen. Also featured a brilliant novelization by Wayland Drew, which was later reprinted without the movie-tie (new cover, etc).

[h=4]#7 Conan the Barbarian[/h]
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Setting the basic plot for most fantasy movies to come, Conan's village is destroyed by Thulsa Doom and ultimately he gets revenge, albeit with a great cost. Not bearing much resemblance to the actual stories of Robert Howard, Conan the Barbarian at least captures the spirit and has a lot of great lines. The ending scene is hauntingly beautiful in a grim way.

[h=4]#6 The Beastmaster[/h]
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Pretty much a Conan ripoff, featuring almost the exact same plot, but somehow more enjoyable. Maybe it's Tanya Roberts. Maybe it's John Amos. Maybe it's the kid that looks like Meeno Peluce but isn't. Okay, it's probably Tanya Roberts. Or maybe the ferrets.

[h=4]#5 The Sword & The Sorcerer[/h]
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Somehow this low budget movie made more at the box office than Conan the Barbarian. Probably because it featured a sword with three blades, two of which could be shot at the press of a button. Lee Horsley plays Talon, the former prince of a kingdom taken over by Richard Lynch with the help of the sorcerer Richard Moll. His kingdom lost, he becomes a mercenary but soon finds himself back in his old kingdom, where he agrees to help the daughter of his father's former counselor retake the throne.

[h=4]#4 Excalibur[/h]
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A stylized yet gritty take on the King Arthur story. Perhaps the best visuals and production values in any fantasy movie, especially the mirror like armor worn by the knights.

[h=4]#3 The Golden Voyage of Sinbad[/h]
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Ray Harryhausen made a trio of Sinbad movies, all of which are good, but this is the best. Sinbad is drawn into a quest for the Fountain of Destiny, also pursued by an evil sorcerer, played by the legendary Tom Baker. Lots of cool fights with monsters and Carolyn Munroe.

[h=4]#2 Hawk the Slayer[/h]
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If you saw this when you were 10-12, you thought it was the coolest movie ever. As somewhat standard in these movies, Hawk has his kingdom stolen, this time by his unlikely brother, Jack Palance. He enlists a motley band including an elf, a giant, a dwarf, and a witch to defeat his brother. But the real star is Crow, expert archer and the best on screen elf, at least until Tauriel. The second coolest thing is a crossbow of speed. which along with Crow's arrows, kills 95% of the peopel in fight, while the rest of the party mostly just pushes people over.

[h=4]#1 Monty Python and the Holy Grail[/h]
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This is really the ultimate D&D movie, more quoted at D&D tables than anything else. Besides the popularity of Monty Python with D&D players, it features the various knights of the round table going on quests, looking for the Holy Grail, coming across all sorts of obstacles and monsters, like the dreaded vorpal bunny.


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Greg K

My own personal list in no order would be
Archer: Fugitive From the Empire (a failed U.S. TV pilot, but released as the movie Archer and the Sorceress in Europe so I am including it)
Clash of the Titans
Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I really want to put Heavy Metal on the list for the segments Den and Taarna. I also want to put Princess Bride, but it was never was mentioned in my gaming circles until the mid-nineties.

I listed Archer and the Sorceress, because only one of my friends in all my years of gaming had seen Hawk the Slayer or Sword and the Sorcerer. Personally, when he tried to show them to me, I could not sit through either whereas I liked the characters (especially, Slant whom is my quintessential D&D thief/rogue), the Heart Bow, Estra's necklace to summon animals, and the serpent men in Archer: Fugitive From the Empire despite the bad acting
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Thank you for including The Sword and the Sorcerer. I have a vague memory from my childhood of a movie with a three-bladed sword where two of the blades could shoot off, but I could never remember the name of the move.

The Dragonslayer is actually my all time favorite fantasy movie. It actually captures the feeling of the game Ars Magica really well. At least the feeling of the 3rd edition of the game. Now I want to play Ars Magica...

I agree that Willow needs to be on this list.


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A Couple missing pieces, not previously mentioned.
The 13th Warrior
Clash of the Titans (Harry Hamlin Version)
Flesh and Blood
and importantly, lest we ever forget....
Mazes and Monsters!


i watched most of those, some were better than others. i remember the Sword and the Sorcerer being good, until i tried to go back and live it again. OMG LIGHTBRIGHT FINGERS!!! it is soooo bad.

i agree, Princess Bride and Ladyhawke are definitely supposed to be on this list. maybe a little late to the table, but quotes from "Princess" are used almost as much as Holy Grail in D&D.


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I'd also include Willow, The Lord of the Rings movies, Clash of the Titans (the original), Ladyhawke, The Princess Bride, Conan (the original), Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Excalibur.

I keep Conan on the list, though when I rewatched it a while back, I didn't think it held up all that well. Never saw Hawk the Slayer. Loved Monty Python, but Princess Bride had more elements of pure fantasy in it


Conan the Destroyer I thought was actually better than Barbarian in the sense of a D&D movie.

Not having Princess Bride on here is a travesty.

Willow would probably make the list before Beastmaster.

Others I consider D&D type movies are Neverending Story, Legend and Labyrinth.

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