D&D General Survivor Thread: Best D&D Movie

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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Dude, you voted for Conan the Destroyer. Don't complain about a single floating turd while you are pumping sewage in the river.
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@Lanefan, I have some mild resentment about the LotR films when it comes to D&D. I started playing D&D in 3e around the time that LotR was released, and the DM was increasingly "infecting" the first D&D campaign that I played with LotR. Elves started walking on snow when they couldn't before. Wargs went from monstrous wolves to monstrous hyenas. So the intersection of these two things are a bit triggering for me. It's almost a miracle that I didn't quit D&D all together.

Willow has everything from halflings, to multi-class/dual-class fighter-thieves, to spell check/concentration fails, to dual wielding, to polymorph, to love potions, to annoying fey, to curses, to transmute flesh to stone, to saving throws vs spells or counterspell (however you want to see it), to lightning and telekinesis, to hydras...all within 1 movie less than 3 hours long.

The thing that LotR has which is in its favour is Elves and Dwarves.


Well, my favorite didn't win, but I'm glad Willow won over LotR at least.

Coincidentally, I have not put out a survivor thread about live-action TV series D&D shows, because I'm waiting for Willow to come out so it could be on the list.

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