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D&D 5E My WotC dream product: The Dominion Kit


Hi! I was just thinking of the 5e tiers, and how they should match with the old basic D&D set.
Tier 1 is about dungeon delving (Basic) and Tier 2 is about wilderness (Expert). So Tiers 3 should be about dominion (Companion) and Tier 4 extraplanar adventures (Master).

Dungeon delving and wilderness are explained in PHB and DMG (could be organized better), and there are kits. Planar are explained in the DMG, and probably Planescape is in the works.

Dominion game is completely without rules. I don't think this warrant a new book and no "Of Everything" books are in the work for 5e. I honestly don't know if domain management rules have their place in Dragonlance. But the perfect (for me) format to publish those rules are a Dominion Kit. This would be a really nice package to have: a 16 page rulebook with all new rules, a dm screen with all the tables for bookkeeping taxes and population, and some cards handout to give to players to help manage their dominion.

This could be a good... Companion (pun intended) for the actual 5e rules, a nice anticipation/sister product for Dragonlance and it's large scale war rules, and a test product to add those rules in 5.5e.

Dreaming too much?

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I can't tell you what WotC will do, but I agree some good domain rules would be useful in my current high-level game. It seems like the official stronghold stuff is designed as a money sink rather than something that's actually useful.

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