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Pathfinder 1E Mynhear's Bane

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Solomon zips forward, sliding, dodging and weaving, but the trolls are much faster than she expects; both of them glance at her as she approaches, and massive claws lash out from each side! The nimble rake bats one aside and lunges, sinking her blade deep into the thigh of the huge monster on her right.

Unfortunately, while she's extended into her lunge the troll on her left lashes six inch claws across her back, leaving bloody welts and gashes in her fancy clothes.

[sblock=Wow - This is Complicated Stuff!]Questions about panache and your intententions - trolls get three attacks a round. The way I read it, that's six attacks between the two of them but Sol's only got five AoOs left. She'll also burn a panache point for each attack she parries. Do I have that right? If so, I need to know which attack she doesn't try to parry.[/sblock]

Sol's Acrobatics checks weren't quite good enough to avoid the AoOs. By spending two panache points and two AoOs (one for each attack) she did manage to deflect one of them and her riposte hits the already wounded troll. The other troll's AoO gets past her parry and inflicts 37 points of damage (Confirmed Critical).[/sblock]

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[sblock=OOC] Oh, wow, they must have massively high CMD for Acrobatics 35 to be no good.

Yeah, it is quite complicated, for sure. Ummm ... I'm going to assume Sol isn't going to be the target of all six attacks as the trolls also have a warhorse carrying a deadly paladin upon its back and they know knothing about Sol's body guard ability. So attacks against Milasande will be priority for using that feat to aid her defense. Again, I don't really know if that is me just saying I aid, or I need to roll something. Please feel free to make any rolls needed.

She cannot use another immediate action to riposte until her next turn ... so she'll only to to parry the first attack against her.

Re: Her Riposte: Sol crits on a 15; her confirmation of crits is also very high and she can stagger on a crit as well. Did you already roll attack and damage for her successful riposte? Or should I do that? [/sblock]
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Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
[sblock=OOC]RE: Trolls CMD - they do, but it wouldn't have been high enough if there weren't two of them threatening. I did not roll the crit confirm, but his initial roll was good enough to threaten so I will. I'll do the stagger check as well.
RE: Immediate action - I wasn't thinking about only one immediate action. OK, so SOP will be try to parry the first attack against her, spend as many AoO's as needed to protect Melisande, and use any left over for herself.[/sblock]

With a groan, the beast on the right sags to a knee as his leg crumples. He strikes out at the small woman who pricked him, but the claw misses. The other troll roars and tries to reach around Sol to reach Melisande or her horse, but Sol swats one claw aside and the Paladin's armor stops the other with a loud screech. Four inch teeth snap just in front of Sol's face as the frustrated troll tries to bite the woman and misses.

OOC: I think that does it for this round - you guys are up!


Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
ooc: what happened to the map? It was there a moment ago.

Ic: Heinrich looks at the two trolls, knowing that Fire is out of the question, so he tests a simple spell. He winds up for a throw, it having a range of 55 feet he was good, and he throws a summoned glob of green viscous goop.

Cast Acid Splash (Ranged touch attack) against troll on the right
Ranged Touch Attack: 1D20+10 = [12]+10 = 22
Damage: 1D3 = [1] = 1

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
[sblock=OOC]I still show the map, post 153 just above (below, depending on your setup) this one.[/sblock]

Heinrich's glob of acid arcs gracefully through the air, smacking into the injured troll with a wet *glop* and sticking. Sizzling sounds fill the air and the staggered troll groans in pain.


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[sblock=OOC]Mowgli, can you let me know if Sol does manage to crit on her riposte attacks as that is how she is able to recharge her panache points (other than delivering a killing blow). (I think you were referring to Sol, but called her a him?)
If she did crit troll is staggered for 1d4+1 rounds. A FORT save DC 23 to reduce this to one round.

For now what I have understood is that she used 2 panache points to parry the AoO against her as she approached.
Then she used another panache point to parry the first attack the troll made against her.
And she spent one panache point to deal a bleeding wound of 7 to troll 1 when she first hit. (used Plume)

So all up 4 panache points used so far and possibly 1 recovered from the riposte crit if it confirmed? [/sblock]

Sol was determined to finish the troll on bended knee, as blood poured freely from her first puncture wound. What followed was a whirlwind of steel flashing up and out at unexpected and surprising angles, searching for tender spots upon the massive troll's body. "You are meat, and I'm the butcher! You cannot win troll!" she laughed cuttingly as she worked her blade with deadly precision.

Full attack spending as many attacks as needed to fell the troll. If it drops the rest of her attacks will be directed at the unwounded troll.

First attack: 1d20+26=39 for 1d6+25=26 dmg
2nd attack: 1d20+21=32 for 1d6+25=29 dmg
3rd attack: 1d20+16=21 for 1d6+25=27 dmg

Menacing swordplay: If Solomon hits she will use a swift action to demoralise the troll (she'll try to do this on the second attack as she'll wait to see if the first attack kills the first troll, hoping to intimidate the second troll instead; otherwise she'll do this to whoever her second attack is ditrected against): Initimidate 27

If she delivers the killing blow Sol regains a panache point.

Defense: Sol will use a panache point to parry the first attack against her; if successful she will Riposte attack +29 to hit 1d6+25 dmg; crit on 15 - 20 (staggers for 1d4+1 rounds; Fort DC 23 to reduce to 1 round)

Body guard: use AoO to aid Misande's defense if attacked.


[sblock=Solomon Silence]Human Swashbuckler lvl 13
Initiative: +7 (+9)
AC: 32 (Touch 21; FFt 22*)HP: 158 Current: 121
CMB: +12 (+20 Disarm, Sunder, Trip)CMD: 29 (Currently immune to Disarm, Steal, Sunder)
Fort: +8 Reflex: +15 Will: +6 (+2 vs Divination/Fear; +4 vs mind affecting)

In Hand: Courageous Answering Mithral Scimitar +2 and Darkwood Buckler: +26/+21/+16; 1d6+12 (+25) (Crit 15-20:x2)
Opportune Parry (1ppt;uses AoO): +29 vs enemy attack roll to negate attk
Riposte (immediate; req. 1 ppt) : +29; 1d6+25 (Crit 15/20:x2)

Ranged: 8/8 Daggers: +23/+18/+13 1d4+10 dmg, Crit: 17-20/x2, Special: Range 10ft; Precision +13 dmg within 30 ft

Panache Points (ppt): 8/8 (-3+1)

Abilities while having min. 1 Panache point:
Kip up (Move): Stand up (no AoO)
Menacing Sword Play (Swift): On a hit Intimidate target (+17)
Swashbuckler Initiative: +2 Initiative (+9); Draw blade on initiative roll
Precise Strike: +13 dmg
Swashbuckler's Grace: Acrobatics (+21) at full speed vs AoO
Superior Feint (Standard): Target loses DEX bonus to AC
*If wearing Cape of Feinting target is also Dazed til start of Sol's next turn
Evasive: Evasion; Uncanny Dodge*; Improved Uncanny Dodge (lvl 13)
Subtle Blade: Immune to Sunder, Disarm and Steal CM

Abilities (cost 1 ppt):
Derring Do: +1d6 (exploding 7) to physical skill rolls
Dodging Panache (immediate): AC 36 vs triggering atk; move 5ft
Targeted Strike: (full round) Cripple part of target's body

Free Abilities/Feats:
Charmed Life (7/7 uses left): +4 to saving throw
Quick Draw: Full attack with daggers
Combat Reflexes: 7 AoO/round
Body Guard: Aid Other as AoO to defend adjacent (+2 AC) ally from an attack
Critical Focus: +30 to Confirm Critical hit (+33 if Riposte Critical)
Critical Versatility: Staggering Critical
Gloves of Marking: Instead of extra dmg target is marked (1 minute) Sol gains +3 morale bonus to atk/dmg vs creature (Courageous Weapon) Allies gains +2 morale bonus to atk/dmg vs creature Target must save (Will DC 23) or shaken (1 minute)

Plume of Panache 3/4 uses left
Celestial Armor: Fly 1/1 uses left
Quick Runner's Shirt 1/1 uses left
Wand of CLW Uses: 50/50
Wand of Ant Haul: 50/50

Endure Elements 1/1
Air Bubble 1/1
Touch of the Sea 1/1
Monkey Fish 1/1
See Invisibility 1/1
Darkvision 1/1
Delay Poison 1/1
Owl's Wisdom 1/1
Spider Climb 1/1
Haste 2/2

Soul Soap 1/1
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Melisande was inside the giant trolls' reach now and had no more use for her lance. “Tis well and good that acid does. But so does steel, methinks.”

Dropping her lance, she drew the magic sword from the scabbard over her shoulder. It was made of adamantine and appeared to sing for drawing the blood of evil. She slashed out at the weapon sliced into troll flesh.

[sblock=Actions]Drop Lance, draw +1 Falchion
Attack wounded troll (K12/N9) with Furious Focus and Power Attack. If Sol dropped it first, then shift attack to the other one: Hit for 32 Damage
[/sblock][sblock=Mini Stats]Melisande
Initiative: +1 Perception: +15 (Darkvision)
AC: 28 (27 flat-footed, 13 Touch)
HP: 158 (DR3/-) Current: 158
CMB: +20 CMD: 33(32ff) (+2 vs Sunder/Disarm) Fort: +18 Reflex: +11 Will: +14
Special: Immune to Fear, Disease, Charm
Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack (-4Att/+8(12)dmg), Jingasa Luck (1xday, Immediate neg Critical/Sneak Attack), Aura of Good/Courage/Resolve
Current Weapon in Hand: +1 Holy Falchion

Lay on Hands (6d6): 12/12 Remaining
Smite Evil (5x/day, +4 Att, +17 dmg, +4 Deflect AC): 5/5 Remaining
Alter Self: 1/1 Remaining
Divine Bond (+3): 3/3 Remaining
Spells Remaining:
1st Level 4/4+2 Pearls (Protection from Evil, Hero's Defiance, Bless, Divine Favor)
2nd Level 3/3+1 Pearl (Effortless Armor, Blade Tutor's Spirit, Righteous Vigor)
3rd Level 2/2 (Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon)
4th Level 1/1 (Resounding Blows)[/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
[sblock=OOC]Sol recovers two panache points - one for the crit (which did confirm) and one for the killing blow (the second against the wounded troll). Sol's last attack and Melisande's attack go against the second troll.

Working on the troll attack.

Sorry about the incorrect pronoun use, jbear. In my mind, Solomon is a male name. Most of the time I catch myself, but I let one slip through. I'd say it won't happen again, but at my advanced age I can't really make that guarantee ;).[/sblock]


First Post
[sblock=OOC]Hehe, no worries. For me it's normally a male name as well, which is why I normally shorten it to Sol. [/sblock]

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