Pathfinder 1E Mynhear's Bane

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
[sblock=ooc]so this is the plan:
1. Teleport back
2. sell pearl of power
3. [hopefully] buy scroll
4. buy an ox
5. buy travel rations - lots
6. cast aunt haul on ox
7. if all items are purchased, then use ability to cast one spell once a day from book : teleport to return
8. give ox and rations to hungry mountain folk
9. learn spell
10. memorize spell for once per day casting for party

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easy cheesy peasy?

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First Post
Sol suggests that they use the treasure found on the giants and trolls that had ambushed them to pay for Heinrich's rescue plan and spell aquisition costs. It seems like a cost they should all share... but as she only has what she carries and she only carries what she needs, her only other wealth is what they have found so far. Other than that the swordswoman seems to agree with Heinrich's plan, although she remains pale and quiet.

She finds a quiet place with a nice view and silently waits for the wizard to do his thing.


Melisande, Paladin


Melisande agreed, “Indeed, the salvaged gear is welcome to be used to finance this venture of yours, Heinrich. After all your efforts are for the good of us all and the success of our quest. Tis only fair the burden be shared.”

[sblock=Mini Stats]Melisande
Initiative: +1 Perception: +15 (Darkvision)
AC: 28 (27 flat-footed, 13 Touch)
HP: 158 (DR3/-) Current: 158
CMB: +20 CMD: 33(32ff) (+2 vs Sunder/Disarm) Fort: +18 Reflex: +11 Will: +14
Special: Immune to Fear, Disease, Charm
Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack (-4Att/+8(12)dmg), Jingasa Luck (1xday, Immediate neg Critical/Sneak Attack), Aura of Good/Courage/Resolve, Greater Magic Weapon on +1 Falchion
Current Weapon in Hand: None

Lay on Hands (6d6): 12/12 Remaining
Smite Evil (5x/day, +4 Att, +17 dmg, +4 Deflect AC): 5/5 Remaining
Alter Self: 1/1 Remaining
Divine Bond (+3): 3/3 Remaining
Spells Remaining:
1st Level 4/4+2 Pearls (Protection from Evil, Hero's Defiance, Bless, Divine Favor)
2nd Level 3/3+1 Pearl (Effortless Armor, Blade Tutor's Spirit, Righteous Vigor)
3rd Level 2/2 (Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon)
4th Level 1/1 (Resounding Blows)

Combat Trained Heavy Horse
Initiative: +4 Senses: low-light vision, Scent; Perception: +8
AC: 19 (Touch 11, flat-footed 17)
HP: 19 Current: 19
Fort: +8, Ref: +7, Will: +3
Conditions in effect: War-trained, 50ft movement
Weapon in Hand: Bite [Att: +6, dmg 1d4+5], 2 Hooves [Att: +6, dmg: 1d6+5][/sblock]

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
There was a serious corruption that affected all the way back to the back up that would have been done next. It was, as you can easily tell, pretty bad. So they had to go back to May for a back up.


[sblock=Template Recovery]To resume, would anyone have a copy of the email notification of my last Melisande Post? I have some of these in my gmail for you guys. Some were in my trash folder yet.[/sblock]
[sblock=Mowgli’s last update] The frost worm rears back under Sol's determined assault, bleeding from a myriad of slashes and puncture wounds, but it seems more enraged than anything else. Time seems to stop as the massive creature holds it's position above the party, and then with a whooshing sound heard even over the gale-winds it spews forth a blast of cold so frigid it makes the snowy mountaintop seem balmy by comparison. The heroes feel their blood beginning to freeze in their veins, movement slows...

And the rest of the attack washes over you.

A ghostly hammer drifts through the snow from the north and delivers a resounding blow on Sol's armor, and nearly simultaneously a largish rock - a boulder, really - thuds to the snow at the rake's feet, throwing up a powder of snow to add to what's already swirling through the air.

Giant rotting corpses charge in from each side, one lashing the great wolf with long claws and the other ripping into Melisande.

From behind the group, a weird bleating pierces the howling of the wind, and Heinrich is slammed from behind by... something. He turns to confront the largest mountain goat he's ever seen. It's hair is tangled and matted gray, it's eyes solid white and its hooves and horns appear to be made of stone. A dented iron lantern hangs from its neck. Just as he turns to confront it, the lantern glints and a wave of sickly yellow light washes over the party; fear grips your guts and you struggle against the overwhelming urge to flee in panic!

Sol's attack does a good deal of damage to the Frost Worm, but it's still got some fight left in it.

Lots of saves vs effects in play here, so be methodical and try to hit them all...

*NOTE:* I have *not* applied the effects of any damage reducing or altering buffs, conditions, etc. At the top of your mechanics spoiler in your next combat post, please give me the final total of damages (lethal and non-lethal, if applicable) and conditions to your character.

Frost Worm uses Breath Weapon. 50 Points of Cold Damage to all. DEX Save DC 23 for half.
Spiritual Weapon: Attacks Sol. 9 Points of Force Damage.
Flying Rock: Misses
Dread Ghoul Lord 02 charges Shadow. 25 Points of Slashing Damage, Shadow is Shaken ( for 7 rounds. FORT Save DC 18 or Paralyzed ( for 3 Rounds.
Dread Ghoul Lord 01 charges Melisande. 28 Points of Slashing Damage, FORT Save DC 18 or Paralyzed ( for 2 Rounds.
Lantern Goat Gruff charges Heinrich. 13 Points of Bludgeoning Damage.
Lantern Goat Gruff unleashes its Fear Light vs All. WILL Save DC 21 or Panicked ( for 5 Rounds.

Image: Bane/Varithian Battle Map_zpsszasdfjl.jpg[/sblock][sblock=Aradra’s 2 Sep post]
Aradra's eyes narrowed at Mel's statement. "What do you mean killing the chieftain? I know no longer here, thanks to Heinrich's letter, but I'm still a little hazy on the details."

Looking around however, Aradra says "I feel an explanation will need to wait, as I feel your hunt is coming to a close." With a snap of his left hand's fingers Aradra's bow materializes out of thin air, and he looks around with sharp eyes, looking around for the target they were here to hunt down.

Meanwhile, Shadow moves forward, and begins to walk side long with Sol, sniffing at the air.

Aradra Longstrider
AC: 26 (19 flat-footed, 16 touch)
HP: 132/132
CMB: +16 CMD: 32
Fort: +11 Reflex: +16 Will: +9
Perception: +21 + 5
Initiative: +8
Current Weapon in Hand: Bow +23/+18/+13 1d8+3 19-20/x3 or +17/+17/+12/+7 1d8+11 19-20/x3 1st hit deals double
Current Conditions in Effect: Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim/Endless Ammo (from Bow); Woodland Stride ; Evasion; Clustered Shots; Falcon's Aim (+3 Perception & 19-20 /x3); No Provoking on Ranged attacks w/ Bow; Perceive Clues; Feather Step;Endure Elements; Life Bubble;

Used Items:

Adaptation: 140/140 Minutes Remain (Darkvision, Iron Will, Skill Focus Stealth, Climb 15', Swim 15')
Level 1 Spells(4): Feather Step, Gravity Bow, Longstrider, Endure Elements
Level 2 Spells(3): Barkskin (+4), Perceive Clues, Shield Companion
Level 3 Spells(2): Life Bubble, Instant Enemy
Level 4 Spells(2): Freedom of Movement, Greater Magic Fang(+2)
Extend Rod: 2/6 per Day
Negate Crit: 1/1
Haste: 10/10
Fly (CL 5): 1/1
Pearl of Power 1: 2/4
Pearl of Power 2: 2/2
Pearl of Power 3: 1/1

AC: 27 + 4 + 1 (24 flat-footed, 13 touch) + 4 NA (Barkskin) + 1 (Shield Companion) = 32 AC
HP: 132/132
CMB: +19 + 2 CMD: 31 (35 vs Trip)
Fort: +14 Reflex: +12 Will: +8 (+4 vs Enchantment Charm/Compulsion) (+1 all Shield Companion)
Perception: +22
Initiative: +3
Current Weapon in Hand: Bite (+19/+11 1d8 + 23 + Trip) + d6 Shocking Amulet of Mighty Biting (Activated)
Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack(-3/+9), Furious Focus, Evasion, Share Spells; Scent; Barkskin (+4), GMF(+2), Shield Companion, Longstrider ; Endure Elements; Life Bubble;[/sblock][sblock=Jbear’s 8 Sep Post] The solemn and unusually silent swashbucker Solomon Silence ripped the air to shreds with a valiant battle cry. "Kill it dead! No fear!" Each of her allies were touched by her cry, and their own resolve bolstered seeing the slightly lightly armoured woman step straight up to the gigantic ice worm and set to work in a deadly blur with beloved blade.

The creature might well tear her to shreds with a single bite or kill her dead with a its icy breath, but not before she made it feel the sting of her own skill. Charged as she was by Heinrich's protective spells, the attacks came unnaturally fast, and drove devastating deep, leaving the ice worm badly hurt, its blood spilling upon the snow.

"What? WHat will you do, you frigid worm! DO your worst!" she challenged, shifting her stance, ready to protect herself from its powerful maws.

Thanks for the map, that helps a lot.

Move: 5ft step to N13
Full Attack vs Ice Worm: Atk 1: 1d20+28=38; On a hit: Swift Action to Intimidate Ice Worm: 1d20+17=21 ( vs DC (10+Monster HD + WIS mod)
Dmg: 1d6+27=30 magical piercing dmg (
On a hit:Free Action: Spend one panache point: Bleeding Wound: Ice Worm is Bleeding +7 dmg at start of its turn

Atk 2: 1d20+23=42 ( crit; Crit Confirm (+4 to confirm) 1d20+27=46 ( Assuming CONFIRMED (Regain 1 panache point for the crit)
Dmg: 1d6+27 - Instead of dealing Extra Dmg Sol Uses Gloves of Marking: +3 Morale Atk/Dmg vs creature; all allies gain +2 morale bonus to atk/dmg vs creature, duration: 1 minute; Ice Worm must make a WILL save DC24 or be shaken for 1 minute (-2 to atks, saves, skills and ability checks)
Dmg: 1d6+27=29 piercing magical dmg (

Atk 3: 1d20+20=24 vs Ice worm for 1d6+30=32 dmg (

Haste Attack: 1d20+30=50 for 1d6+30=34 piercing magical dmg ( Possible CRIT: Crit confirm: 1d20+30=36; If confirmed: Extra Crit dmg: 1d6+15=18 ( and regain +1 panache point for the crit.

AC 38 takes 30+29+34 = 73 piercing magical dmg +7 bleeding (start of turn) = 80 dmg total
; Must make a WILL save DC24 or be SHAKEN (1 minute)
AC 36 takes 30+29+34+18 = 91 piercing magical dmg +7 bleeding (start of turn) = 98 dmg total
; Must make a WILL save DC24 or be SHAKEN (1 minute)
AC 24 takes 91 + 32 dmg = 123 piercing magical dmg +7 bleeding (start of turn) = 130 dmg total
; Must make a WILL save DC24 or be SHAKEN (1 minute)

All allies gain +2 atk/dmg morale bonus vs Ice Worm for 1 minute; Sol gains +3 Atk/Dmg Morale bonus
Possible Intimidation 21 vs DC10 +monster HD+Monster WIS mod

Conditional Actions:
If Ice Worm makes a melee atk vs Sol she uses an AoO to Opportune PARRY to Negate the Attack:
1d20+29=40 (; If negated spend a Panche Point to Use Immediate Action to immediately Riposte for 1d20+33=40 ( vs Ice Worm for 1d6+30=36 piercing magical dmg (dmg rolled in previous parry roll)

If Ice Worm attacks Milasande: Use AoO to use Aid Action to increase her defenses (+2 AC)37 vs DC10 (
[/sblock][sblock=SdW’s Post from 28 Aug]
OOC: having local connectivity issues. trying to make posts, but local signal is highly unstable.

Adjusted buffs

these are the defensive spells i have memorized. some I have more then one, such as haste, cat's grace and stone skin

**the moment there is trouble, Heinrich casts haste:
Haste Durtion 1 rnd / lv; target 1 creature / lv (12 and 12)

Active/ in order of casting

Ablative Barrier Durration 1 hr / lv; target creature touched

Stoneskin Duration 10 minutes/ level or 120 hitpoits reduced; target: creature touched

Stoneskin Duration 10 minutes/ level or 120 hit points reduced; target: creature touched

cat's grace Duration 1 min/ lv; taget: creature touched

Displacement Duration 1 round / lv; target: creature touched

Party - at last possible moment.
**Haste Durtion 1 rnd / lv; target 1 creature / lv

Buff casting that can be done later

resist energy duration 10 mins /lv; creature touched
3* / 1
Elemental body dur 1 min / lv; target: caster
2* / .1
Shield duration 1 min/lv; target caster only
2* / .1
Haste Durtion 1 rnd / lv; target 1 creature / lv
1* / 12
resistance duration 1 minute; target Creature touched
1* / 1
bigby's forceful hand duration 1 rnd/lv; target: chases target with bull rush
1* / ~
Warding Weapon Duration: 1 rnd/lv; target: caster only
1* / .1[/sblock][sblock=Jbear’s Question from 19 Sep] Just a few questions - what was your ruling on Sol's movement in the end - did she 5ft step and full attack? It looks like the ice worm 5ft stepped away but it should be equally as hampered by the difficult terrain as Sol, correct? So did it provoke an AoO? I'll go through saves and things required but I'd prefer to have it clear if Sol can 5ft step in the snow with her acrobatic skill or not so I'm not wasting my time full attacking when I am not able to do that. Cheers.

I was also wondering given the severe vision limitations you described due to the weather conditions, if the goat's lamp light can actually even reach Sol to affect her (beside the fact she has her back turned). I'll roll the save anyway but it doesn't really make much sense that she can only see a few feet away but a light from behind her 60ft away could somehow affect her.

Saves and Attacks:

#1 Spiritual Weapon: It doesn't seem that Sol's movement did provoke an OAtk, so the parry I rolled should apply to the first attack against her. Did Spiritual Weapon beat AC40? If not then she parried that attack and did not take damage. The conditional reaction specified only the worm because there were no other enemies at the time, but I think its obvious that I meant to parry the first attack against her.

#2 Reflex Save vs Ice Breath 1d20+6=22 vs DC23 ( - fail but would have added Charmed Life +4 bonus to this save if the current weather conditions meant that the light of the goat cannot reach Sol at the current range. If somehow the light can reach her she would add charmed life bonus to save vs Panic instead.

#3 Will Save vs Panic 1d20+18=29 vs DC21 using Charmed Life. If it is ruled that the light cannot actually reach Solomon under the current weather conditions and with her back turned then I would have applied Charmed Life to the only save against Frost Worm Breath

Will wait for DM rulings and clarifications before posting turn. [/sblock]

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
[sblock=ooc for Mowgli] I remember this factoid: It was our turn to act, with heinrich facing this stone goat with a nasty lanturn. He only has like 30-something hitpoints left and I fear he will not survive this battle.[/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
[sblock=OOC]Thanks for those posts, perrinmiller! Very helpful! I don't use email notifications, so I don't have any of that stuff - my ability to update depends on my use of HeroLab and it's combat manager and my storing of maps and such on my laptop and in Photoshop.

Which means I won't be able to help Aura either, unfortunately.[/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
The battle rages, a desperate give and take between the Heroes of the Ha'Gruut and Varithian's Villains. The Villains make the best use of the elements, turning the terrain and the very weather into foes near as powerful as they themselves, but the Heroes give a good accounting of themselves. Injuries most grievous are inflicted upon both sides. Boulders and bolts fly through the air; some are turned aside by the bitter wind, others fly true to their targets.

In the end, the Heroes are battered and bruised - some near unto death, in fact - but they emerge victorious. Melisande takes the great blade Winterbite, now invested with the spirits of both the dragon Mynhear and the Ha'Gruut chieftain Kalinn Ari, and drives it through the chest of the Clan's villain and deep into the granite of the mountainside. Both the corpse and the blade undergo a miraculous transformation, dark gray creeping up from the snow, through body and blade, until the entire grim scene is a granite memorial to the Ha'Gruut triumph.

The Heroes return to the village, and are greeted with rousing cheers only slightly muted by the Clan's mourning of their fallen leader. They are hardy folk, well accustomed to the harsh life of the Seithr Barbarian and not given to displays of sadness.

A brief ceremony combining both the funeral of Kalinn and the defeat of Varithian marks the end of the Heroes' sojourn in the upper reaches of the Seithr, and they return once more to Venza to tell their tales - or not, as they wish.

[sblock=OOC]Here is the somewhat lackluster end of the longest adventure in LPF History (I think). The three main characters ended up leveling a few times due to TXP. I'll post the final numbers in the opening post of the thread, along with a screenshot of the spreadsheet and a listing of the loot.

I thank you all for playing, and apologize once more for the snafus and delays![/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Right - it's gotta stay in place to ensure Varithian doesn't rise again. Unless some enterprising soul wants to write an adventure about what happens when a greedy bunch of adventurers comes and pulls the sword from the Giant Lich's stones...

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