D&D 5E Narfell Setting Guide, Forgotten Realms supplement on DMsGuild

Urriak Uruk

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Discovered this on the DMsGuild today. There hasn't been a thread on it so far that I can see, and I know folks here have really liked the books for Rasheman, Calimshan, Zakhara that have been put up on the DMsGuild for other Forgotten Realms regions.

This one is about Narfell! Book is 90 pages, though I'm most impressed by the art and layout. Really creative and more reminiscent of OSR indy games on DriveThru than a DMsGuild product (I mean this in a good way).

In the far north of the Forgotten Realms lies a frozen tundra. Nomadic herding tribes maintain a quiet existence, choosing to forget the nation’s past. When a once terrible empire threatened Faerun with their abyssal magic.





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