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WotBS National Colors/Flags?


Does anyone here have any thoughts about ways to visually distinguish forces from certain armies? I've thought about classifying the typical looks of each nation with a certain color theme, but I'm not sure which really works best. My headcanons below...

Gate Pass is a very blended city, and as such, doesn't have a strong color concept of its own. Most of their forces wear muted browns and greens.
Ragesia, as the primary aggressors of the story, I typically imagine in red and black, gold and bone (a callback to the inquisitorial masks).
Shahalesti focuses their appearance on light. They're consistently described as wearing blue and silver armor, and I imagine that the elite members of the Solei Palencis also wear gold and white.
Dasseni are steady and resolute, and deeply tied to their own lands. They emphasise earthy colors, like tans, browns, and grays. Most of the 8 lords include a splash of their own heraldic colors in their personal units; Steppengard in regal violet, Gallo with a vivid cobalt, and so on. As a somewhat removed Dasseni territory, Seaquen's colors follow the ocean that surrounds it... deep blues and soft greens.
Ostalin trends towards warm, natural colors, like yellows, oranges, muted greens, and soft browns.
Sindaire armies would historically wear gray with a hint of muted cool tones (blues and violets), but lately, have featured more reddish hues thanks to the Ragesian occupations.

What are your thoughts on color blocking to establish some more cohesiveness among troops?

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After a bit of research into the history of flags, I imagine that there'd be a standard for the Ragesian army (akin to the Roman legion), which would probably be something with a fireball, with variations for each of the individual armies to tell them apart on the battlefield. But in other countries, the standards would be for individual lords. 'Nationa' flags might not be a thing.

But for personal attire, I agree with your take for Gate Pass, Ragesia, and Ostalin, and Sindaire makes sense (though they never really show up that much in the plot). But I'd put the Shahalesti in blues, whites, and silvers - even to the point of spending money just to dye the clothes of foot soldiers. And Dassen would be earthy, with browns, golds, and greens. Maybe purple would be reserved for Steppengard.


I agree with the reds for Ragesia. O, Wintry Song of Agony had some on the cover for your viewing pleasure.

Like RangerWickett said, in Shelter From the Storm, the Shahalesti forces are described in blue and silver consistently. I imagined them a royal blue personally.

Those are the only 2 that I know of with officially colored art. I went with Dassen having brown as a predominant color and each Lord and Lady had their own accent, purple for Steppengard.

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