Necromancer Games shutting down next year.(UPDATE post 93)


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Bill and Clark have announced that due to problems with distributions and the ending of their partnership with White Wolf making distribution even worse of an issue, they will be closing their doors after the current schedule of releases (8 or so) are completed.

Tegal Manor may not see the light of day at all. They are still trying to find a publishing solution. This will really suck, because it is all done, layed out, etc... Just needs a way to be published.

All announced Kenzer releases will be done, City of Brass/1,001 Efreeti Nights boxed set will be done, etc...

After that they are gone. They may come back with 4E, but only time will tell about that.

So say your good byes. The next GenCon will be their last as Necromancer Games. :(
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Here is part of the post/thread in which the announcement was made on their boards:

"...The current state of Necro sales is due to several things:

1. Kenzer. Just not doing the job. Period. I have been very disappointed with their sales and their ability to move books. And the scary part is that our books are some of their best sellers. Maybe that was me and Bill mis-evaluating what Kenzer would be able to do for us. But there was no real way to know that.
2. WotC inserting itself into the space that has been traditionally occupied by d20 publishers, and doing so with some excellent products.
3. WW's disappearance from the market and thus no effort on their part to move d20 products.

Here is the reality: without WW, we wouldnt have gotten where we got. Bill and I couldnt have done the distribution and the sales and stuff all by ourselves. It wouldnt have been possible. Not only was it our only viable option, but it was by far our BEST option. Our pair up with WW was the envy of the d20 "industry." People were freaking out trying to get what we had. Now it has come to an end. And, given that Bill and I are part time, most likely Necro has come to an end too. And I am OK with that. I dont have any desire to just tread water in a sea of medicre barely relevant sales. We are finishing out our products that we have committed to do and will most likely bow out. CoB will be our last biggie. Tegel will be there too if we can work out its release. If not, then it wont. And, like I said, I am OK with that. We have had a great run based on an amazing business model and branding strategy that was the envy of the industry.

Nothing lasts forever.

Clark "


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I realize that they are not saying they are absolutely, positively quitting, but with what has been said in the rest of that thread, and as you can see from the excerpt, it is pretty much a done deal.

Only if something comes along that will allow them to continue in a manner that they like will they stay in operation. Or they might come back with 4E, depending on many factors.

So Necromancer is on its way out at this point in time.


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Bummer. Necromancer has some quality folks on staff, and put out good products.

I wish all of them the best with any future pursuits.


Aw, shame. I may have bought more Mongoose stuff, but Necromancer were my favourite. My City State of the Invincible Overlord book is on the sofa beside me right now!

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