Necromancer Games shutting down next year.(UPDATE post 93)

Orcus said:
New deal done. Just working on the announcement. Get ready... Should be real real soon. And I just cant tell you how absolutely geeked I am to be partnering up with these great people. I absolutely admire and respect all of them, the whole crew. From the business side to the creative side. They totally "get" D&D and what it is about and everything Necro stands for and how we fit into the "industry." And what kind of products are good products. I am like a little kid right now I am so excited. I think you guys will like the news. I hope you do. I sure do.

(and Tegel Manor might just - perhaps - be the first product of this evil union, and I mean a totally pimped out full color version of Tegel Manor; but I dont want to say too much :) Oops, I already did)


PRAISE ORCUS! And congratulations! I am thrilled that there is a future for Necromancer! This is a happy day for gamers and publishers alike!

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Eridanis said:
If I were to speculate wildly, I'd say it might be Paizo that picks up the distro baton for Necro. Just a feeling...

I hope that you are right old buddy. You know I love Necromancer stuff and I love Paizo stuff. It would kind of be like the old Reeses peanut butter/chocolate commercials! Maybe we could find out it was Orcus really pulling all the strings at the end of the Age of Worms.

If it does turn out that Paizo takes over; you may finally find that spellbook in the Mines of Bloodstone!



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