D&D 5E need to know if this will work as homebrew?

I had trouble fleshing the descriptions out, too. That paragraph structure forces you to think things through - I came up with aspects of my homebrew races that I might not have thought of because I felt I had to fill two paragraphs with their culture, interactions, and relations - but don't feel married to it. The stuff on relations could go with the "why and how they go adventuring" section, for instance. It really just depends on how much you want to hew to the format in the PHB.
I am more just lost on creative ideas as of late like I have had a brain drain, thinking they are an ancient race from the far realm that tries to stay away from the spotlight to focus on their own goals.
likely to find halfling utterly alien and gnomes to be useful but way too chaotic.
dwarves to bound to tradition and elves to unreliable, humans useful but are all over the map in temperaments.

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