Need work



* a male half-elf with dark hair approaches the board and pulls a parchment out. He finds an opening and pins the parchment to the board. It reads as following* "Experienced adventurer in need of work, if interested write on parchment."

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Agudo Archmage


Artwork copyright © 2003, Gordon R. Quigley

A lovely white owl lands near by. She flaps her wings and turns her head sideways as if seeing if anyone is looking.
Then quickly leaves a note of fine writing.

I would be in need of an experienced adventure such as yourself.
I am Lady Hoot High Cleric of Light at the Agudo school of Light and Magic.

This is rather embarrassing, but Agudo was working on a magical experiment.
He was trying to transform a turkey into zebra when something went wrong.

Well Agudo was changed into a turkey… :turkey: and the Gnome cooks were about….
Lets just say if you see a turkey running for its life; with a little blue and white pointy floppy hat.
Could you save him from the famished cooks.

A reward will be given at the appropriate time.

Lady Hoot.

Epic Threats

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