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D&D 5E New D&D Hardcover To Be Announced On The 23rd (Tomorrow)?

According to this page on Amazon.com, a new Dungeon & Dragons hardcover title for May will be announced tomorrow. Users in the US see the product below (those in the UK are seeing a Wizkids miniatures set instead).

So far signs look like Ravenloft, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

[Update -- also mentioned by Todd Kendrick, recently of D&D Beyond].

WotC has posted the below animation, which says “The Mist Beckons”.

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While the Kargatane -- both real and fictional -- would probably strongly object, I think it's possible to go at Ravenloft with a machete and cut away a lot of the cruft and reduce a lot of domains to islands that only exist to tell a single adventure and make the core a much more gameable setting.

Well I think you're conflating a few groups of people.

There is the Hickmans, who wrote the original module. Then there is the Kargat, who, in-universe, are Azalin's secret police, but out of universe are the creators of the setting: Think Bruce Nesmith and Andria Hayday. Their membership changed a bit, with William Connors and Steve Miller joining later. It was under these that Domains of Dread was released, which finally actually made most of the realms and dark lords have depth. This work was continued into 3rd edition under the Kargatane, (John W Mangrum, Ryan Naylor, etc), who continued the work and produced the Gazeteers, probably the finest Ravenloft setting products ever produced.

I'd be ecstatic if they were going to springboard off the Gazetteers, but they won't, and I imagine it is going to mostly off the earlier incarnations, before most of the domains actually got to show their full potential.


Which one is it? The 2e versions had a lot in them on the various lands while the 3e and 3.5 were more generic horror sourcebooks and the different lands and their lords were detailed in splat books because it was white Wolf and they love their splats.
I'm not getting out of bed and turning on the lights st this hour but it has a d20 logo somewhere so probably 3.5

Can probably makes guesses for other world's though based in naming conventions. Wanders Guide to Athas things like that.
The Spelljammers Guide to Spelljammer? Never occurred to me but I cant really think of anything comparable to Van Richten, the Wanderer or Elminster in Spelljammer.

I'm not getting out of bed and turning on the lights st this hour but it has a d20 logo somewhere so probably 3.5
The one you have is Ravenloft Campaign Setting (3E). I know this because I own it too. The reason you can't find it on dmsguild is because it was replaced with the "3.5" update, "Ravenloft Player's Handbook".

The content is almost identical, except for the 3.5 "updates", which unfortunately weren't done by the Kargatane, but by others, and aren't particularly well done, so there's not much to be gained by the update.

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