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New Digital Games Studio announced by the president of Wizards of the Coast



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This job req just went up on the hasbro site. https://jobs.hasbro.com/job/Renton-...&eid=303-201716180516-9199935000&locale=en_US

"[FONT="]Creation and management of franchise plans for specific product IP with a focus being games made for the mass market or “casual” gamer based on WOTC IP"

I hope casual games doesn't mean Drizzt Tower Defense games on Facebook.[/FONT]

More likely mobile gaming than Facebook. There are a lot of other franchises finding success in mobile games, so why not a D&D mobile game? Nintendo even announced a new Fire Emblem game for mobile, complete with a grid battlefield for the game's standard tactical RPG play. A D&D game done that way could be very good.



Every once in a while, I sadly browse the iOS store looking for something D&Desque. I know about Baldur's Gate and whatnot, but something new and distinctively D&D would be nice.

wicked cool

This could be good or really bad.

I would think MTG would be the first step and they have competition on hearthstone. TES legends etc. They really need to go above the card flipping on screen and spice it up.

swordcoast was a total disaster (played the console version) . I would love to know how much money this division will get and what direction they will go. My thought is go single player with option of limited 4-6 max multiplayer (including couch coop). Id base games on either a 1 shot like you would get at a flags or a curse of strahd type adventure


Many of us are hoping for something really cool to supplement our D&D table top experience, but I know that just isn't what's in store. It'll be more video games.

Pokemon Go was lightning in a bottle and the likelihood of them creating something D&D branded that has that kind of broad appeal isn't terribly likely. That kind of confluence cultural significance just doesn't happen every day.

I have fears that no matter what comes out of it, it may disappoint and the attempt may just add another tarnished software notch to the brand.

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