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D&D 5E New Dragon+ includes Candlekeep, Ravenloft, + Best of DMsGuild

Von Corellon


Candlekeep Mysteries: Introduction​

“Meet the anthology of adventure authors who have gathered to tell the latest fifth edition tales—many of them new alongside the existing team.”

Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft​

“Design Lead F. Wesley Schneider describes his colleagues as ‘a team full of horror fans who absolutely love Ravenloft.’”

Read Issue 36 Cover via the Dragon+ app
Issue 36 Cover


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Graeme also notes that he often “mines premade adventures for ideas, treasure, monsters, and concepts”, and any Dungeon Master who does the same will be able to add the grippli to their fifth edition games. Book of Cylinders updates these frog-folk, who are distant relatives to bullywugs, and sheds light on grippli society.

Honestly, I thought for sure the grippli weren't coming back, between bullywugs and the return of the grung in 5E.



So this may be significant: none of the NPC statblocks here, including one for a green hag, has a listed alignment. The only creature with an alignment is a beast (and said alignment is unaligned).

Rime of the Frostmaiden, by contrast, had "any alignment" for humanoids generally but specific alignments for specific NPCs.


I was neutral on the new Candlekeep book, but the sections on each writer / adventure really piqued my interest!

Disappointed though no one picked my favorite detectives...


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