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1. You can now pick any deities that aren't unique to a none Forgotten Realms Setting, which adds the Greek, Norse, and Celtic Pantheons btw and more. Maybe I'll make a list later, when I figure out if Official Books just mean 5e books or official books from any edition of D&D.

2. Faction membership no longer requires you take the faction member background thankfully

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Allowed races Aasimar (Protector, Scourge, Fallen), Tiefling (The 9 subraces from MToF, the Tiefling variants from the SCAG), Dwarf (Mountain, Hill, Duargar), Gith (Githyanki, Githzerai), Elf (High, Wild, Drow, Sea, Shadar-Kai, Eladarin), Harengon, Fairy, Gnome (Forest, Rock, Deep), Halfling (Lightfoot, Stoutheart, Ghostwise), PHB Dragonborn, Half Elves (Half Drow, Half High Elf, Half Wild Elf, Half Sea Elf), Goliaths, Genasi (Fire, Air, Water, Earth), Kenku, Tabaxi, Tritons, Pure Blood Yuan--Ti, Orcs, Half Orcs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, Bugbears, Firbolgs, Kobolds, Lizardfolk, Tortles, Lothcath, Aacrokra, Gem Dragonborn, Metallic Dragonborn, Chromatic Dragonborn, and any other races they snuck into FToD.
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Elder Thing
Turtles, huh? I feel my turtle might have trouble keeping up with literally any of the other options. Tiny legs and a heavy shell, you know?



Rotten DM
Rebuilds after each level.
Gain a level after each module.
10 downtime days per session. And you can burn 10 day to level up. Not just to level up to next tier.
Unlimited GP, Magic, and Loot but can only take a limited amount in to session.
No death, disease, or curse penalty. Death goes away at the end of the session.
Factions are back. No need for safe haven.
Hard cover leveling by the hard cover. I think they will stick with the 4/8 hours for ones who gave out XP.
Stay at your level but get the loot.
Magic items still duplicate at the end of session. Story items are still story items.
Updates start next week for Feywild and looks like about every 2 weeks for other docs. See the official discord AL channel.


adds the Greek, Norse, and Celtic Pantheons btw and more.
I don't think that was the intention behind the rule change. I would object to adding historical pantheons. The intent was so that popular and obvious deities like Eilistraee for drow characters aren't left out. The intention was to allow all FR deities.

Interesting that it walks back on some of the greater restrictions of the last AL handbook, like with the factions and allowing more of the races (for example, goblins and orcs were previously off-limits in the prior season).


They were really good at listening to player feedback this time around. They even gave us 2 weeks of commentary on the proposed rules before they put out the final ones. The magic item limits especially. And I think I may have been the one to bring up the faction change. I was surprised to have seen it changed, since other topics were the ones being more discussed in the Discord.

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