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5E New Greyhawk Adventure 5e: Shrine of Maglubiyet


I like to present to you my first adventure in the Sidequest adventures series, Shrine of Maglubiyet.
My first adventure Sickness of the Gnarley Forest of the adventure path series was a success with over 100 downloads in the first three days! Thanks to everyone for the nice words and encouragement.
Shrine of Maglubiyet is an adventure for 4-6 players of 2nd level and starts around the City of Greyhawk but it is easily converted into any homebrew session. It is a good one-shot to teach newer players the ropes of D&D.

Adventure Synopsis

The adventurers travel to the Free City of Greyhawk when a group of bandits attack two other travellers. After they fend them off they are introduced to Kaloran, the grandson of a professor at Grey College.
Together they make their way to the institution and meet Professor Jusidan, the sage specialised in goblinoid creatures. The party finds out about a lost forgotten shrine to Maglubiyet, a hobgoblin deity, in midst of the Cairn Hills.
Equipped with a map the professor wants to investigate the holy place. He hires the adventurers to accompany him and his grandson. On the way through the Cairn Hills they encounter two twin ogres and the new inhabitants of the cave to the shrine, a xvart tribe.
But that is not all, a student of the professor’s knows about the shrine and promises a gang of thugs all the riches in the world could be found. Amidst all these sources of danger the party needs to protect professor Jusidan, an old man of 80 years. So he can see the wonders of the shrine of Maglubiyet.


The 20-page book consists of a detailed description how to run this adventure. Additionally, 2 battle maps, 1 map of the Domain of Greyhawk, 1 new magical item and two detailed Random Encounters tables (day and night) for the Cairn Hills are provided.

FGS1 - Shrine of Maglubiyet

For everyone who is more interested in my content, please check out my blog. I post every Monday and Friday. On Mondays, I talk about 5e mechanics and how they suit the Greyhawk setting. On Fridays, i talk about specific people in Greyhawk and convert them for 5th Edition.


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