WOIN NEW Mechs vs Starfighters


So starship weapons convert 1d6 starship damage = 10d6 ground damage.
A basic Chen Zua weapon with 1d6 ballistic damage (10d6) costs 3,000 cr.

Comparatively, The:Blitzkrieg XX-1 Railgun In Pimp my ride does 9d6 ballistic damage and costs 120,000cr. That's 1d6 less damage than a standard Chen Zua Micro Blaster. These numbers are terrible.

UNLESS! Do vehicle weapons work the same as Starship weapons in that 1d6 = 10d6 ground combat. This also makes vehicles and mechs so much more appealing and a feasible option. (Mechs could actually fight off Shuttles and Fighters now)

(Also the range of Mech weapons is nothing compared to starship weapons ;) )