New Member Needs Quick Assistance!

Nothing drastic, and I'm sure you guys get this all the time, but I just joined within the last hour and cannot seem to figure out how to change my profile picture. I've gone to Settings and "Edit Profile Cover Photo" and despite using photos that fit the size criteria, I keep getting the vBulletin Message: Unable to Save Image.

I've read in some places the profile picture I am referring to is called an Avatar, if that makes any difference, but what I am after is just to change the square picture that will appear to the left of my posts/comments on threads to anything other than blank.

Is anyone able to help me out, or point me in the right direction?

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First Post
It is.

(This is also a thread from 2017, BTW).

Unfortunately, this was the first thread I found on the subject. I'm also just now noticing that this thread was originally posted in the wrong area. Sorry about all that.

But it's mentioned on the "Edit Profile Cover" page? Not to be rude, but where? I tried multiple times to upload an image before I decided to search the forums. All I'm seeing on that page is a description of what a cover photo is and an explanation of how to upload one with the size limitations listed. Then, on failure, it says "Unable to save image". I was assuming that there was something wrong with my file.

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